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Scuba Steve
by Stephen Lucek

I. Album Version

I'm underwater, in a
soothing way of being.
Laying down beats and
samples, tracing trance
and drum n' bass through
synths and processors in a
tunnel beneath the bay. The
modes of my Moog shake the
hairs on my legs.

II. Club Mix

Bump bump bump the bass and push
the beat beat beat of the drums drums
drums, because when they come come
come, they wanna dance dance dance.
Let's play with them; 500 plastic people
shouting for pants. Add ten minutes of
break and big beats. Splash yourself to
keep from dehydrating. Segue to the
next track without a drop.

III. Radio Edit

The radio loves me. Clear Channel
is beating down my door with
checks and interview appointments.
The enlistment of a hip female vocalist
really cracked that minority
demographic. So much for integrity,
so much for respect. Good morning
mansion, good day to you, Bentley.
My fifteen minutes have passed.

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