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She has forgotten...
by Eliza Camire

She has forgotten how to
hold on again.
She has forgotten how to
head over heels- to that spot
pit in her gut.
She has forgotten how to say
slow down again.
His soft smile and much too complicated stare
makes her forget the last
friendship like this
fuck like this.
She has forgotten how to
hold on again
to herself
by herself
but for herself
she grows and knows that this
self-imposed addiction to salty skin
mixed messages and a whole new meaning to
close friends-
won't last.
can't last.
It's about past issues and motives
it's about needing something.
It's about exploration...
It's an oral fixation.

And no
she did not come from a neglected youth
truth be known she had a good home and a good mom.
A mom who too found temptation to tickle her late nights
in search of mr. right or wrong or now.

Who's to say there's not a method to that
Who's to say there's no hope for that
because now she has stability monogamy and that sense of who she
wants to
with just as much sex as when she was 20

So don't give me that look.
if you don't like my affection that you can back the fuck up.
Because she will learn to hold on with it is worth the grip
worth the relationship.
when there is time energy and satisfaction in his smile.
She will learn to hold on again and again.

But for now
she is young.

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