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Choose Your Own Adventure: Journey to the Ghost Train

Date Planted: October 27, 2007

Authors: gollygee, littlmoon, and Gargoyle Girl

Address: Shaw Park, Route 237, Gorham, Maine

Hike length: About a mile

Clue last updated: November 13, 2007

Status: active


This series was inspired by the popular "Choose Your Own Adventure" books that were popular while we were growing up. In these books, you would have to make choices along the way based on what you thought would happen in the book, which most of the time lead to the demise of the characters. Rarely, the hero made it to a happy ending. :D Luckily, you have a much greater chance of living through this series!

These boxes were planted for Fright Night 3 but are now permanent. Hence calling the park "Ghoul Park" instead of "Shaw Park." But they are in fact the same place. :) Enjoy!—gollygee

To find Ghoul (Shaw) Park, take I95 to exit 48 for Riverside St toward Larrabee Road/US 302/ME 25 (.2 mi), continue straight and then take a slight right onto Larrabee Road (.4 mi). Turn right at Main Street/ME-25 (.8 mi). Slight left at Harnois Ave/ME-25-BR-W (1.3 mi). Turn right at ME 25/Wayside Dr. (.6 mi). Soon you'll see the American Legion on your left. When you come to a set of lights with Beal's Ice Cream, take a right onto Route 237. Continue straight for a ways. You will go through a roundabount/rotary, keep going straight. In about 2.5 miles you'll pass Shaw Gravel Pit H on the right. Ghoul/Shaw Park is shortly after that. Park next to the baseball field, just past the wooden fence. You'll see a small building behind you, where they sell snacks for the baseball games. This is where you START.

The goal of this game is to find the Ghost, help him pick up his lantern and luggage, meet up with his Owl friend, buy his train ticket, get his passport, and catch the Ghost Train! In order to do this, you will be presented with a number of options at different parts of the park. Choose wisely: your choices could bring you further in your journey, or end in tragedy and death! (not really, we're just being dramatic :D )

From Start:

Where is that silly ghost? We know he's hiding somewhere here in Ghoul Park, but where do we begin to look? Your options are:

  • The Field
  • The Presumpscot River Trail
  • The Woods
  • The Lake

If you chose The Field, walk down the hill to your left and you'll see the field on the left. Stand facing the kayak platforms and mark 40 degrees on your compass. About 25 steps into the woods is a standing dead tree. Look behind it at the base of the trunk to find out where to head next.

If you chose The Presumpscot River Trail, look directly across from START and you'll see the sign for this horseback riding trail. Follow the trail as it curves to the left and look for the forked birch tree losing its bark on the left. While still on the trail, stand next to the tree and take 20 more steps down the trail. A large pine will be directly on your left. Look behind it to find out where your choice takes you.

If you chose The Woods, look to your right for a kiosk/bulletin board. Facing the kiosk, look left toward the woods. Behind the bunch of Y-shaped trees, past the cement barricade is a lone white birch. The box at the base will give you your next location.

If you chose The Lake, look all the way down the hill to your left for three large boulders at the furthest end of the lower parking lot. Walk past them toward the lake and look for the trail on your right past the shed. Walk uphill past the observation monitoring well. Be careful, it's very steep here! When the trail reaches the top of the hill, go left and look for a 4-trunked white birch to find out what happens next.

Did you make the right choice? Luckily in this game, once you return to START you are magically healed. So feel free to try all of the options!

If you made it out alive, you'll be standing next to a trail that goes into the woods. Follow this trail until you come to a smaller trail on your right, just before you pass over a drainage pipe and across from a huge pine tree on the left.

  • Do you take this smaller trail?
  • Or do you continue on your way?

If you take the Smaller Trail, you will shortly come to a small clearing on the right, with baby Xmas trees across from it on the left. Facing the giant pine tree in the clearing, look to your right for the curved pine resting against a maple. Was your choice a wise one? Look below the pine to find out!

    How'd it go? If you perished here under the tree, go back to START.

    If you're still alive, there's another choice to make!

    • Do you continue on this smaller trail?
    • Or do you go back to the main trail?

    If you Continue on this smaller trail, walk through the forest of white pines. When you can see the lake, stop with pine trees on your right and baby birches on your left. Turn around and look for the largest pine to the right to find out your fate.

    If you Go Back to the main trail, follow the instructions below.

If you Continue on the main trail, keep following the trail until you intersect with some train tracks. Just across the tracks to the right is another trail under a weeping oak branch, just before an old telephone pole. Go down it and stop at the four-way intersection just ahead with the smiling, half-dead pine tree in front of you. Which way do you go?

  • Do you take the trail to your right?
  • Do you keep going straight?
  • Or do you take the trail to your left?

If you take the trail to your Right, follow it as it curves to the left toward the lake. You'll see a giant fallen tree on your right. At the base of a living pine tree near the upper branches of the fallen tree you will find the next choice in this journey!

    If you perished, go back to START.

    If you lived, you have another choice:

    • Do you continue down the trail as it curves to the left?
    • Or do you go back to the 4-way intersection?

    If you Continue down the trail as it curves to the left. At the top of a small hill, look for the giant stump in front of you, hiding behind a pine. Standing on the stump, mark 120 degrees on your compass and take ten steps in that direction to find out what this choice has lead to!

    If you Go Back to the 4-way intersection, follow the instructions below.

If you choose to go Straight (when facing the smiling half-dead pine) at the 4-way intersection, follow the path until you come to a T intersection. What do you do?

  • Go right?
  • Or go left?

    If you go Right, follow the trail down the hill. You will see a large, fallen tree directly in front of you. The middle of this tree intersects with an upright pine. Look at the base of this tree to find out your fate.

    If you go Left, step over the small, fallen pine tree and you will come to what seems to be a dead end. Look past the pine in front of you for a large stump. Standing on the stump, take ten steps 120 degrees to find out the results of your decision.

If you choose to go Left (when facing the smiling half-dead pine) at the 4-way intersection, follow it across a muddy area (stay on the logs) until it connects with another trail (just before a dirt road). Look to your left for some leaning stumps. Will you live or die this time???

    If you perish, go back to START.

    If you're still alive, follow the instructions below.

Well, how are you faring? Do you have the Ghost? What about his passport? Is the owl flying with you? Can you see in this pitch black forest? Are you even still alive??? If you are, what do you do?

  • Go back down the trail you came from to the 4-way intersection?
  • Follow the new trail?

    If you Go Back, follow the clues above.

    If you decide to follow the New Trail, follow the clues below.

Follow the tire tracks through a very muddy patch (stay on the logs). After crossing the swamp, continue up the hill and stay to the left around another small hill with a dead, fallen tree on top of it. This part of the path is covered with sticks, be careful! Look to the left and you will now be able to see the train tracks. Bushwhack your way to the tracks, but watch your feet! At the treeline there is the remains of a barbed wire fence at your feet, don't trip! Follow the tracks to the left and not far down you will see an old telephone pole disguising itself as a tree. Look at the bottom of this. Has your choice lead you to another prize, or doom???

    Doom— go back to START.

    Prize— another choice awaits!

You're still alive, are you? Well, you must be exhausted! Look, there's a bench just down the tracks to the right, and it looks so inviting. But the train is coming and you don't want to miss it! What do you do?

  • Sit on the bench?
  • Or do you forge ahead?

If you Sit on the Bench, you can have a drink of water (provided you brought some), or perhaps a snack (if you remembered to put one in your letterboxing pack). Look at the birds, maybe watch a squirrel or two. Who knows? But really, there's nothing to do on the bench, I just put this choice in here for fun.

If you Forge Ahead, walk along the tracks a ways. Soon you'll see the path leading back to Start on your right. There is also a bridge up ahead though. What do you do?

  • Take the path on the right?
  • Or do you investigate this bridge nonsense?

If you take the Path on the Right, enjoy a fine, meandering stroll back to the parking lot and your car, where you can return from whence you came or have some zombies eat your brains.

If you Investigate the Bridge, keep on walking! Cross the bridge (gorgeous view, isn't it?) and look to your left for a green bench. This one really looks inviting. And since you're supposed to be carrying quite a few things at this point (Did you really think the ghost would carry them? There is a point for this search, you know—the ghost needs help carrying stuff!), I'm sure you're really tired. Go ahead and sit on the bench. Look to your right for three birch trees next to the tracks. If you have the ghost, lantern, luggage, owl, passport, and ticket, look behind the furthest birch to find out if you made it to the train station on time!

If you have all the things, and caught the train, go back to START.

If you failed the adventure, go back and make another choice somewhere along the way!

Thanks for choosing your own adventure!

Please contact me on AtlasQuest after you find these and tell me what you think! I'd especially appreciate feedback on the clues, since I know these are a little tricky. Happy letterboxing! :)

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