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The Almost Bear Hug

Date Planted: May 24, 2008

Author: gollygee

Address: The park next to Heinemann, which is at 361 Hanover Street, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Hike length: .1 mi

First aid: None presently

Clue last updated: May 24, 2008

Status: active


I work at Heinemann Publishers in Portsmouth, and recently all employees were asked to take an online quiz about our sexual harassment policy (don't worry, this wasn't in response to anything). One of the sections dealt with specific behaviors that were not appropriate for work. It listed bear hugs as an inappropriate thing to do. This lead to many of us walking up to each other in the hallway with arms outstretched, only to suddenly put our arms down and exclaim, "Oh that was close! I almost gave you a bear hug!" Yeah, we're big dorks. :D

There is a small park next to the Heinemann building, where many of us eat lunch on sunny days. It also has a playground for youngsters and a basketball court. Find this park!

Stand facing the ArtRocks Community Stage. Walk to the back right corner and check under the steps to ALMOST get bear-hugged!

This box has a very small log book right now, but I'm hoping to swap it for a slightly larger one soon. Happy hunting! :)

Please contact me on AtlasQuest after you find it and tell me what you think! Happy letterboxing! :)

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