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Interview with Anthony
(first published in Golly Gee #7, May 1996)


1) What's your name?

2) Why are you here?
So I can get an education so I can support myself in high school.

3) Who's your favorite New Kid?

4) Who's your favorite Muppet?
They guy who throws the boomerang fish.

5) If you were an insect, what would you be?
An ant 'cause I wouldn't have to change my name.

6) What are your nicknames?
Sexy Goddess, The Man, Sweet Baby, Anfernee, You-Son-Of-A-Bitch-What-Did-You-Do-This-Time

7) What's in your wallet?
A Chinese star, a prayer book, a dollar, driver's lisence, pick, Seabrook Library card, drug enforcement investigator ID card, my tick-born disease ID card.

8) Where is the best place to hang out in the seacoast area?
The nuke plant, 'cause it's right near my house.

9) Name something stupid and/or crazy you've done.
Joined the Boy Scouts.

10) What's the most impressive thing about homies?
They can use "yo" for any part of a sentence (noun, pronoun, verb, etc.)

11) What's the best thing about Vanilla Ice?
His eyebrow stripes.

12) What's your main aspiration in life?
To sell my soul to the devil and take over hell when I get there 'cause I'm bad.

13) Name the best thing about high school.

14) Name your best memory of junior high.
The bathroom that turned into a casino.

15) What was the best thing about the '80s?
John Cusak movies.

16) What's your favorite rap song?
"Microphone Checkaz, 1,2,3," by The Microphone Checkaz

17) Why can't you write with your feet?
I can.

18) What's your favorite junior high saying?
No for smell.

19) If you were to suddenly spontaneously combust, what would your last thought be of?
Here we go again.

20) How did you feel about doing this interview?
I kind of got that "not so fresh" feeling.


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