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The Best of Golly Gee

In FULL COLOR for the first time!
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Note: I left out most of the interviews since that is something I'm going to continue doing in Bucket. To read the Golly Gee interviews, click here.

Golly Gee #1
December 1994

Lopez was there from the beginning and here was his very first page. Unfortunately, there really wasn't much else that I felt was worthy of re-posting—just a lot of my really crappy poetry, and honestly, there's no need to revisit that! :D


Golly Gee #2
February 1995 ish

Still trying to get the whole design and feel of the zine thing down, here's a page I just liked the look of and a sample of some of the random shit I published—a note two classmates of mine were writing to each other in crayon. :)


Golly Gee #3
May 1995

I started off each zine with a letter, which was usually begging people to send me stuff to put in the zine, but sometimes I wrote about what was going on in my life. Me just trying to sound cool. Yay. :D


Golly Gee #4
September 1995 ish

Definitely one of the best issues of Golly Gee ever, because I finally got people to contribute! Contributing meant covering a page with whatever you wanted and giving it to me, and I would publish it as-is. Good times. Here are contributions from Eliza, Julio, Kelsey, and Seth, and some drawings by Amity. Issue #4 also marks the start of the Golly Gee Survey. Check it.


Golly Gee #5
December 1995 ish

I later nicknamed this issue the "Frat Boy Special". Here's a call to revolution against frat boys, a call to revolution against a certain aerobics queen, the one and only group interview I ever did, and two pages worth of survey fun! :)


Golly Gee #6
March 1996 ish

Included in this issue: samples of the many detention slips I got for dress code violations, an obituary for the Golly Gee Mobile, my very first car, which died after only being on the road for three months, Greg's Photo Page (of which only one or two pictures were actually taken by him :D), and a two-page survey.


Golly Gee #7
May 1996

This issue came out just prior to my graduation from high school. Here are a random art page, Greg's Photo Page, Lopez's Page, my coverage of an STA dance that I got kicked out of, a 2-page survey, a rant, and a back cover I particularly liked. :)


Golly Gee #8
November 1996

This was the first Golly Gee that I published during college. Here's a poetry page, a 3-page survey, and a letter to Tom's Snacks that makes me crack up just thinking about the drawing to this day, done by some STA friends during lunch one day. :)


Golly Gee #9
October 1997

It got really difficult to publish my zine during college, I was trying to balance way too many things at that point, so it took almost a year for this issue to come out. Here are two pages that my dorm neighbors made, of the best quotes from the wipe-off board they had hanging on their door, an interview with Jesse, and a 2-page survey.


Golly Gee #10
Spring 2000

It took three years for me to get around to this one, hence the big phat double issue. I'm really proud of some of the designs of these pages, if not as much of the content. :D The first page is the result of a big haiku kick I was on, next is a drawing from Mike, then an altered potato chip bag (still cracks me up), some more poem pages, an interview Kelsey sent me that she had done on herself, more poems, a drawing I did of a very happy shark, and two 2-page surveys (since it was the double issue). Unfortunately, this was the last issue of Golly Gee that I published, but now you have the new incarnation—BUCKET! :)


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