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What the Fuck Do We Know?

I don't have a raving rant today...I am not sure I should...What is a Blog? obviously it can give an update on one's life...or it can display "deep" thoughts...it can comment on social things, quirky or serious...or it can just be plain funny...I am not sure where to go with this...there is only of handful of folks who will read this anyway(if that), so I am just gonna free flow...I will try to complete my thoughts before I move on to the next, but I am not usually too good at that;)

Harmony (my wife(not "my" wife...I don't own her!)) and I watched this DVD called "What the $@%# do we know." It is a movie that dives into quantum physics theories, with scientists giving interviews and insights into what these theories can mean in daily life and how we look at the world. It is a great attempt at showing how science, philosophy and spirituality can be mixed and very well might be heading to the same place.

I want to get to a very specific point from the movie. When we experience an emotion, our brain creates a drug that is only produced when we experience that emotion. These drugs flow throughout our bodies intoxicating our cells in the same way a drug like heroin does. The same way as heroin!!! This is a drug that screws with the cells of our bodies so much, that users get "sick" when they withdraw from it...users "get well" when they "fix" up with the drug again. Our bodies, physical bodies produce drugs that affect our body's cells in the same way, locking into receptors on the outside of the cell, and the cells, if repeatedly bombarded with the same drug, heroin or otherwise, will become dependent...

Anyone who has delved into...for example, addiction recovery, as I have, or even emotional healing/therapy, will know that emotional patterns run very deep. We all know people who can't help getting angry, (besides me, I mean extreme cases...WHAT THE F&#@ ARE YOU LOOKING AT, I SAID BESIDES ME...) *deep breathes*...These people don't necessarily enjoy being out of control in a rage, just as a drug addict, in later stages of addiction, often doesn't enjoy being under the influence of drugs or alcohol (from here on alcohol will be generalized under drugs, as it is one, and alcoholic will be included under drug addict). I used to think that people just liked the attention that an explosive argument could get them, but its a physical need! Its a fix!

This is a rave...haha!!!

I was watching the preview to the second installment of this movie called "Down the Rabbit Hole', (I think), released on the third, and they had this great cartoon...an experiment...basically it went like this...

Scientists wanted to study the behavior of electrons...they started with marbles, randomly shooting them at a board with one slit, and recording where they landed behind the board. They create a line where you would expect. Then they made another slit next to the first one...shot the marbles...two rows behind the board, where you would expect. Then they sent waves through, like water waves. There was a pattern of multiple lines behind the board, very distinct and different than the particle's pattern, where the waves come through the slits and make a pattern of overlapping and such...

So scientists sent electrons through the one slit...one line. Then two slits...a wave pattern!!! WHOA, wait...They then sent them through one by one to see if maybe they were bouncing off one another in motion, but no, a wave pattern! Electrons, PARTICLES, acting like WAVES!!!??? So scientists recorded the electrons going into the slits to see what was happening...but then the electrons acted like a particle, leaving two lines...

So when not observed, the electrons acted like waves, potentials, energies, everywhere and nowhere...but when observed, even by a machine, the electrons acted like a particle!!!

This may be boring and make no sense to you, but this shit, electrons and emotions and such just fascinates me to no end!!!!


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