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I feel obligated since you are hosting my blog.

[Its good HTML practice]

[And with my toothache, I am not inspired to write anything else;)]


Four jobs I have had in my life...

McDonald's in busier than fuckin hell Kittery...lines to the doors for literally 4 hours on a rainy august day back in the late 80's...seriously!

J&S Oil...Pumping gas outside Augusta ME...during the Ice Storm, we were the only store/gas station that had power within miles and miles for 2 days. Not even the statehouse had power! Power trucks from out of state and Canada were lined up for a half mile waiting for diesel fuel...(there were some electrical workers from Ontario CA, and we asked why they weren't helping ice ravaged Quebec..."We ain't gonna help those separatist bastards!")

VIP Courier Service...riding around the state of ME in vans on the brink of extinction, GREAT TIMES! Snow, Sleet, Rain, Breaking down every other week!!! Loved that job, so much freedom!

Access Worldwide...I had to call people on "behalf" of SBC and offer them new phone packages, but we couldn't disclose certain info unless asked, like how much the calling card will cost to use...it was implied that it was included in the unlimited plan we were hawking...one lady was so happy cause she was going to Germany and could use the card to call home...I asked the "Super" if I could tell her how much it would cost..."NO WAY!!!" and they fully screen every sale, so I left on a conflict of morality!

Excuse me while I skip the movies...

Four places I have lived

Springfield MA for much of elementary school, it was rough!

Greenfield NY, just outside of Saratoga Springs, it was the best 3 years of my life!

South Berwick ME, wish it never happened...

Santa Barbara CA, lived on the beach, if you walk south for a mile from the boardwalk, there is a stretch that only has the ocean, the beach and a cliff for a couple of miles. I tented there with these street guys; illegal Mexicans having their "Mafia," (to protect each other, move weapons and drugs), older hippie drunks, stereotypical Vietnam Vet homeless, and other VERY assorted peoples! It was a pretty chill 6 weeks till the cops got up off their lazy asses and got on their four wheelers at 5 am!!!

Excuse me while I skip the TV one too, we really don't have any TV channels on our TV.

Four places I have been on vacation...


Orlando FL

Williamsburg PA, Baltimore Maryland, D.C.


Four websites I visit daily..

Yahoo...mail, news, groups, etc...



umm... nancies.org

Four of my favorite foods..


Battered, Deep fried vegetables

Battered, Deep fried Chicken!!!


Four places I would rather be right now...(these will all have conditions;)

Disneyworld...with lots of money

A tropical island...with lots of money, swimming up to the bar and mokin blunts!

this is ridiculous, I am stretching, the place don't matter, I just wanna be away in nature, way out...A mountain top where the wind on the rocks and bushes is the only sound. Next to a stream thunderously rushing with spring melt. A private spot with the ocean...

oh, sorry there, um, NYC...with lots of money

Four bands...

Pearl Jam...still kickin, selling out three dates at Mansfield, and all over the world!

Dave Matthews Band...Fun to see live, cept when there is a riot!!!

K's Choice...we got to see them a couple years ago at the Paradise, it was AWESOME!!!

ANI DIFRANCO...this is not a band, but whatever...in fact, I enjoy her hundreds of times more over without her former band!!!

I am not going to tag anyone, I have no friends beyond this.


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