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Oh boy, here we go!!

Just goin off!!

I was scanning vids tonight and came across a segment of George Carlin tonight. That is a guy I hate to love!!! He is similar to Howard Stern in that way to me. I laugh so hard when I identify, that is when he is making fun of those things I find offensive or ridiculous, but then when he is not so PC, or he makes a joke about something I hold dear, I hate the racist, mysogenistic bastard...

But back to the video, George just went on a rant about stupid people and their stupid shit, (and their stupid kids, I don't think he likes kids too much...) over and over, one thing after another. He was vile, rude, blunt, and all the things that make the older Mr. Carlin who he is. (It was mostly stuff I read in his latest book I got from the library this summer.) I was getting perturbed at all the negativity being used to make his audience laugh, and make him money, when he goes on this great tangent! He mentions NASA and the USA have plans to go to Mars...WOW! And then after that, we will "colonize deep space...with our microwave hot dogs, plastic vomit, fake dog shit, our cinnamon dental floss, lemon scented toilet paper and sneakers with lights in the heels, and all these other impressive things we have (created) down here." But then he asks, "What are we gonna tell the InterGalactic Council of Ministers the first time one of our teenage mothers throws one of her babies into the dumpster? Huh? How are we going to explain that to the space people? How are we going to let them know that our ambassador was only late for the meeting because his breakfast was cold and he had to spend half and hour punching his wife around the kitchen? And what are they gonna think when they find out that it's just a local custom that over 80,000,000 women in the third world had their clitoris' forcibly removed in order to reduce their sexual pleasures, so they won't cheat on their husbands? Can't you just sense how eager the rest of the universe is for us to show up?" Genius, just genius!!

What are we doing? Marissa asked me in my interview, which can be viewed on these Bucketmag.com pages, What is my purpose in life..hmmm...What is my life's purpose? I certainly do not believe that I am here on trial for god, my creator, who is watching and judging my every move, so He (of course it is a He, with a capital dick...I mean H) may decide, when I die, where my soul might spend eternity! (That is in a mansion on a hill top overlooking a city of gold streets, or in hell, being tortured by the fallen angel for enjoying sex, drugs and worst of all, masturbation!!!) And it is hard to see that I am here for my children or anyone else specific for I need a plan, an explanation that includes all of humanity. Sure, my friends and family are here for me, and I them, but not HERE for me...(Well, as ussuall I am failing to explain that clearly, just feel me out!) But my "higher" purpose must relate to the very reason there is life on earth! It must relate to the very existence of the universe! It must relate to the electron that is in the atom, that is in the molecule, that is amongst those molecules that make up the dust that tickles my nose and makes me sneeze!

So how do I, or anyone, relate to this culture of "things" (cars, gap jeans, cell phones, jelly beans, etc), that sweeps aside these obvious important questions into historical dustbins called philosophy and religion, both of which the modern versions of, have roots that sink only as deep as this culture. (for the most part) And now science is trying to explain these things also, or seek answers, which is cool, but observation can only see part of the truth...(see my blog on what the fuck do I know...) It is baffling, purpose is a social thing, so when one is not social, what happens to identity? If one cannot identify with the masses, they are "not well." Well, this sucks for millions of Americans....but then we have TV, it makes it all better...!!!

Wait, lets play the "Matt goes off like George Carlin or Howard Stern Game!!!"

So I was talking with the neighbor the other day, and she mentioned another couple, other neighbors, and how they were straight... My first thought was, "I see the TV on every night, and heard him say one Friday afternoon he wanted to sit and veg in front of the TV all afternoon....They are not straight, they are daily TV users!" OK, here we go! You see, I haven ridden my high horses before, and probably still do...(am right now!!!), but I do not consider people who watch hours of television every day straight! I suppose it could be used as a tool, but not often enough...it's a guilty pleasure...granted, it doesn't alter your body chemistry the same way that drugs or alcohol does, but it is avoidance just the same... I don't want people who consider me "not straight" because I drink and smoke, to tell me those who watch TV during all idol hours of the day are straight!

And then health food people...(and I know them, I was one of them once!) Don't tell me how eating meat affects the planet! I know this! But hook me up with a local cattle raiser, organic preferably, and I will buy! I hate factory farming, but... Tell you what, I will stop eating factory farmed meat when you stop spilling toxins into the air driving your car, run on oil (paid for in blood), to the health food store many more miles beyond your local supermarket in order to save the planet! (Or to attend your next punk rock concert, joining others in spitting at the rest of the world, using electricity to blast music, generated mostly by fossil or nuclear fuels, producing even more toxins for all of life on earth to adapt to!)

Well, TV and cars are inherent to our culture, making them "straight" activities to participate in!! And so is factory farming, so maybe I am straighter than I thought!!!

Just goin off!!


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