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Sweet, a new blog, one that is not focused on the children! I am hoping some folks read this...My wife and I have some serious issues with the world...and after all the political, religious and social issues and debates, it is plain that we are "anti-civilizational!"

This phrase would have been something I laughed at in the far past, some extreme point of view that I would not take seriously...similar to "environmentalist" or even hippie! But it is real, and it is serious, and it is exactly how it sounds!!! Dismantle civilization! "Cuz I'm praying for rain And I'm praying for tidal waves I wanna see the ground give way. I wanna watch it all go down."

My favorite author, Derrick Jensen, poses this question..."If the destruction of the natural world and the immiseration of the majority of humans isn't making us happy, then why are we doing it?" It's all around us, it's part of us, it takes a huge conscious effort to separate ourselves from it, and we must participate in it, but this culture kills us! Whether environmentally, through means of pollution or unsustainable farming, or by the separating of ourselves from the natural world, our emotions or our souls, we are mutilating ourselves, and all life (human and non human alike) around us.

For me, it started with a spiritual quest that brought a book called "Ishmael", by Daniel Quinn, into my hands. That book and the two that followed really alarmed me, hit a nerve in me that I would have never even had admitted was there. It explained what was wrong with our culture's world view...our culture being "this civilization" that started in the fertile crescent some 10,000 years ago. We walked away from tribal/primitive life, into what we call "the civilized world."

Now a civilization is defined by Lester F. Ward is "the utilization of the materials and forces of nature." (Pure Sociology, p. 255). Derrick Jensen goes further saying that civilization is not only using these resources, but creating populations of people, where in order to support themselves, these resources must be imported into these populated regions...or something like that!!! This should be obvious to any creature on earth, if the land you live on cannot support you, there is something fundamentally wrong...! People look elsewhere for their resources, food and water first, then "commodities" such as oil, wood, metals, etc... This leads to oppression, violence, war, abuse, corruption, etc... It's a vicious cycle which never ends...till the resources are used up and the world is impoverished of the necessities of life.

Now as I said, the culture, our culture, our civilization began 10,000 years ago, in the fertile crescent. Humans slowly stopped living by hunting and gathering. They progressively shifted to cultivating and herding. This led to population growth, leading to the need of more land (besides more mouths to feed, the cultivated lands and grazing hills turned infertile). The more land needed was populated by tribes and primitive peoples...(secluding non-human life), and because these tribal people were so content living the way they lived for millions of years, this land usually was (and still is) taken by force. The violent cycle begins!

Able to leave the "used" lands behind, it was easy to not look at the reality of the situation. But as the world is smaller now, and there is nowhere else to conquer, the "industrialized" world is now starting to see the real effects of our own lifestyle and culture, harsh realities the "third" world has known for a while.

So having that for foundation, stand on this rock for a moment in this ever shifting sea of our culture that never seems to stop long enough to take a deep breath, (never mind finish a thorough thought or fully experience the total unfolding of an emotion) Then look out there... It seems all the little issues we debate, argue or fight about with all the people in little boxes we label and tape shut, these things are distractions, distractions we as a collective use to keep us from seeing the real issue! Like Daniel Quinn, I love my air conditioning, but at what cost...I have no plans to blow up any buildings or dams, or hurting anyone physically, but I am not afraid of this culture, this civilization coming to a halt...whether oil is depleted, or the earth starts to shift dramatically (either from natural cycles, pole shifts or abuse, pollution or overpopulation of humans), I will be cheering it on!!! There will be massive human suffering, but so many humans suffer today just to sustain our lifestyle...and even more nonhuman life!!!

This will be explored in other issues as well, smaller political and environmental, emotional, etc...as this is what encompasses my daily life...but this is the foundation... Here's to one day standing once again with others on this rock, finding more about being a human animal here on our planet earth!!!


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