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May 27, 2009

The Year in Review So it's been almost a year since I last updated. There are two reasons for that: 1) I started grad school. It was a pretty quick decision but definitely worthwhile. I'm studying Computer Arts/New Media, which means this website might get a little spiffier soon! :) 2) The wedding planning went into full force right after my last blog post and pretty much took up all of my free time. Then I went into wedding-planning withdrawal where I just didn't want to do anything at all. :D

Here's q quick wrap up of what's gone on with me (apart from wedding and grad school) since my last post! :)

We went on our annual camping trip to White Lake, where a raccoon made numerous attempts to steal our Cheez-Its.


Mike broke in his personalized branding iron.


He claimed his meat this way throughout the camping trip.


Ryan actually caught a fish during one of his fishing excursions this year!


And of course Randy set many things aflame. There was much magic dust (a.k.a. sawdust) and bacon grease! :)


Mudflinginfools and Teacup organized an amazing event at Thomas Point Beach with a campout and boxes both at the campground and off. It was so much fun and I'm really looking forward to going there again this year!


We met some great new people and got to spend time with some of our favorite letterboxers who we already knew.


Brandie became certified as an EMT! I got to see her graduate, and then strap Ford into this thing, which is every parent's dream, I think. :D


Mike had his 11th annual Dysfunctional Barbecue, where we FINALLY got to meet his girlfriend (and now fiancee), Karolina. We love her!!! :)


I was incredibly surprised and excited to be sent to We Live & Breate Letterboxing for my birthday. This event commemorated ten years of letterboxing in the United States and took place just outside of Portland, Oregon. It was an amazing experience and Brandie and I were so psyched to be there!


The Wildcats were there as well, and they introduced us to two boxers who go by The Doctors B, who are now two of our favorite people! In the rules at the campground for Live & Breathe, it specifically said "DO NOT RING THE BELL." So of course Alex (of The Doctors B) did anyway. :D


The campground was situated among amazing old growth forest and I couldn't stop taking pictures of the fuzzy, moss-covered trees!


We got to meet a whole bunch of people who are famous in the letterboxing world, like deniserows, who we knew only from postal letterboxes and LBH! :)


I don't think I've laughed this hard in a long time. I swear my throat was sore when I went to bed every night just from laughing!

Here's Alex doing his woodchuck impression.

>Who needs sleep when there are letterboxes to be found???? Kuku (in the blue hoodie in the center) was kind enough to put us up at her home before and after the event and we were so grateful!


This was a fantastic letterbox where the stamp was different every day and it was never in the same place! It was based on the Blair Witch Project. Very cool!


We found fairy stamps hidden in lanterns throughout the forest.


There was a masquerade ball, where I tried to look owlish and Brandie put glowsticks in her bra. :D


Here is everyone from our cabin (Waverly) all dressed up for the ball.


Brett (from I-DA-HO), Dave, and Alex ran around saying "MINI-MOTHRA!" It was hilarious. Alex is supposed to be a banana slug, by the way. :D And Dave is wearing his puckernut necklace. :D


The famed Wassamatta_u was at Live & Breathe. And he dressed for the ball in tribute to his blog: Boxers and Briefs. He was hilarious. His signature stamp is of Bullwinkle, hence the antlers.


We decided to pull a prank on Wassa, who had hung a bunch of silly boxers on a line outside of his cabin: we stole them, put them on, and danced around the ball in them. We thought we were hilarious. But Wassa actually never saw us with them! He was out boxing! :D


Alice had no idea Alex was behind her. :D


We found gnomes in the woods, our favorite of which was named Puckernut. :D


And there were little creatures hidden in the trees, and at the end of the event Brandie and I were so sad that we hadn't found any. Luckily, the WooHoo Crew came to the rescue and gave us some, since their friend was the one who made them! We were so happy!!! :)


The day before we came home, Kuku took us to the Oregon coast, which was absolutely beautiful.


Of course she made a mini-meet out of it. Here we all are!


The one thing Brandie really wanted to do was see the sunset on the west coast, and we got the best sunset they had seen there in a very long time. It was absolutely amazing!!!


And after the tide went out, we discovered a ton of HUGE, brightly-colored starfish and sea anemones everywhere! It was so cool!!!


For my 30th birthday and to mark such a time of change in my life (wedding, grad school, etc), I got a tree of life tattoo. Of course it has an owl in it! This was done by Hanna at Just Good Tattoos in Portland, Maine. I highly reccommend her!!! :)


T2 of the Travelers Four became a teenager and we celebrated his birthday at the mini-meet, where he planted boxes for US to find! It felt like it should be OUR birthdays, not his! :D But we'll take it!


This was the fourth year of Fright Night, and mudflinginfools held "Mrs. Cleaver's Adult Cocktail Party" the night before, where we all dressed up in '50s attire. Brandie couldn't find a '50s dress and this one was so awesome though that she wore it instead! :D Here she is with the cocktail weenies.


Here are the gentlemen looking all spiffy.


And here I am with MORE COWBELL!!!


Unfortunately, Tana from The Doctors B was unable to attend, but Alex drove up just for Fright Night! We had a fantastic time concocting a bizarre and hiarious tale about the Gem Sweater Lady and her Gem Provider.


And Brandie dressed as a trucker and even got to feel Oread's (fake) boobs! :D


Later, before night boxing, Alex got to buy a ton of Dill Pickle Humpty Dumpty chips. He was VERY excited about this. Then he put sugar on his pizza. :D


The following weekend I had my Halloween party, where I made this (not-so-tasty) cheeseball with prosciutto, which looked like a face with no skin. Fun!


Here's Joe as Dr. House, Randy as a pirate (note the puffy shirt!), and Lizzie and Joey. :)


Jenna came as Sarah Palin and Doug was a "small business owner" a.k.a. pimp. :D


And Sarah and Eric came and brought along this adorable mouse!


Happy Daze held a fantastic game night, where Brandie and I tormented Naughty Scottie by trying to take pictures of him.


And we played the Newlywed Game, which Randy and I won even though we weren't yet newlyweds! :D I think the best part was when we discovered that Dave does not like ice cream sundaes though. We all nearly died laughing that night! :D


Elena and Barbara came with me to Sarah's cookie swap this year, which was fantastic!


And I got to go to the cat show again. Don't worry, I don't have diabeetus.


We had a really fun mini-meet when the Doctors B came to Portland, Maine, for a geology conference. Ford dressed up as Tana and went to the conference with Alex, while the rest of us went searching for boxes here.


Unfortunately, all the boxes were still frozen over so we waited for Jess to arrive before giving up.


We had delicious pizza later. Here are Jess, Jodi, Tana, Alex, Brandie, and Montana.


I got to attend Free Comic Book Day in Rochester this year with the Simms family. Here is Ford. He's so stylish!


Ford dressed as Wise Potato Chips, which is actually a costume I wore in Odyssey of the Mind in FIFTH GRADE. Montana wore my Katamari Prince costume, and Indigo wore Montana's top hat. She had to wear it sideways though for it to stay on, since Montana has such a huge head! :D


Here are the Simms children with Jabba the Hutt, who is licking Indigo's head. :D


Brandie and I went to one of the best concerts ever, Peaches, with Tori and Kelsey. It was AMAZING.


Peaches climbed the wall behind us! She was barely three feet away! It was awesome!!!


I was lucky enough to win two tickets to the May 20th Red Sox game against the Toronto Blue Jay's. Houghton-Mifflin owns a box there, so Jenna and I went and shamelessly enjoyed ourselves. The suite is gorgeous and there was tons of free food, beer, wine, and a TV in the bathroom! :D


We had an amazing time and it was one of the best games of the season! There were five homeruns, one that went completely out of the park, and three in a row!


Here is our view. It was awesome!!!


And this past weekend I went to AnimeBoston with Brandie and Montana, and his friends Kiri, Andrew, and Amanda.


It was so much fun to see all the costumes! I wore my Katamari Prince costume of course, and I even saw someone else dressed as the same character!


Montana made some great contacts, so hopefully he'll be exhibiting at this type of event soon!

I'll try to post about the wedding next. But for now, that's everything else I think! :)


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