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December 13, 2005

Unauthorized pictures from the Star Wars exhibit!

It's been entirely too long since my last post and I apologize, but we moved our television out of the computer room and into the bedroom, so I've been spending a lot more time lazing about there. It's a horrible excuse, I know. :D

So, way back on December 3, Randy, Mike, my parents and I all took a jaunt down to the Boston Museum of Science to check out the Star Wars exhibit. I took a bazillion pictures that George Lucas would be very angry about, so of course I'm posting them. Woohoo!


Somehow I managed to coerce Mike and Randy into letting me take this photo. You can see how thrilled they look about it. :D Jenna and Jason were supposed to come too but something came up at the last minute. Oh well, at least the exhibit runs until March or April. :)

When we first arrived at the exhibit, I tried to be very subtle about my picture-taking, but after seeing one guy shooting video while standing right in front of a museum employee, I gave up. I was pretty sure I saw a sign that said "no cameras allowed inside" but EVERYONE was taking pictures. Odd.


It was INSANE the amount of geeks and nerds that we encountered at the exhibit. But luckily, unlike at the Lord of the Rings exhibit, we didn't have to interact with any of them. At LOTR, a nerd who had come by himself tried to attach himself to us. Luckily we were able to escape, but it was scary. :D We were thoroughly out-geeked at Star Wars though. At Star Wars, the King of the Nerds (I recognized him as such because he worked at the museum and held the microphone) totally out-geeked us by posing the following question to the crowd: How tall is Chewbacca?

A bunch of kids started yelling out answers that were all totally wrong. Mike rolls his eyes and says "He's 7'6"." Then the Nerd King says "You're all wrong, he's 8'4"!" We were very humbled. However, despite Mike's error, we still did not bother with the headsets that they provide for those who don't know their Star Wars trivia and relied on Mike's vast knowledge instead. Who honestly gives a shit how tall Chewbacca is anyway? :D


There was some pretty cool shit inside the exhibit. This is the actual sand cruiser (that's probably the wrong term for it but I'm not the Star Wars fanatic here so feel free to correct me, Mike and Janicanne) that they filmed in the movies. It has wheels, which you can't really see in this picture. But there were helpful videos all over the exhibit that showed the tricks they used in the movie. To hide the wheels on the sand cruiser, they put a rounded mirror running the length of the vehicle to cover up the wheels, so it reflected the sand from the ground. Pretty clever! :)


Our favorite droids. We got to see a little presentation about robots and how they're used in society today. It was hosted by C-3PO, who talked to a giant furby at one point. Scary! But cool nonetheless.


Chewbacca! (duh da da, na na duh duh da dah)

Chewy! (duh da da, na na duh duh da dah)

Chewbacca! (duh da da, na na duh duh da dah)

Oooooooooooooh, what a wookie!


I saw on TV that these wookie costumes were made by individually gluing each little bit of hair. Screw special effects, it's the costumes that make production take so long!

Wookies are cool.


"Well I've been around but I ain't never seen
A guy who looks like a Muppet but he's wrinkled and green
Oh my Yoda yo yo yo yo Yoda
Well I'm not dumb but I can't understand
How he can lift me in the air just by raising his hand
Oh my Yoda yo yo yo yo Yoda yo yo yo yo Yoda
Well I left home just a week before
And I never ever been a Jedi before
But Obi-wan, he set me straight of course
He said, "Go to Yoda and he'll show you the Force."
Well, I'm not the kind that would argue with Ben
So it looks like I'm gonna start all over again with my Yoda
yo yo yo yo Yoda yo yo yo yo Yoda
Yoda yo yo yo yo Yoda yo yo yo yo Yoda
So I used the Force
I picked up a box
I lifted some rocks
While I stood on my head
But I won't forget what Yoda said
He said, "Luke, stay away from the darker side,
And if you start to go astray, let the Force be your guide."
Oh, my Yoda yo yo yo yo Yoda..."

Shut up, "Weird" Al is awesome. :D


The Dark Lord himself. There was a little girl whining next to me while I gazed at Mr. Vader, and she suddenly started grasping her throat and coughing and seemed to be having a lot of trouble breathing. Luckily, there were some museum employees who were positioned nearby with Oxygen tanks and they were able to revive her. I guess it had been happening to annoying little brats–I mean–complaining children all day. :D


Our time in the exhibit was much shorter than my parents' due to Mike's insane spanse of knowledge about Star Wars, so we wandered around the museum for a while until they finished up. In one part of the museum, they had an area designated to learning how to group things (for instance, by color, species, size, etc.). So Mike and Randy sat down at one activity, where there was a large rotating circular space. The idea was for you to take a bunch of the objects provided, group them, and then spin the wheel so the other person had to figure out how you grouped your objects.

Mike and Randy sat there for a moment, and then Mike spun the wheel around. He looked at Randy's side, which was empty.

Mike– "Ah, I see you've grouped your objects with procrastination."

Randy looked at Mike's part of the circle, which was now in front of him, and was also empty.

Mike– "I grouped mine using apathy."

At this point I nearly died of laughter.

Guess you had to be there. :D


After Mom and Dad finished up at the exhibit, we met up with Barbara at the Omni theater, where she gave me my birthday present in a hilarious bag, it said "Times are hard. Times are tough. Here's your fucking birthday stuff." :D She gave me two CDs (The Soviettes and Against Me), an adorable cat figurine that she painted herself, and NAPOLEON DYNAMITE CHAPSTICK which I now carry with me at all times, and every time I take it out, I say: "But my lips hurt real bad!"

Just in case you doubted my geekiness. :D

We saw "Antarctica" at the Omni. Barbara kicked some ass once the movie started since the people behind us would not fucking shut up. She put those inconsiderate bastards in their places though! Go Barbara! :) If only I had her at every movie I go to. Why is it that there's always one asshole in the theater who won't shut up? And why is it that that asshole is always sitting near me?

After the movie, we bid Barbara adieu and went to Vinny Testa's (or Vinny T's as they call it now) for dinner. It was fabulous, I love that place.

I also love the above photo. Me: happy. Randy: as close to happy as he gets. Mike: angry. So... angry. :D


Here are Dad and Mom at Vinny T's. Props to them for driving us around all day, it was much appreciated. :) They even took us to Trader Joe's after dinner. Mmmm...mini-tacos... It was a fabulous day overall!

Next post: The top ten photos from my blog of 2005! If you have any suggestions, please let me know by posting comments! :)



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