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December 1, 2005

Let the holidays begin!

Hey, how was your Thanksgiving? Mine was pretty good. Randy and I went to his folks' house for dinner, which was very tasty. Then we watched coverage of the dog show that was on TV, and then "Christmas Vacation" which was not on TV. The funniest part about it was when Randy's dad would mute the dirty parts of the movie, and Randy's 7 year old nephew would read the closed-captioning as fast as it was being displayed. Who said the kid couldn't read??? :D


After dinner, we stopped in at my Uncle Paul's rectory (he's not really my uncle, he's actually my mom's cousin, but we just call him uncle, and he's a priest, so he lives at a rectory), where my family was celebrating Thanksgiving. My brother was there with his friend Janicanne, who is very cool, and she and I bonded, which totally annoyed the piss out of my brother. Love that.


Later that evening, Greg (my brother), Janicanne and I went out to Brick House in Dover. Then Greg and I turned around and went back to my apartment because he had forgotten his ID in the glove compartment of his car, which was parked at my apartment. Then we went back to the Brick House, woke up Janicanne (who had passed out drunk on one of the tables- hilarious) and boogied on down to The Press, featuring our friend Pat Joyce from high school. Yes they are white rappers. And yes they are awesome. And I almost wrote this entire blog in rap form because they inspired me so much, but that would've taken WAY too long and it's already 9pm. And Mike and Randy can only play HeroClix for so long. :D

Janicanne got up and sang with the band for a few songs, which kicked ass, she is an awesome singer. The sound quality on these videos isn't so hot, but you get the idea.


When I got home from the bar, Randy was still up (gaming of course, what else would he be doing?), and since it was already about 1:30am, we figured we could manage to stay awake to hit the door buster sale at Best Buy Friday morning. Boy, was that dumb. We arrived there at 4:25am to find the line already curling around the side of Barnes and Noble (for those of you who don't live in the seacoast NH area, just picture a line about the length of a football field). AND it was frickin FREEZING outside. I guess the temperature was below zero with the windchill. Welcome to winter, people! So we froze our fucking asses off, only to get inside and realize they were already sold out of the shit we wanted. I did run into Barbara while I was there though, which was fun, but we only got to talk for about 3.5 minutes before she had to rush off to find stuff, and by then Randy and I were so fed up with the shopping experience that we just went home, empty-handed. YAY! And then I had migraines the whole rest of the weekend thanks to that one night of staying up. Stupid, stupid me. NEVER AGAIN.

Well, unless I could be GUARANTEED a cheap laptop. Then MAYBE I would consider.


We had people over on Saturday for a Killer Bunnies marathon, that was quite fun. And I made more mummy dogs, which I'm totally addicted to now.

Sunday I spent hiding in my room because Randy had Doug and Mike over for computer networking of Sacred and I had a migraine (as previously mentioned). But Randy was nice and moved the TV from the computer room into the bedroom, so I watched the marathon of Breaking Bonaduce. Have any of you seen that show? Bonaduce is a frickin MANIAC. The show is totally enthralling. And as he says in the intro "I'm a car crash. And you have every right to slow down and watch the car crash." I think I also enjoy it because you get to watch him interact with his therapist and I love psychology.


The rest of this week has been a festival of procrastination. I've done quite a bit of Xmas shopping online, made some ornaments to give to people for Xmas, done some reading (hi Paul!), was an hour late for work yesterday (not so fun), and found out I'll be in charge of music for the company Xmas party at work next Friday. Luckily, my Uncle Andy totally bailed me out by dropping off six of his Xmas mix CDs- score!

My current favorite Xmas songs (in no particular order):

You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch (from the Grinch)
Mele Kalikimaka (Bing Crosby)
O Holy Night (as sung by Eric Cartman)
Someday At Christmas (Stevie Wonder)
The Chanukah Song (Adam Sandler)
The 12 Pains of Xmas

And if you want a Xmas card from me featuring my adorable kitties, kindly send me your address (bucketmag@gmail.com will do nicely). This photo is of last year's card.

Let the holiday season begin!!!!!



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