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June 1, 2008

Janicanne's visit!

Janicanne (a.k.a. janicanthology to you letterboxers) is one of my very most bestest friends in the whole wide world. A BFF, if you will. But unfortunately, she lives far, far away, in Indiana. And soon will be moving to.... North Carolina. :( But it's for a good reason so we'll forgive her. She is currently undergoing the long, painful process that is graduate school, but paused during her brief spring break to jaunt up to Ye Olde New England to visit! And visit she did!!! :)

She arrived after an amazing interview with a future employer, so not only was she happy to be out of school, but she was psyched at the prospect of a possible AMAZING job that was MEANT for her in her future. So of course when she arrived, what did she do first?

Right, she took a nap! :D

But after that nap, the partying commenced.


And by that I mean, we drank and carved stamps with Brandie, Jen, and Jenna. We also drunk picture-mailed hilarious photos to ex-boyfriends (okay, only one ex-boyfriend, but still) and laughed so loudly that Randy had to close the door to the computer room so he could hear his World of Warcraft game. :D Also, Jen did impressions of Pee Wee Herman that made us all nearly Pee Wee our pants, har har. :D

Oh and then my cat ate Janicanne's phone charger cord. And I was very, very pissed about that. That is no way to treat a guest, kitties!!! :(


Since I had JUST found out that I would be traversing to New Orleans for business the following week, I was unable to play hookie while Janicanne was here. :( So Brandie agreed to pick up Jen and Janicanne (Jenna lives right in Kittery so she didn't need a ride :D) and we all met up at Loco Coco's for lunch. I got myself some dang quesa-dillahs and they were DIVINE. As was the company, and the humor.


We were all shocked when Doug called Jenna and said that he actually WANTED to drop in and say hi (he works right down the road). There was lip gloss. And The Shocker. And we scared him with our overwhelming estrogen.


Janicanne and Jenna of course fell in love (as everyone does when around Janicanne... some of whom are males who propose marriage... :D) and decided to hang out while I went back to work. Rumor has it they spent two hours at Macro Polo. I knew Jenna would do me proud in showing Janicanne the important sites of Portsmouth. Macro Polo rules!!! :D Then they realized that they were still sober and decided to rectify that problem. :D


They met me at work just as I was finishing up. I would also like to point out that my boss walked by as they were taking this picture. It was awesome. :D Oh, and I think I was on the phone with my mom. :D


I wanted to surprise Janicanne with a fantastic dinner that evening, so on the way home we stopped and got the most wonderful food from the most wonderful place in all of the universe: AMATO'S! And since Janicanne is an honorary Dupont, of course my folks and my grandmother came over to see Janicanne and partake of the delicious vittles.


Anyone who has ever been to Amato's knows that their portions are huge. HUGE I SAY! Especially the calzones! And guess what Janicanne did???


She fucking finished a calzone! And it RULED!!! She's a fucking champ!!!! :)


The following day, Janicanne again got to sleep in while I went to work, but we all met up for lunch at the SECOND most important place in Portsmouth, The Friendly Toast! Brandie's sister Corie also met up with us. She rules. :) And of COURSE we made Janicanne stamp into the letterbox that is hidden in the restaurant. And we posed with the ginormous wooden soldiers and made inappropriate advances upon the ginormous wooden soldiers. It was awesome. :D


Much delicious food was consumed. Many text messages were sent.


Hats were worn! Faces were hidden!


And OF COURSE lip gloss was applied!!! :D


Thank goodness Jenna was between jobs while Janicanne was here, because she was kind enough to drink with Janicanne at the Gaslight and Loco Coco for the remainder of the afternoon while I resumed my corporate slavery until 5:00pm. During this time, a "Quote Bag" was started. Well, after another couple of hours were spent in Macro Polo, of course. :D


The quote bag moved with them to Loco Coco, where I met up with them for dinner. Todd was there. Dinner was had. Quotes were bagged.


Drinks were chugged. That's how we roll on the seacoast, yo!!! :D

Then we drove to my parents' house so I could pick up the video of the Project Runway finale that Janicanne hadn't seen yet. And of course Janicanne came inside with me. Jenna stayed in the car until my dad offered an impromptu booze-tasting, which she of course HAD to come inside for. :D I believe they enjoyed some scotch and ouzo, amongst other liquors... :D Oh, and Janicanne totally said "fuck" in front of my folks, who were very polite about it and pretended they didn't notice. I asked Janicanne if she realized she had done that later, and she proceeded to be mortified. Hilarity ensued! :D

After much badgering, Jenna was convinced to come back to my apartment with us so we could continue drinking and watch the Project Runway finale. This was riotous! We ate oreos in milk. Oreos rule!!! And then Jenna and Janicanne actually tried to share the couch to sleep on. The couch, which I might add, does not fold out. :D That lasted about 20 minutes.

It was fantastic to have Janicanne back in the area, even for just a few days, and I was so glad my friends got to spend time with her too!

And Janicanne got the amazing fantastic job that she had interviewed for!!! Huzzah!!! :)

I have a LOT more stuff to post, and I really truly hope to get to it soon. It's been harder to do webdesign from home lately though since I've been doing more and more of it at work. But I would never neglect you, my dear two readers!!! :D


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