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February 18, 2008

Uh yeah, I was...busy.

The holidays were crazy. The post-holidays were crazy. And only in the past week or so have I been able to catch my breath! And to think, next year I'll have a wedding to reckon with, it only gets worse! :D I'll try to get you all caught up on the ever-so-important events of my life, since I know you're all waiting with baited breath. :D

Brandie, Indigo, and I visited Barbara and Elena at the beginning of December. Elena is the cutest, happiest, most laid-back child EVER. Here she is looking especially adorable.


And here are Indigo, Barbara, and Elena. Barbara is just as happy as can be! It was great seeing them and hopefully they'll be visiting us soon! :)


In my ongoing quest to save the Xmas trees, I decided to rescue a tree of my own from the Blackberry Hill Farm in Berwick this year. Indigo, Ford, and Montana came along to help me pick it out, and Ford himself even assisted in chopping it down. The tree...fit in my apartment. Barely. :D I had to trim the branch at the very tip-top so it wouldn't touch the ceiling, and all of my living room furniture had to be moved around because it took up the whole corner of the living room, but it was beautiful! :) It's by far the biggest tree I've ever gotten, and we were sad to take it down on February 3rd. :D


My brother, who now lives in Montana, came to visit prior to the holidays (it's cheaper to fly then and he is po'). Here is proof that he still has a sense of humor. He's trying to make the same face as his three-year-old self on the picture in the ornament. :)


Xmas itself was just lovely and I somehow retained my sanity through making 30 handmade books for nearly all of our friends and family. I bought my dad this shirt, it says "Making Spirits Bright". He was even showing it off in CHURCH. :D

I got some great presents this year: owl-themed items from the Simms and Farrell families, an owl purse and owl messenger pillow (among other things) from my parents, and a REAL LIVE OWL from Janicanne!!! Best. Gift. EVER! I even have a certificate and tiny stuffed owl to prove it!!! :)


2008 has been filled with letterboxing events nearly every weekend so far, kicking off with New Hampshire New Year in Hooksett, put on by Team New Hampshire. It was a great event and it was so nice to get together with my letterboxing friends after not seeing most of them since the Fright Night events. Here we all are after finding the "Give a Hoot, Read a Book!" (owl) stamp in the Hookett library. :)


The next event was the Coffee and Tea Mini-Meet in Saco, Maine, where Zack and Indigo spent the entire time cootie-ing everyone, and I bought a beer solely because it had an owl on it (thanks to Indigo for pointing it out). :D


Mrs. Happy Daze was none too happy that I had brought so many cooties, because Zack kept giving them to her while she was trying to stamp in other letterboxes. It was hilarious! :D


As usual, I went with my parents on our annual visit to the cat show in Dover. And as usual, we were all overwhelmed with Cute. And Funny. Starting with this silly Persian, who was having a grand old time sleeping upside-down in his litterbox. :D


It was unfortunate that Mike was unable to attend the cat show this year, because his favorite cat-show-cat was there, Fred. Fred is an award-winning housecat, and he is GINORMOUS. :)


We saw some downright precious little kittens as well. This little ham was enjoying some raw steak. I wanted to take him home!!! :)


And as usual, Mom and I visited the Birman breeders who we talk to every year, and Mom took their business card, which she does every year. They had brought this little four-month old kitten. As you can see, he's very nervous about attending his first show. You can see that he's having a really hard time being there. :D NOT AT ALL.

The hardest part about attending the cat shows is not being able to pick up and snuggle all of the kitties!


By far the funniest thing at the cat show this year was watching the judging. Not the judging itself, mind you, but the other kitties waiting to be judged in the cages. Look at the background of this picture. That kitty spent the entire time that he was in that cage trying to play with the cats next to him. And when he wasn't doing that, he was scratching the walls of the cage. Everyone was dying laughing. What a character! :)


My kitties only get small gifts on normal Xmas day. Their real Xmas is the day of the cat show. Their favorite new toys were these two catnip snakes, which they practically ripped out of the bag when I walked in the door. :D Here they are alternating between bunny-kicking and licking the snakes. :D


The most recent letterboxing event that we attended was at the Maine Bean in Windham, Maine, The Presidential Brunch.

One of the first sights I saw when I arrived was Nittany's son Ben, who had stamped his forehead, and was having a grand old time eating the Fun Dip valentines that littlstar and Solar Flair gave out. It was adorable. Nittany declared that Brandie should never be allowed to come to an event with more than her signature stamp ever again! :D


The food at the Maine Bean was spectacular, and huge. Take this eclair for instance. :D


Though I tried, I could only eat half of that beautiful, delicious work of art.


Ford and Indigo were enjoying the Fun Dip valentines as well. Here is Ford looking pensive with the Fun Dip dipper, and Indigo displaying her love of the dip itself. :D


After the Presidential Brunch we ventured to Jiffy's house for some sledding. Of course, I was in such a sugar stupor at that point that I could do little more than watch. :D But Brandie did some sledding with the kids. Here are her and Jiffy as we watch the sledders.


Ford was having a fantastic time making things out of the crusty surface layer of snow, such as this valentine. I would also like to remind you that Ford is indeed running for president, and that he LOVES YOU!!! :)

And I swear I'll try to update again soon! :)



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