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November 12, 2007

Where did fall go???

For god's sake Marissa, update your damn blog!!!

Okay, okay!

Wow, September... where did it go exactly? I seemed to have missed it. But look, there's photographic evidence that it occurred!!! And so much occurred!

First up in the blog today—King Richard's Faire! This was our third annual trip and as usual we had a fantastic time! The entire Simms clan was able to join us this year, which was fantastic!


And look, Mike was caught SMILING!!! He'll try to tell you it was out of misery and that his smile is only sarcastic in nature, but he's lying. We all had a great time, apart from the rain. But it cleared up in the afternoon and didn't rain a drop for the rest of the time we were in Carver, MA.


Many hilarious shows were watched, turkey legs were consumed, and weapons were purchased! Including one very cute small dagger, by none other than myself. And technically I bought a weapon before Randy did! Unless, of course, you count the fact that Randy bought it for me, but that's irrelevent. :D


Later on in the day, Randy purchased a weapon of his own: a battle axe! And of course Mike bought a ginormous sword. These weapons were, of course, later tested out on innocent trees behind our tent. These trees now have no limbs until about ten feet up.


We decided to stay at Myles Standish State Forest (near King Richard's) for an extra day this year (normally we pack up and leave the day after King Richard's), so we could actually ENJOY more of the campground. The place is just amazing, and huge! And there are miles and miles of GORGEOUS bike paths, hiking trails, and horseback riding paths. Randy and I were able to bike quite a bit, and found two letterboxes in the park before my back tire went flat and we had to go back to the campsite. :D


Our nights on the camping trip were spent warming ourselves by the glorious, huge, butter-fueled fire. You heard me right. It burns so bright, and smells so, so good. :D

It was a fabulous trip, and as usual we left wishing we had more time to spend there. Maybe next year we'll stay for a whole week!


The letterboxing events continued in September. There were two Mini-ME Golf Challenges, which occurred at Schooner Mini-Golf in Saco, Maine. The first was won by none other than Gargoyle Girl (a.k.a. Jen). But since there were many boxers that couldn't attend the first event, another Mini-Me Golf Challenge was organized: Round Two, featuring the Gargoyle Girl/Maine Kokopellian DEATH MATCH. Okay there wasn't much of a death match per se, but the name sounded pretty damn good, if I do say so myself. :D

Here are Ezili (Barbara, Jen's mom), littlmoo and Tractor Man (Brandie and Dave), and two adorable children pretending to be doggies. :D


And wouldn't you know it? After all the smack talk between Gargoyle Girl and Maine Kokopellian, who should win the golf challenge but my father, MyMiata! :D Figures. Here he is with the sought-after Golden Putter, relinquished to him by Jen. It was a proud, proud day for the Dupont family. :D


My birthday also rolled around at the end of September, and I had a nice little party at the apartment. Randy baked a delicious cookie cake and we had Moe's subs and food from Muddy River. Mmmm. I got many FANTASTIC owl-oriented gifts (!!!), and Brandie and Jen planted a series for me at the wildlife refuge in Pease! It is AMAZING and the stamps are just fantastic!!! I felt so loved!!! :)


Oddly enough, Mike's 31st birthday party was bigger than his 30th. It was like a do-over from last year—we did exactly the same things, and it was just as fun! :) Here's Randy and I at Gaucho's. Note how Randy propped up his green dot on the wall so as to make absolutely sure the waitstaff wouldn't miss it. :D


Group photo at Gaucho's for Mike's birthday. From left to right: Doug, Jenna, Brandie, Jason, Beth, Randy, me, Mike, Brandie, and Ryan. We had SUCH a good time, and of course, much meat was consumed. Oh and there was some alcohol... delicious chocolatey martinis. Mmm...chocolatey martinis...

After dinner, we went to the Manchester Monarchs opening game, which was so much fun. There were a TON of fights, one of which included every single person on the ice except the refs. It was awesome! :D


Brandie's sister Rachael is a bodybuilder, and I went with Brandie to her competition in Derry on October 13th. She placed second in the heavyweight females! Here she is with her friend Harmoni (who didn't compete this year but still looks fantastic!). :)


While we were in Derry for the competition, Brandie, Montana, and I went to the Robert Frost Farm to plant The Birches, a stamp that was mailed to Brandie from Oregon and inspired by Robert Frost. We found a BEAUTIFUL location for it!!! :)


Unfortunately, I missed Fright Night 3 this year, but I did get to attend the two mini-meets that bookended the major event. The first was on Thursday, October 25th, A Friendly Meet and Greet. It was at The Friendly Toast in Portsmouth and we had such a good time confusing the hell out of the other patrons around us ("So are you guys in a stamp club?" "No, we're a cult.") and having a jolly ole time. We got to meet RingNSing and Dewey Damsel, two lovely ex-librarians who were in town but unable to attend FN3.


We also got to meet Webfoot, the proprietor of the one and only Stampeaz.com, which is the only seller of PZ KUT, the best carving material EVER (in my humble opinion), and Kuku, who is another Atlas Quest message board junkie like myself, and a recent enductee into the Crazy Boxing Buddies. Both of them are SO nice and it was so much fun meeting them and hanging out! :)


Brandie carved a fantastic stamp for the event, and at the end of the night she hid it in the restaurant. But not before getting accosted by this saucy soldier! :D


The Post-FN3 even that I attended was the Lighting the Way Post-FN3 mini-meet. A bunch of us met at IHOP in Portland on Sunday morning, and then set out to find some of Jars of Clay's lighthouse letterbox series. Unfortunately, finding all of their boxes was just not possible, but we did find two, and a bunch of non-lighthouse boxes as well. Here are all of us on Mackworth Island in Falmouth. From left to right: Kuku (from the OTHER Portland, in Oregon :) ), automan01140, Lady SLPA, the Wildcats, Team Safari, and Maine Kokopellian. Later that day, Maine Kokopellian found his 1001st find at Bug Light in Portland, and we had a fantastic dinner at Vinny T's. Love that place! :)


I opted to not have my Halloween party this year due to all of the stuff around Fright Night, but I did get to join in the Halloween fun at the Simms household on Trick-or-Treat night. Indigo and Krista were death fairies for Halloween, which was FANTASTIC. But of course at the end of the night Bill and Dave had to try on their wigs. My caption for this is "Call me!" "Awesome!" :D


By far the most fun thing I've done in a long time was the impromptu road trip that Brandie, Sean (Maine Kokopellian), Pete (of The Merry Pranksters), and I took down to Cape Cod to get the Haunted Halloween Hunt letterboxes. On Thursday night (November 1st) I found out that the TWO Decemberists concerts that I was supposed to go to that weekend had been cancelled. Needless to say, I was pretty bummed out. But on Friday, on the AQ boards there was talk of the Haunted Halloween Hunt, which I had previously ruled out due to the concerts. So, since there were now no concerts, I figured what the heck! So I called Brandie and posted some messages on AQ asking people to join up, and soon Sean was on his way down to Portsmouth and we arranged to pick up Pete in Andover! :) Pete told us he would be bringing plenty of cash for food and beverages, and before we got to Andover, Brandie and Sean and I speculated as to what exactly Pete meant by that since the majority of the evening would be spent DRIVING. Well, Pete brought an entire cooler's worth of drinks with him! :D And once we were on our way to the Cape, we found out that not only was this trip cheering me up, but it was turning a shitty day into a fun one for Pete as well! Turns out Pete's birthday was the next day, and he and his family were supposed to go letterboxing all day, but due to the hurricane remnants it was going to rain on Saturday, and Pete was understandably pissed. And then our little road trip came along and made it all better! :)

Two and a half hours of driving later we made it to the Cape and got to meet Archimedes Screw (one of the BEST carvers EVER), Cape Cod Lightning Bug, Dragonfly, Mumma, and the Vs! And Travelers 4 were there too! From left: Travelers 4, me, Brandie, Pete, Sean, Archimedes Screw, and Dragonfly. :) The stamps were absolutely amazing and we had such a good time!!! :)


Luckily, not all of my fall concerts were cancelled! On Friday, Randy and I went to see Ani DiFranco at the Orpheum in Boston. And this is probably totally blasphemous to say, but I was almost more excited by the fact that Dennis Kucinich was speaking at the concert than seeing Ani for the ...15th time I think? But the other opener, Buddy Lang (I think that was his last name), was fantastic too! He's the national poetry slam champion and he was just AWESOME. But Dennis Kucinich... he is my fucking HERO. He actually had the balls to get the ball rolling to try to impeach Cheney!!! And his campaign is awesome, he believes in everything I believe, and the guy is super crazy smaht! And the best part of the concert was the encore, when Ani came back out with her band, Buddy Lang, and DENNIS, who played maracas during the whole song, and smiled and danced and it was just adorable! I'm seriously considering volunteering for his campaign. The guy rules. And I think Ani said it best when said said it's nice to have someone our kids can see as a role model. Hear hear! :)


Here's the best shot of Ani that I got during the night (all of the ones with her and Dennis are totally blurry because I was singing and dancing while I took the photos :D).


But you can check out part of Dennis' speech before the concert and part of Ani's set when she was talking about him. Check it out:

And guess what, I'm finally caught up! Woohoo!!! :)



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