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October 9, 2007

My First Letterboxing Summer

Let's take things back to '89. I mean, July of this year.

Happy Daze and Maine Kokopellian (for your non-letterboxers, letterboxers choose a "trail name" that they use at letterboxing events, to sign log books, and online in letterboxing forums) hosted a fantastic event called Come Fly A Kite! I brought my parents, who go by EllaCleoAthena (Mom, the name comes from the names of her three cats) and MyMiata (Dad, because he has a Miata and his vanity plates are MyMiata).


This was their first event, so they spent most of the day frantically exchanging with everyone and stamping in the many cooties that kids kept dropping in our bags, hoods, pockets, cupholders, etc. :D

Non-letterboxers: to exchange means to stamp your stamp in another person's log book, and they stamp their stamp in yours. Usually you write a note with your stamp saying something like "nice to meet you!" and leave your trailname. :)


Since my signature stamp is an owl, I felt that I HAD to have an owl kite for the event, so I picked up this cute little blue owl kite online. Unfortunately, the morning of the Kites event I opened up the packaging and found that it was broken in two places! :( Luckily, with the help of Dad, we performed surgery on the kite and were able to fix it and got it up in the air for quite a while! It's a great little kite! :)

The event was a great time, and the majority of the day was spent doing exchanges, which is unusual for an event. Normally you spend part of the day exchanging, but the majority of the day would be spent searching for boxes. However, the day of the Kites event was INSANELY hot once the sun came out, and walking around getting scorched wasn't sounding like such a good idea at that point. :D The cool thing about this event was that everyone was asked to carve a stamp of the kite they brought (if they wanted), and you could ask people for their kite stamps in addition to doing regular exchanges. Then at the end of the day, all the kite stamps (well, most of them anyway) went to Maine Kokopellian for him to plant as a series! :) I can't wait to see where my little blue owl kite stamp ends up! :)


Brandie (littlmoon) spent the summer driving the trolley in Ogunquit, and asked me repeatedly to come up and ride it for an hour or so sometime and see the beautiful sights. After talking to some other letterboxers, I realized there were quite a few of us who were interested in riding the trolley, and thus a mini-event was born! :) Happy Daze organized the first one, called the Trolley Time Mini Meet.

We met up at Jake's Seafood for dinner (and exchanges of course), where I unveiled a new series of event stamps: The Microbes, which were carved by Brandie and I. Everyone seemed to enjoy them. :) Here are Maine Kokopellian, Teacup, and Phynstar at Jake's.


Here are Lego Boy (Ryan) and Gargoyle Girl (Jen). Lego Boy let me stamp in his series of Katamari Damacy-inspired stamps that he carved himself, they rock! :)

Once dinner was consumed and most of us had finished getting exchanges, we hopped on the trolley and the fun really began! :)


Brandie did a fantastic job narrating the trip, giving us many an interesting fact about Ogunquit ("Do you know what the Abanaki word for bad hunter is? ... Vegetarian!"). Mrs. Happy Daze gave a fantastic pole dance. Shouts of "I LOVE LAMPS!" were heard from the back of the trolley. Brandie announced to a packed trolley that I recently became engaged. And we all tried to stamp while the trolley was moving... which is VERY complicated, especially when you have to use markers! :D


Here's Brandie at the end of our trip. We all had a fantastic time and agreed that we would have to do it again! Which we did! See below! :)


But before we get to Trolley Time 2, there were two more events that occured during that same week! The next one was the Buxton Boxer's Barbecue, for the Crazy Boxing Buddies group, of which I am a member (Crazy? Check. Boxer? Check. :D). One of the highlights of the event was getting to meet the Grumpy Grinches, who stopped at the barbecue during their travels all the way from San Diego, California! Here are Brandie and Mrs. Grumpy Grinch. :)


I think the most hilarious moment of this event was when Nature Posse took up the challenge of acquiring my personal traveler: the Christopher Walken stamp. In order to get this stamp, you must do an impression of Christopher Walken. And what an impression Nature Posse did! :D She quoted half of the Colnel Angus skit from SNL, and I nearly died laughing! :D


At first glance, this photo seems to capture a hilarious moment as well. Which it pretty much is at face value, until you realize the implications of such a situation! Here is Montana (Kirby in the letterboxing world) with two groupies, both of whom are OLDER THAN HE IS. Since when does Montana have groupies??? Stay away girls, stay away, he is still a boy! No dating until he's 18!!! :D


The day after the Buxton Boxers' Barbecue, Brandie (littlmoon), Jen (Gargoyle Girl), and I (gollygee), travelled up to Andover, Massachusetts to snag some boxes and attend the Grateful Letterboxers Rat Dog event. We left early and got two boxes in a forest near the home of the Merry Pranksters. In this forest, we encountered some rock climbers. And Brandie knew them. Andover, Mass, in the middle of a forest, and Brandie knows people. :D She knows EVERYONE!


Our hosts at the event were Pete (of The Merry Pranksters) and Matt (or was it Mark? Damn normal, non-letterboxing name! :D), who definitely know how to throw a party! :) There were Grateful-Dead-themed boxes hidden all over their yard, delicious vittles, and Pete made copies of a fantastic live Dead CD for everyone in attendence! It RULED! :)


Pete is also a fan of old school games, namely pinball, which I LOVE. Check out his basement! This is only half of it!!! AND he had an old school table-style Ms. Pac-Man game, with Grateful Dead stools to sit on while playing it! We could've easily spent hours there but there were letterboxes to be found elsewhere in Andover! :)


Here is the Zess the Treehuggers family. Mrs. Zess is the co-founder of the Grateful Letterboxers group (of which I am a member). You don't have to be a fan of the Dead to be part of the group, just "grateful" to be a letterboxer! :) Which I DEFINITELY am! :)

The Grateful Letterboxers Event was meant to be a prelude to attending the Rat Dog concert that evening, but unfortunately Brandie, Jen, and I were unable to get tickets. So after Zess and the Merry Pranksters went off to the show, Jen, Brandie, and I went off in search of the Andover March of the Penguins series. Unfortunately, darkness was descending and we were only able to find four out of the 14 penguins before it was pitch black and we could barely see the trail. :D Luckily, Brandie managed to get us back onto the road, where we walked the four miles back to our car. :D


Trolley Time Mini-Meet Part Two: The Revenge! was organized by me and Brandie, and we decided to go all-out. Of course, we decided this the night before the event, but that's no matter. :D I carved a fun event stamp and Brandie carved little additional stamps for each stop on the trolley. "What a great idea!" we thought. Well, putting it into action with about 25 letterboxers on the trolley was not quite so easy! :D

This is just the BACK of the trolley! We had to form an assembly line in order to stamp everyone's Trolley Time Passports that I designed for the event. But it all worked out in the end.


My grandmother (far left, she goes by RitaBeau) and mom came to this one, it was Grammy's first event and she seemed to have a good time. :) Also, the entire Simms family came for the ride as well (far right)!


Mrs. Happy Daze did not do another pole dance, as far as I'm aware, but she was a part of the Chinese Fire Drills that occurred at various stops along the way! :D At one point while the fire drill participants were off the trolley, Brandie started driving away, it was hilarious! :D


It was a MUCH larger group at the second trolley event, and Brandie and I already have some ideas for next year if she drives the Ogunquit trolley again! We even had prizes for people who kept track of how many pedestrians Brandie almost hit (due to their not being in the crosswalks) and the number of trivia questions they answered correctly! Good times were had by all. :)


Bob, Jen's husband, who goes by Kollaps, planted a FANTASTIC series on Parker Mountain in Strafford, New Hampshire, called If Parker Mountain was Mount Everest. The clues alone for this series are brilliant (read them here). And on this trail I met my first letterboxer who was not part of our party! Unfortunately, she didn't want to do an exchange because she had forgotten her letterboxing stuff (or she was in a hurry), but whatever, it was still cool. :)

Here are Brandie and Jen stamping in at the first box. :)

And here are all of us at the summit (sans kids): Ezili (Jen's Mom Barbara), Jen, Buzzjack, Bob, and Brandie. It was such a great series and hike, I highly recommend it!!! :) Blue Diamond boxes for sure, if you're into that kind of thing. :)

Next blog: Getting caught up with the rest of the non-letterboxing stuff that's gone on in the past month or so! :D



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