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September 23, 2007

Mike's 10th Annual Dysfunctional Barbecue, Meeting Elena, and Jason's Surprise 30th Birthday Party!

Still trying to get caught up with all of the fun stuff that's been going on this summer! We're now at the end of July! Woohoo! :)

July 28th was the TENTH ANNUAL Mike's Dysfunctional Barbecue! And in honor of this event, I made a sign-in board (much like we use at letterboxing events) for people to write notes to Mike with their memories of barbecues past, or just something nice about meat. I framed it with a collage of meat images and pictures of Mike. Maybe Mike will let me scan the signed-in version at some point so I can post that, because there's some pretty frickin funny stuff written on it now! :)


Clouds filled the sky with the dysfunctional possibility of rain, so we gathered under the canopy to eat our meat. And much meat was eaten. Here are Jason, Jen, and Adam (who was REALLY hoping to find a way to get out of going to their "sleep on the street for the homeless" event later :D).


Have I mentioned how cool Mike's family is? Here are his mother and his sister hanging out inside, playing cards and drinking heavily, while wearing funny hats. They crack me up!


Brandie, her nephew Stefie, Indigo, Ford, and Montana came to the barbecue as well. Here are the kids during one of the few moments they were not in the pool, and Brandie enjoying her first taste of Crack. And by Crack I mean the whoopie pie muffins that they make at the Hannaford's in Rochester. :) Mmm...crack...


I love this picture of Montana knawing on some ribs! :D


Those dysfunctional clouds eventually did open up and the rain came pouring down. Most of us managed to stay dry, provided we moved our chairs out from under the spots under the canopy that were leaking. Like this one, right next to Randy. :D


Jenna and Emily arrived after she woke up from her nap, and then of course the party revolved around her, because Emmy is SO. Friggin. Cute!


Emily and Jenna sign the board for Mike. Jenna helped Emily by tracing her hand when she placed it on the page. It was really sweet! :) After, Jenna went to add to what she had written and Emmy smacked her hand down on the board, wanting it traced again. So cute!!! :)


It wouldn't be Mike's Dysfunctional Barbecue without a game of EXTREME Badminton! And of course, Randy is the king of EXTREME Badminton, and his signature move is The Hop, pictured here. Yes, it's quite possibly the wussiest-looking move ever, and is hilarious to watch, but surprisingly effective at helping him whack the birdie! :D


The following weekend, the Meat Wave continued with a trip to Gaucho's for Mike, Doug, Randy, and I. Much more meat was eaten, and delicious chocolatey martinis were consumed. Well, Doug had espresso martinis and I had chocolately martinis. Randy and Mike had soda. :D Gaucho's is the shit. I can't wait to go back for Mike's birthday on October 6th! :)


On August 17th, I finally got to meet the new member of the Martinez family, Elena! She is just beautiful and adorable and it was great to see her and Barbara and Sev.


Here is Barbara and the wee bambino. Doesn't Barbara look fabulous??? :)


Even though Elena wasn't technically supposed to be able to smile at this point, she did manage to squeak out quite a few smiles when I was there, which were SO precious! Here's the best shot that I got while I was there. It's so hard to take pictures of her smiles because as soon as the camera makes the "beep-beep" noise that it's focused, she gets that "wow" look and stops smiling in fascination. :D Note proud Papa Sev in the background. :)


On August 18th, Jenna threw Jason a surprise party for his 30th birthday and got him this AMAZING Optimus Prime birthday cake! Yes, he's 30 and he had a Transformers-themed party. And it RULED! :)


His big gift from Jenna was a Wii, which he's been enjoying immensely since receiving it. I actually got to play it one night and it is SO MUCH FUN!!!


Did you think I was kidding about the Transformers theme??? We got Transformers invitations, Transformers coloring books, and goodie bags too! The bags themselves were popcorn bags, which is awesome because Jason is as much of a popcorn addict as me, and inside they had Transformers fake cell phones, Transformers pencils, cowboy and Indian figures, paratroopers, and a bunch of other little toys! Grab bags rule!!! :)

I had a fantastic time with the coloring book, coloring one of the Transformers in a rainbow theme. I called this Transformer "Rainbow" and Mike said that it transforms into an Ogunquit Trolley. :D


The party was catered by Muddy River of course. So of course there were ribs, and corn bread, and Buincky Pork. Yes, Buincky Pork. :D Not Buinicky Pork. :D


We each took turns (and by "each" I mean Randy and I) launching our paratroopers off of the porch, but I don't think anyone really succeeded in the whole throw-the-paratrooper-into-the-air-and-watch-it-sail-down-gracefully stunt. Mostly they were dropped, the parachute opened part-way down, and the trooper landed in such a way that were it real, it would have died. :D


LOOK! MIKE IS SMILING!!! Do you know why??? Do you??? Mike has a girlfriend! Jenna and I got to see a picture of her at the party after not that much coaxing at all out of Mike ("You have a picture of her??? Show us!!!" Mike- "Well..." us-"Come on, go get your camera!" Mike-"Well... ... okay." :D :D :D) Her name is Cindy and she is SO NICE! We love her!!!

Next post: The big summer letterboxing catch-up! And then after that... photos from when we met Cindy for the first time! :)



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