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June 1, 2006

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May 25, 2007

Spring? Hello?

Yeah so about a month ago the weather was like this.


A couple weeks later, it was like this.


Which then led to this.


I took these in North Berwick. Yes the guard rail is hanging in mid-air. What remains of the bridge that was once there is way down the stream to the right. It appears that all of the runoff from the surrounding mountains travels via this little stream, and with all the rain we got, that stream turned into something much, much larger!


Oh and then to top it all off, there was this. That was a surreal day in itself, as Randy's grandfather passed away a few weeks ago, and after we came home from the funeral and had been chilling out on the computers for a while, I looked out the window to see the billowing smoke. It was a very odd day.

I really didn't know Randy's grandfather that well. I saw him at family gatherings a few times a year, and he was generally quiet but friendly, and every now and then would throw out a zinger at someone that got you laughing really hard. I guess that's the Wilbur way, because both Randy and his dad are the same way. But at the wake and the funeral I got to learn so much more about this man, and in turn the whole Wilbur family, and it made me proud to have had him in my life for even such a short time. He will be sorely missed.


The amazing thing is that the fire started in a matter of minutes. There was probably a five minute gap between me looking out the window and seeing nothing but blue sky, and then looking again to see the tri-colored column of smoke rising from somewhere on Main Street. But it took them HOURS to put the thing out. They were still there long after the sun set, with flood lights and most of the surrounding roads closed off.


Matt and Harmony were able to make it down to the seacoast for a few days recently, and we met up for dinner at Margarita's. God I love that place. Free bottomless chips and salsa and many things covered in melted cheese and guacamole. I mean really, what more could you want from a restaurant? :D

I haven't seen Cirrus or Tahlia in over a year and it is INSANE how different they look. Cirrus' hair is a whole shade darker now, and he has magically transformed from a shy little boy into an outgoing, talkative young man! :D


And Tahlia, who is only 9, looks like a friggin' teenager with her spiffy new haircut! It was so great to see everyone, and I can't wait to make it up to Augusta to do some letterboxing (of course) with them soon! :)


Due to Barbara's insanely difficult pregnancy that has chained her to the bed until she gives birth, I was offered the chance to attend Indigo's dance recital in her place this year, and I REALLY enjoyed it!

Apart from Indigo's number, this group of little 3-year-olds was my favorite. Particularly the little girl in the back (next to the volcano) who cried for the entire number and took very small steps offstage, which seemed timed to get her off stage just as the song ended. I shouldn't laugh at such things, but I was DYING! :D I also enjoyed the other girl (arrow on the left) who spent the entirety of the song waving to her family in the audience. :D


Indigo is the gal directly in the center of the photo (the tallish one with darker brown hair). She did a fantastic job doing the "Cha-Cha-Cha"! :)


And her is the famed dancer herself, with her many bouquets from the hordes of fans who traveled far and wide to see her performance. :)


Okay, you knew it was coming... Now the letterboxing portion of the blog! :D

Later on in the day after Indigo's dance recital, I met up with Brandie and the kids to stake out some spots to plant letterboxes at. We're seriously considering a series of stamps in Lebanon, so our first destination was Gully Oven. This is an AMAZING natural outdoor ampitheatre surrounded by gorgeous moss-covered boulders and waterfalls.


I'm not going to say too much more about the place except that it rules and Brandie and I have staked our claim on it for letterbox-planting, all you letterboxers out there! It's ours!


One of the biggest developments in the production of letterboxes for Brandie and I has been our joint venture into purchasing the Zutter Bind-it-All personal binding machine. This thing is a fucking godsend. We can now crank out log books in a matter of minutes! It RULES.


I'm going to be travelling to Montana with my Mom, Dad, and grandmother soon to visit my brother, so on Mother's Day I presented all of them (yes, even Dad) with log books that I made myself. And of course I wrote "To [Mom/Grammy/Dad] on Mother's Day" in all of them. :D Yes, I'm an ass. :D Brandie and I even stamped all of our signature stamps into them so they'd have some exchanges already! :)


Apart from the actual gifts for Mom (iPod) and Grammy (printer), I also carved them some signature stamps since they're not that adept at the drawing. Mom's stamp is of her three cats (I'm SO happy with how it came out!) and Grammy's is of lilies of the valley. Dad, however, can draw quite well, and so carved his own stamp, of his Miata (that he is obsessed with). It came out really well too! :)


This is going to be a summer of letterbox-planting, that's for sure. Brandie recently introduced me to Mount Isinglas in Rochester, which is a gorgeous set of hiking trails near the Isinglas River and the former site of a mill. There is nothing left of the mill but piles of giant stones that used to make up its walls. Brandie planted a series of fairy letterboxes here that I highly reccommend going out and finding! :)


While we were there, we observed quite a variety of wildlife, including evidence of beaver activity, this frog, and a tiny red salamander. :)


May 24th was International Plant-A-Letterbox Day, so after work I set out to plant a new series of boxes along my bike route in Eliot, called Bear's Tour De Eliot. Each stamp incorporates Bear, who I've been drawing since my days at the collection agency. I'm really happy to be reacquainted with Bear and send him out into the world in a more... positive way, shall we say. :D


Finally, I leave you with two adorable pictures of Nikita (not that Oocla hasn't done anything cute recently, but Nikita is the camera-whore). Here she is, perched inside the case of Poland Spring, looking generally annoyed as Randy and I were about to leave the apartment. :D


And this photo will no doubt end up in my top photos of the year. Here she is, helping Randy play World of Warcraft. :D



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