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October 30, 2005

Happy Halloween!

Since Randy and I moved in together, every year we've had a Halloween party. This was our third Halloween party and was easily the best one we've had yet!

Brandie was kind enough to pick up some pumpkins for us at the pumpkin festival in Somersworth- they were cheap! So on Friday night I carved all three of them. The one in the middle is Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. :)

I also spent about two hours with some ugly pink fabric and a shitload of safety pins that Randy has acquired from various track races (to pin the numbers to his shirt) fashioning my Halloween costume. I've made quite a few Halloween costumes using only staples or safety pins! One of these days I'll get a sewing machine... :)


I got some great ideas for food for the party online. This was originally a recipe for stuffed peppers, but I figured those would be a little much for a snack, so I used them to hold dip. I used kalamata olives with bits of pepper for eyes, green beans for antenna, and more bits of pepper for the tongues. This one went with the chips and onion dip.


And this one went with the veggie platter. I think they came out really cute! Such a fun idea, I'll definitely be doing that again.


My other foray into the world of cooking was pigs in a blanket that look like mummies. That was another idea I got online and they came out really well!


I used halved hot dogs and made my own dough, with mustard seeds for eyes. So cute and so tasty! :) Unfortunately, the mummy dogs ended up being the most stressful part of the party, since as I was making the dough I realized I don't have a rolling pin! So I had to press out the dough with my hands, which took much longer than I had originally anticipated, and I was still working on them when the guests started arriving. But Mom and Grammy helped me finish them so I could put on my costume. Thanks, Mom and Grammy! :)


Here are Randy and I in our costumes. Randy's Aunt Bonnie-Jean does costume design and made him the shirt and the hat. You may remember them from King Richard's Faire. I dressed as Deb from Napoleon Dynamite. I definitely am not of the same build as Deb, but I'm pretty psyched at how well the costume came out.

It started out, ironically enough, when I washed that pink shirt unintentionally with a thing of chapstick. That shirt and quite a few other items of clothing ended up with numerous grease stains all over them (thank goodness it was clear chapstick!). So, instead of donating it, it became the basis of my costume. I got the pink lace and the sheer sparkly pink fabric from Wal-Mart (I know it sucks, but there are some things that you know you can only get there, like horribly ugly fabric), along with that pink ruffly thing around my waist. I think it's supposed to be a sarong. A lot of patience and fourteen bazillion safety pins later, I had myself Deb's dress from the dance. :)


Mom wanted me to guess what her costume was but I was in the middle of stressing out over the mummy dogs and I honestly had no idea what she was supposed to be. Finally she told me, "You can count on me." HA!

My grandmother had emailed me last week asking if I had any ideas for a costume for her. In a burst of bizarre creativity, I told her not to be offended, but if she got some burlap, she could wear that and say she's "an old bag" ... and she did it! :) Grammy rules.

In the background you can also see the rest of my costume. I hadn't put on my accessories in the previous photo: the pink bow in my hair and pink fanny pack!


We had SO MUCH food. I'll probably be eating it for the rest of the week! Unfortunately, there were no mummy dogs leftover. I'll just have to make more! Maybe I'll make them at New Year's and say they're Baby New Years! HA!

Grammy made the delicious cupcakes and you can also see Randy's signature Blood Brownies, another tasty treat! And we had the same witch's brew punch as last year (a mix of orange juice, apple cider, Sprite, ginger ale, and three kinds of sherbert), complete with spooky cubes (orange juice with chocolate chips frozen in ice cube trays). :)


My mom made this fanciful dessert, it's called Ghosts in the Graveyard- isn't it cute? It's dirt cake with those pepperidge farm milano cookies stuck in it and candy corn pumpkins. Mmm...dirt...


Can you guess what Dad is? No? Me neither.

I'll give you a hint: "Let's get it started...." Still no?

He is black-eyed peas. HA!


Randy's brother, Joe and his daughter, Kiara were able to come to the party, which was really nice since we rarely get to see them. The cow costume cracks me up and Kiara makes an adorable pumpkin!


Even though Jenna and Jason had spent most of the day driving back from Vermont where they had attended a funeral, they were still able to make it to our party! Jenna was a pregnant nun and Jason is a monk. Love it!


Doug was the only person who showed up without a costume. He tried to say that he was Alec Baldwin's gay stunt double.


I told him he should wear this shirt.

He refused.

Rats! :D


The best costume by far goes to Mike for his Master Shake. Apparently he spent over a week working on it and it came out PERFECT. It wouldn't even fit through the doorway, he had to put it together once he got into the apartment! Unfortunately, you can't really sit down while wearing it though...


So Oocla had a fabulous time playing in it for the duration of the evening. :D So cute! Mike finally had to put the costume back in his truck so we could watch Batman Begins without worrying she would damage Master Shake. :)


Here are the aforementioned Bonnie-Jean and her husband Paul at their Halloween party, which Randy and I went to today. We had a great time playing cards (99 if any of you care :) ) and eating delicious beef stew and cake!


Randy did actually wear a costume, just not in this picture. But he was Darth Maul from Star Wars. He has a very scary mask that scared the crap out of Bonnie Jean when we first arrived. We were waiting on her porch and had knocked, but she hadn't heard us, and when she came out to get something on the porch she screamed and nearly had a heart attack when she saw him. :D

I got many props on my costume from Randy' relatives, which made me happy. None of them had actually seen Napoleon Dynamite, but I was told I should go into dressmaking. :D Randy's brother Joe has seen the movie though, and kept telling me "I like your sleeves, they're real big." Ha! I ended up giving the pink fanny pack to Kiara. She loved it and it's not like I have much use for a pink fanny pack! :)

All in all, we had a fabulous Halloween. I hope everyone else's was just as good!



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