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March 8, 2007

The Rock Party

Last weekend was the first ever Help-Drink-Marissa's-Booze/Rock Party. I got a fabulous idea on Mog to hold a party similar to a book club, but instead of books, everyone brings music. Then you hang out, drink booze, and share the music and at the end of the night someone posts the music either online or burns it onto a CD for people to bring home with them.

I also had a lot of booze hanging around because I rarely drink (MAYBE one drink each week) and Randy drinks less than that (we're talking a splash of Kahlua in a giant glass of milk once a month), and I felt the need to have variety at our Halloween party. Then the weather was horrible the day of the Halloween party and the only people who came did not drink. :D So thus, the Help-Drink-Marissa's-Booze/Rock Party was born! :)

We had some of the usual things: Kahlua, Bailey's, wine, beer, Mike's Hard Lemonade. We also had some nicer things: Glen Levitt; and DeWar's and Drambouie to make rusty nails. And we had some homemade liquor courtesy my father: rum creme and coconut rum, which most people were afraid to drink for fear of going blind. :D But those who did partake seemed to enjoy it. :)


The other exciting thing about this party was that I decided to make grab bags for everyone! I've been going through National Geographics dating back to 1973 and cutting out pictures I like. Well, each National Geographic contains a map, and I love maps. So I had a stockpile of them and put one in each grab bag. I also am a sticker-whore, and whenever I see a stack of stickers being given away, I cannot take just one, and on more than one occasion have taken the entire stack. I don't do that anymore, but I still take 2 or 3 usually. :D So yeah, I had many stickers from random websites and bands I haven't heard of, and those went in the bags as well.

My favorite part about making the bags was the collages I made for each one. They were small (maybe 5"x7"), and I made them the same day as the party so I had to speed-collage, which I've never done. It was fun and I really like the way they came out! :)


I was really psyched about the Pointless Nametag, which says "HELLO, MY NAME IS NOT..." I thought it would be a humorous conversation-starter if people were walking around with nametags saying things like "HELLO, MY NAME IS NOT... ARTURO". This made me giggle for a while. Randy thought I was crazy. :D Nobody actually put them on but it's all good. :D

The kitties contributed a number of ribbons and Poland Spring sports bottle caps, which people could use to play with them. Since, you know, that's what the party is all about. :D

Sarah Hay's cookie swap involved a Yankee Swap consisting solely of things given to her by her mother-in-law that she didn't want, and I thought that was brilliant, and did something similar with my grab bags by throwing in random objects from around the apartment that I didn't want to keep, but didn't want to throw away either. Many of these things were soaps and shampoos from hotel rooms. :D


I'm a slacker and I neglected to take pictures, so it's time for some crude Paint drawings! Woohoo!

Here are Mike, Randy, Doug, and Jason. Mike was cranky because he had a headache, but he played with the cats so all was well. And really, when is he NOT cranky? :D Randy was a fabulous host for a good 30% of the party (he spent most of the time in the Relax-R but every now and then would get up and ask people how things were going :D) but that was fine, since the party was really only in conjunction with him in the first place. What conjunction, you ask? We're not sure, we never decided. I think I later settled on "but", though. :D

Doug said many highly inappropriate things, and we expect nothing less. He and Brandie were having a fabulous time, much hilarity always ensues when the two of them are together. And it was really nice to see Jason for the first time since... the Halloween party, I think! :)


Eric (from my department at work) and his wife Vicki (from the Production department at work) partook of the rocking as well. Unfortunately, they were accosted by Doug for most of the night, but I hope this does not deter them from attending future gatherings. Eric and I drank rusty nails, and Vicki and I bonded over our love of IKEA. She even got to hold Nikita (who has been hiding during parties lately) for a little while. :) Later on, when they went to leave, Eric had to wrestle with Oocla to get his jacket back. He and Vicki have three male cats, and no doubt Oocla smelled them. :)

We had some tasty vittles, as expected: bruschetta, chips and veggies and dip, and Randy's famous [not-blood] brownies (which are called Blood Brownies at the Halloween party). Mike also brought diabetic-friendly cookie cake, which is delicious, and Sarah Hay and Eric brought vegan cupcakes (which were a joint venture, Eric baked, Sarah frosted) that were fabulous! :)


Sarah Hay (for some reason I always have to call her Sarah Hay, and never just Sarah, or her full name, Sarah Hay-Sutton) and her husband Eric Sutton traveled all the way from Roslindale, Massachusetts (outside of Boston) to attend the party, and I was so glad they came. Sarah and I went to Emerson together and I think became friends in the first week or so that we were there.

Brandie was child- and husband-free for the evening and had a fabulous time pretending to be Doug's wife (which was hilarious) and drinking the booze my father made. :) She also contributed the bags that I used for the grab bag contents (which came from IKEA) and I was so grateful for that! :) More parties need grab bags, I swear.


I recently completed yet another decorating-oriented craft which I proudly encouraged people to look at while rocking out. Randy brought this giant map back from a printing press show that he went to in Chicago back in November, and it's been in the Bat Cave ever since because we were thinking of getting it laminated. Then we realized that would just cost too much, so I made a frame out of discarded foamcore from Heinemann and duct tape, and covered that with cut up maps from... you guessed it, National Geographic.


The best part of the frame is on the bottom middle of the frame, it's New England! And Somersworth is even listed on the map! I'm such a dork. :D

Despite the fact that the only CD I saw someone bring was Mike's "Best of Foreigner" CD and we only listened to the playlist I made on my MP3 player the whole night (granted, it was an awesome playlist), I'm really happy with how the party went and I think it will have to be an annual event! :)

Thanks again to everyone who made it! :)



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