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February 10, 2007

Top Ten Photos of 2006, and the Start of 2007

Things have FINALLY started calming down for me so hopefully I'll be able to get back on the blogging horse soon. Luckily, I don't think I'm the only one who keeps saying this over and over again (ahem). :)

Last year I did a top 20 photos of 2005, which I really enjoyed. Honestly, there just weren't as many spectacular photos this year, so I only did ten, and I hope you enjoy them!

The Top Ten Photos of 2006

We begin with photo #10, which I took at the Samoset in Rockland, Maine this summer from the top of the lighthouse at the end of the breakwater. I just love the sun glinting off the water.

#9 is my kitties attacking a horrible, viscious fly that dared to invade our home. It's so typical of them, Nikita kind of sitting back and letting Oocla do all the work. :D


#8 is Jenna, Jason, and Emily, who is taking her VERY FIRST SWIM at White Lake this past summer. I love the scowl on her face, she just doesn't know what to make of this vast spanse of water. So cute! :)

#7 was taken at IKEA (of course). I don't think it requires any explanation. It's one of my favorite photos of Janicanne. :)

#6 features Randy, Mike, Brandie, Beth, and Corie at King Richard's Faire back in September, just before the Joust to the Death. I just think it's a really good picture of everyone. :)

#5 is my favorite Xmas photo, possibly ever. It's not often that we can successfully play with both cats at once, let alone capture it on film. Taken on Xmas morning, just after Randy opened his gift. :)

#4 is a fabulous shot of Brandie and Janicanne, the first time they bonded outside of IKEA. There was much laughter that day. :)

#3 was taken on the day Emily Buinicky was born. I love Jenna's face, and Emily is so teeny! So cute! :)

#2, Mike's Birthday festivities, Gaucho's in Manchester. I don't think anyone who was there that day is going to be surprised that I included this one. I almost had the picture of Mike's birthday "cake" from Gaucho's in this list too. :D

#1 was taken by Barbara, so she totally deserves all the credit for this one. And yes, I feel slightly egotistical putting a picture of myself as #1, but this photo still cracks me up. I could barely stop laughing long enough for Barbara to take the picture. God I love the Museum of Bad Art! :)

2007 Begins!

Brandie, Montana, Ford, and Indigo gave me my very own hand-made stamp of GIR from Invader ZIM, as well as my very own Invader ZIM notebook for Xmas, so that I may go letterboxing with them! Letterboxing is a fabulous activity for anyone who likes hunting for treasure, hiking, and generally being outdoors.

What you do is go to the letterboxing website, www.atlasquest.com, find a letterbox in your area, and print the clues. Then you follow them to find your letterbox! Usually this requires a short hike, sometimes a compass, and knowledge of trivia. The letterbox itself is usually a small tupperware container which contains a small notebook and handmade stamp. The idea is to collect as many of these stamps as possible (not by taking the stamp itself, but by stamping your notebook!). Then you use your stamp that you brought to stamp the notebook in the letterbox, so that others can see who else has found that letterbox. When you're done, you put the letterbox back in its hiding place and find another letterbox! :) It's totally addictive and just a great activity to get outside. I've found a whole bunch of trails in Somersworth that I never knew existed because of it! :)

Here are Brandie and the kids before we found a couple of letterboxes at Fort Foster. I got four stamps that day! :)


I took this at Fort Foster as well, as the sun was setting. Love it! :)


I honestly did not expect that Randy and I would end up rearranging the living room furniture this year, since I was still very happy with the arrangement I came up with around this time last year. But then came numerous Xmas present IKEA gift cards, Randy's first trip to IKEA, and a new entertainment center ($199!) and bookshelf ($179!). And thus, the furniture was moved around, and I LUV it.


Randy had a stroke of genius and came up with the idea of placing the bookshelf perpendicular to the wall, which gives me this fabulous little alcove for sewing and crafting. I'm really looking forward to spending a lot of time there. The great thing is that now I have plenty of room for my scraps of fabric, which had previously been piled on a table in the corner and looked very ugly. Now they are folded neatly and placed behind the books on the bookshelf, so you can only see them from the craft corner, not the rest of the apartment. Woohoo! :)


When we got the entertainment center home, we realized that, oh no, our TV doesn't fit. And, oh no, we would just HAVE to buy a new television. And Randy loves to drown his dislike for his job with expensive electronics that we can't really afford.

I've been ordering documentaries ever since because I feel bad watching crap on it. :D


I gave CD wallets a good try for three years, but I just can't handle them. I need the CD, the artwork, the jewel case, and the songlist all together, and I don't want to have to flip through a giant wallet with no organization whatsoever to find something to listen to. So Mom was kind enough to get me two of these CD shelves for Xmas, and Randy and I bought a third one at the aforementioned trip to IKEA. So I spent a good two weeks in January putting all of my CDs back in the jewel cases (which had been cluttering up the Bat Cave) and reorganizing them in the new shelves. I'm SO happy to have them all out and easily-accessible again. And I love this little reading nook! If only the cats hadn't chewed up my speaker cord and I could actually LISTEN to these CDs! :D Oh well, I'm going to Radio Shack tomorrow for more cord so all is well :)


Janicanne and I hadn't seen each other since my birthday, so when her boyfriend was in town from Ohio a couple of weeks ago, I met them in Portland for sushi. It was FABULOUS. I had delicious tempura-fried spicy tuna rolls, spider rolls, and fried ice cream for dessert. Janicanne got the ginger flavor and I got green tea, and it was SO FUCKING GOOD. It was great to finally meet Greg (her boyfriend), he is so nice and they are perfect together. :) And the fried ice cream keeps calling to me so we will definitely be doing that again soon. :)


Randy and I have decided that the kitties do not get any gifts on Xmas Day, because their Xmas actually comes when the Cat Show comes to town every year. We went and stocked up on numerous cat toys, which we hope will last until next year. The big hit, for any of you who have cats, is "Da Bird", which is built like it's going into battle. Which it is, if it will be used to play with my cats. :D The kitties also received many fur and leather mice, which they LOVE.


All that playing, as well as all of the cold weather, made for some tired kitties, and much inpenetrable cute. I love the paws touching! So precious! :)


The National Reading Recovery Conference of North America has become my conference, apparently, and this year I was in charge of the booth. It was stressful at first, but everything went smoothly and we did really well. Heather from Editorial was fabulous answering customers' questions and I manned the register, with Bert and our Ohio reps helping out when the booth was mobbed. You may remember that last year I went to Reading Recovery and was nonplussed about the whole trip. Well, this year, Heather and I discovered the North Market of Columbus, and we were both in love with it. It's a giant indoor farmer's market basically (think Fiddlehead Farms times five), so we had delicious homemade, healthy food and chocolatey desserts (okay, I'm just speaking for myself about the chocolatey desserts) every day. :) And many three-course meals for dinner, courtesy Uncle Heinemann, my favorite uncle. :D


I wish I had taken more pictures at the North Market in Columbus, but the majority of the pictures that I took on that trip were actually on the way home, on the plane, when we flew into LaGuardia for a layover. :D I got some great shots of NYC and the Statue of Liberty! :D

Coming soon: a possible visit with Matt and Harmony (???) and the Help-Marissa-Drink-Booze/Rock Club Party! :)




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