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January 21, 2007

The Holidays

I swear my blog is not on hiatus, I've actually just been really busy lately! There will be further blogging about this busy-ness in the future, but for now, let's back up and cover the holidays! :)

The Batman stocking was hung with care...


The Xmas tree was saved from slaughter and decorated...


And I spent the majority of one weekend trying to get the cats to sit still so I could take their picture for the Xmas card.


I tried...


And I tried...


And tried some more...

And after many long hours spent laying on the floor in front of the Xmas tree with the camera in one hand and a toy in the other, I somehow managed to get both cats under the tree at the same time, looking cute enough to print on a card. :D


I went to some really fun holiday parties, the first being the Tin Kettle Stable's annual Barn Party, hosted by Leigh and Angie who I know through work. They have a number of adorable animals, including goats, horses, and one iguana, all of which were wearing fabulous Xmas outfits.

Here are Bunny (the goat) and Finn (Dusty's dog). They play together. It's SO cute!


The goats are SUCH hams for the camera, and they loved wearing the Xmas outfits!


Leigh even managed to write "Merry Christmas" on one of the horses rumps, and painted another one's hooves with sparkly glitter! :D

Since Randy's parents were in Hawaii for Xmas this year, they were obviously unable to host their annual Xmas party, so Randy's Aunt Vicki held one instead, which was lots of fun. We also attended a Xmas carol singalong at Bonnie-Jean and Paul's, where Grammy Pearl played the keyboard and we all embarassed ourselves with our horrid singing (I am NOT a soprano :D). My parents treated me to a performance of the New Hampshire Symphony Orchestra at the Music Hall, and we had our usual Secret Santa gift exchange for my dad's side of the family on Xmas Eve.


I think my favorite gift to give this year was the one we gave to my grandmother. Mom, Dad, Greg, Randy, and I all pitched in and bought her a MUCH needed new computer. She had previously been running a hand-me-down machine from my mom's cousin, which had a 14.4 modem (AAAAAARGH!!!) and took DAYS to download photos. So Randy did some searching and got a good deal on a new Dell for her. We snuck in her house while she was at church with my parents before the Secret Santa party and set up the computer. I then took this photo.

After the Secret Santa party, Randy and I drove Grammy home, and we made up a stupid excuse to come into the house with her. So we walk into the kitchen (where the computer is) and she doesn't even notice it. It was hilarious! :D At that point I realized that I didn't have my camera, so I told her I had to show her a photo and ran out and got it from the car. Then I showed her the picture you see here.

She still didn't make the connection. Keep in mind, I'm literally holding the camera RIGHT NEXT to the new computer. Finally she recognized her tablecloth in the photo and looked up, and saw her new computer for the first time. It was awesome. :)


Normally on Xmas Eve, since we arrive back from the Secret Santa party (outside of Manchester) so late, I usually stay overnight at Mom and Dad's and we all have breakfast and open gifts in the morning. But this year, since Greg just moved to Montana, we knew it wouldn't be the same, and I decided to go home after the Secret Santa party. It was so nice for Randy and I to have our own Xmas celebration with the kitties in the morning.

Of course, the kitties were very helpful opening presents. :)


And though we didn't give them anything (their Xmas is the annual cat show, which is coming up next weekend), both of them had a fabulous time just playing with the wrapping paper and ribbon. :)


Randy gave me a telescope, which I'm really excited to use. It goes up to 600x magnification! I really wish we could use it in the apartment, but the light in our back parking lot ruins everything. Oh well. We're going to bring it up Blue Job at night some time and look at the stars when it's not ten below zero outside. :)


I got many other nice presents, such as a photo printer, box set of Witch Hunter Robin DVDs, gift cards to IKEA (spent already, blog coming soon), Invader ZIM notebook and homemade stamp for letterboxing (blog coming soon), Byrne & Carlson chocolates, gift certificate to Anthony Alberto's (which we used on our anniversary), and one very lovely painting.

Brandie handed this to me, saying "Marissa, look what I made for you!" As I gazed upon this marvelous creation, I tried as best as I possibly could to maintain a straight face and say "thank you Brandie, it's beautiful..." But I think I barely made it through "thank you" before both of us started cracking up. Brandie found this gem at Goodwill for 50 cents (a steal!) and we are planning on donating it to the Museum of Bad Art.

That is, if I can bring myself to part with it. I don't know if I've ever seen a more perfect example of bad art in all of my life. The faceless, naked, mannequin/person, with a red vine for one arm and a crank for another, about to pierce its foot on the top of a blue pyramid, with oversized golf tees growing under a beautiful rainbow... It brings a tear to my eye with its overpowering beauty. :D


Unfortunately, the Buinickys were sick for most of the holidays and were unable to attend our New Year's Eve get-together, but we're hoping to see them soon to exchange gifts.

Mike, Doug, Brandie, and the kids however were able to join in the festivities and we had a fabulous time. Doug made a fantastic pork roast with potatoes, Mike baked two sugar-free cookie cakes that were spectacular, and I whipped up my version of potato thingies.


We exchanged gifts with Doug and Mike and I think they both enjoyed their presents. We gave Mike a branding iron with his initials on it and a shirt that says "You can have my battle axe when you pry it from my cold, dead hand", and we gave Doug the lamp from "A Christmas Story" for his new condo.

The New Year was rung in while watching "Pirates of the Carribbean: 2".


I think the best gift I could possibly have received actually arrived just after Xmas, on January 6th. Yes, after many years of consideration and coaxing and flip-flopping and breaking down on the highway and carpooling and having his father fix the car over and over, Randy decided to buy a new car!

Since everyone in my family drives a Honda, it was a given that we would bring him over to our side (he's from a Volvo family), and he bought a brand new 2007 Honda Civic LX (the new version of my car). It's flippin' sweet. It's "Galaxy Gray" with gray interior, and it has both a functioning air conditioner AND radio, as well as a CD player. Which is really all you need! :)

There is nothing better than knowing I no longer have to worry about the old Volvo 240 DL breaking down somewhere, the windshield wipers dying mid-storm, the exhaust system kicking the bucket, the starter dying, the brakes failing, the power steering freezing up...

Need I say more?

Congrats to Randy on his new car! :)



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