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November 22, 2006

Out and about!

I'm a little behind on my posts, I guess the posting more often thing hasn't worked out very well. So this blog will be a bit of a catch-up! :)

After Mike's birthday party, Randy and I stayed overnight at the Radisson in Manchester since he had to leave on a flight for Chicago at 6am the following morning. Little did we know that there was also a GUN SHOW in the convention center at the hotel that weekend. I found it rather unnerving that they pack up the gun show during the night the same way we do at Heinemann: blankets. At Heinemann, we put blankets over our books and they lock down the convention hall and all is well. But I feel a little differently about placing blankets over a bunch of GUNS and BULLETS and then leaving but ONE security guard to watch over everything for the entire night. :D

Luckily, nothing happened, but still. Here's the gun show packing up Sunday afternoon.


While Randy was in Chicago for the day (his work flew the whole office out to a printing press show for the day), I went to visit the Frank Lloyd Wright Zimmerman House in Manchester, through the Currier Museum of Art. I was initially disappointed to find out that the Currier itself is closed for renovations right now, but after a little more searching, I found out about the Frank Lloyd Wright house and I was really excited about that.

This is a view of the back of the house, which sits diagonally on a rectangular lot, to maximize space. It's not very big, but it's gorgeous.


Even the mailbox was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Love it!

The tour was made even better by the fact that there were only four of us on the tour, and two of those people (NOT including myself) were drunk. :D One was from Scotland, so I'll excuse him, but his girlfriend was from Rhode Island and I don't think that's much of a justification for being drunk at 1pm on a Sunday. :D The other gentleman on the tour had been to eight other FLW houses, he was pretty cool. And the tour guide was really nice. I really enjoyed it and highly recommend going to see the Zimmerman house if you have time. It was only $11! :)


And now I move on to the "Random Things I've Done with Brandie" segment of the blog. First off, Brandie and I drove all the way down to the border of Rhode Island to see her sister Rachael's bodybuilding competition. Unfortunately, the directions we got were lousy and we ended up getting horribly lost, and missed everything except for the awards ceremony, but Rachael was still appreciative that we made it down there to see her. She came in third, we were really proud of her! :)


The following day, Randy and I met Brandie and the kids at the wildlife preserve at Pease for a bike ride. We had a really nice time, and biked from Pease through Newington and over the old bridge next to the Sullivan Bridge to Hilton Park in Dover. It was a gorgeous fall day and we had such a nice time!

Here are Brandie and Indigo on top of the old bridge. Check out the cool contraption that Brandie has attached to her bike, which allows Indigo to peddle along behind her! :)


Randy had a grand old time at Hilton Park seesawing with Ford and Indigo. It was really cute.


Brandie, the kids, and I visited Barbara in Boston a couple of weeks ago, where we finally were able to exchange birthday presents! Montana really wanted to walk around Chinatown, so we had a little picnic in the Boston Common and spent the afternoon meandering around Chinatown with Barbara. My dorm at Emerson was right near there so I served as tour guide, and took them around some of the little shops, and showed them the beautiful entryway arch. We also climbed many an escalator at South Station. The kids had a blast! :)


And for the last part of the blog, I present you with pictures from my brother's various going away parties. Greg announced to us two weeks ago that he was going to be moving to Montana, with only his dog and whatever else he could fit in his car. We're all really supportive and happy for him, since he's been in kind of a rut in Maine for the past few years since he graduated college.

So to celebrate, we met up with Aunt Claire, Uncle Eddie, Brian, Mark, and Andrea at Gaucho's (again!) in Manchester. This was VERY difficult for Randy, because he hates meat. :D (Just kidding).


The food was delicious and since it was Mom, Dad, and Grammy's first time there, we had a lot of fun showing them how the restaurant works. I also bonded with my cousins over our love of rare steak. :D


I thought this picture of Randy and I came out nice. It was nice to see the restaurant decorated for Xmas too. :)


Mom held a family dinner for Greg last Monday (the 14th) so we could all see him one last time before he began his trek to Bozeman. We took many obligatory family photos while we were there, and Mom made delicious pork chops and cookie cake! :)


You'll be happy to know that Greg did in fact make it to Montana on Saturday, and has already found a job and a place to live. Congrats to Greg! I'm really hoping this will be the start of a new era in his life. Plus I'm secretly really happy that his new roommate is an out-and-proud-nerd and computer programmer. Hopefully he'll rub off on Greg a bit! :)

Next blog: Photos from my trip to Nashville, Tennessee! :)



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