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November 9, 2006

Halloween Party

Our 4th Annual Halloween Party was on October 28th. The turnout was not quite as good as I'd hoped due to the horrible rainstorm, but those that forged their way had a splendid time! :)

I made entirely too much food. The vittles included monster eyes, cheese pumpkins, Halloween bruschetta, mummy dogs, werewolf fingers (Mom made those), and toad warts (Mom made those as well).

Actual items: peppers with cheese and prosciutto, Wispride on Toasteds with pretzels for stems, pigs in a blanket, chicken fingers with black olives, and mushroom sage meatballs.


There were many delicious desserts as well! Grammy made cupcakes and cookies shaped like cats and Grammy Pearl brought cherry pie! I also made witch's brew punch, which was VERY green due to an excessive amount of food coloring (oops)! :D


I spent most of the week constructing my costume: The Prince from Katamari Damacy, the most wonderful video game EVER!


If you are not familiar with the game, it involves directing The Prince to roll a katamari (big magnetic ball) and pick up things (like a snowball) to make the katamari a certain diameter within a time period. It's SOOOOOOOOO fun!


So much so, that many people played this game over the course of the night! :) Here are Joey (pirate), Paul (pilgrim), and Randy (Krispy Kreme man).


Grammy Pearl was The Scream (mask not shown), Joe was also a pirate, and Bonnie-Jean was a pilgrim lass. :)


My parents outdid themselves this year: they were SICK AND TIRED! HA! :D Doesn't Mom actually look ill? She was in perfect health! Dad didn't make too much effort to appear tired though. :D


Here's Randy, Jason, and I. Jason was The Hobo, a character he created in City of Heroes (another video game), but I would like to think he was one of the many hoboes featured in John Hodgman's The Areas of My Expertise, a fabulous book. You may know John Hodgman as PC from the Mac/PC commercials. He is BRILLIANT. :)


Bonnie-Jean got totally addicted to Katamari Damacy during the party. Paul is thinking of buying her a PS2 and the game for Xmas now. :)


Here's Mom looking under the weather and Grammy, who was an adorable ladybug! :)


Unfortunately, Mike and Doug were unable to attend the party due to their move into a condo that day, and Mike was also unable to wear the fabulous costume I made him: a Happy Cloud! So Randy wore it for a little while, thereby transforming himself into:


All in all the party was fabulous and I hope more people can attend next year! :)



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