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October 18, 2006

Project Runway!!!

My love affair with Project Runway began about four episodes into the first season of the show two years ago. I had seen the previews for it on Bravo when watching Queer Eye but had shrugged it off as just another stupid reality show. Then Randy came home one day and told me his coworker had been talking about it and he knew it was something I would enjoy. So I gave it a shot. And that shot might as well have been in the arm because I'm now totally hooked. Wednesday is now officially Project Runway Day. It is the highlight of my week. Sure, going out on Friday night is fun, but it's no Project Runway Day. :D

Season One was fabulous because everything was so new! I loved the different challenges (make a dress out of items found in the grocery store! Redesign the postal uniform!), they were so creative and the show is shot much more like a documentary than your typical reality show. And if you know me, you know I'm a sucker for documentaries.


The people on the show are so intriguing, and not in a stupid cookie cutter MTV sort of way. I fell in love with Jay instantly, he will ALWAYS be my favorite Project Runway cast member. He was just so delightfully bitchy and hilarious and he used to be a porn star and I absolutely ADORE his clothes. I would seriously wear almost anything he put down the runway in the season finale. I'm waiting patiently for him to release his line to stores so I can order his clothes. This is half the reason why losing weight right now appeals to me. I just want to wear Jay McCarroll's clothes. Yes it's sick. :D

Austin Scarlett was fabulous as well on Season One, with his tall, slender, model-like body (and he actually was a model on the show once, when Jay's model didn't show up for the Postal Uniform challenge!), perfect makeup, and lightly feathered blonde hair. Kari Saun's clothes were very nice, but she uses too much fur and leather for my taste. I'm really not a fan of fur (unless it's fake). Plus her stuff is very Gucci and I have no business wearing anything that resembles Gucci.


Please don't get me started on Wendy, the person I hated the most from Season One. Just thinking about her makes me ill. That woman should have stayed in her little country town and stuck to pretending that she knows about fashion. The fact that she made it to the season finale proves the show isn't rigged, it was purely luck that got her there. That and the fact that everyone was so insanely exhausted by the time the Grammy dress challenge rolled around. She's a fucking train wreck and not in a good way.


When they announced that there would be a Season Two of Project Runway, I was initially kind of reluctant to watch it. I didn't think anyone could compare to Jay (which is true) and I figured there's no way it could be as fun and interesting as the first season. I was dead wrong. And the more I watched the previews of the shows and read the bios of the new designers, the more excited I got about Season Two.


Case in point: Diana Eng. From the moment that girl walked on camera, I was intrigued. Here was an out-and-proud-nerd who incorporated a camera into a hoodie hooked up to a heart monitor that would take a picture whenever your heart rate went up. I need this hoodie. I don't think you understand. :D I bought a pin from her website that says "Fashion Nerd" on it. LOVE IT.


Then there was Nick, again, I love me some bitchy gay guys and he was just fabulous and sarcastic and hilarious. Daniel Vosovic was just adorable and his clothes were gorgeous. I think Andre was my favorite of the bitchy gay men from Season Two though. His topiery dress that ended up getting him "auf'd" was brilliant and adorable. And he and Daniel V made a fabulous dynamic duo.


Season Two marked the start of my true love for the genius named TIM GUNN. He is the gay uncle everyone's always wanted. Okay maybe just me. But if you are a designer on Project Runway and you don't listen to Tim Gunn, you are a FUCKING MORON. The man knows what he's talking about, he genuinely cares about the designers and wants them to "make it work." Carry on!


And let us not forget the great Santino. I was hot and cold on him ALL FUCKING SEASON because he could be so cocky, but what finally won me over was when Tim Gunn visited him at his home just prior to the season finale and we saw Santino in his own element. It was a vulnerable, sensitive side of him that we did not get to see at Parson's and I gained a little more respect for him. But the BEST thing about Santino was his SPOT ON impressions of Tim Gunn. Especially when he was pretending that Tim Gunn and Andre had a thing at Red Lobster. :D


And when Santino did Tim Gunn singing Nine Inch Nails. I'm not kidding, look. (Turn the volume way up on this one, unless you're at work, it's very quiet for some reason.)


So now it's Season Three and my love of Project Runway continues to grow. The challenges have been fabulous (make an outfit out of recycled materials, make an outfit out of things found in the Atlas apartments, make a black and white outfit) and the cast has been fabulous-er. Malan, with his unique accent and Hugh Hefner clothes. Keith, with his coke addiction, I mean, craziness. Alison with her fabulous style. And Michael with his impeccable taste and good looks. I won't spend too much time on Season Three though, since I've been giving run-downs of each show on my mini-blogs on the Bucket homepage, but I am VERY excited about the season finale tonight!

I'm pretty sure Jeffrey is going to show at Bryant Park. I watched the bonus videos on BravoTV.com and Tim Gunn was talking about four people presenting. So I think he's definitely in. And his clothes look awesome so far.

I love Uli, I know she makes the same dress over and over but I have a feeling they cut the clips to make it look like that's what she's going to do this time, but she will blow us all away. I don't think she's going to win though.

Laura fucking rules. I'm not sure if I agree with her about going to Tim about Jeffrey possibly cheating, I think she should be able to be confident in her collection without worrying about other people, but whatever. Her clothes look fabulous, she could very easily win.

Michael... I love him but I'm sorry, the clothes we saw in the previews were butt. I really hope his collection kicks my ass. I would love it if he won, but the new-to-the-industry finalists never do.

Aaight, it's time for me to camp out on my couch and watch the reruns until the finale! Can't wait to find out who takes Season Three! :)



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