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September 19, 2006

Camping and King Richard's Faire 2006

King Richard's Faire fucking ruled. I love camping. I LOVE it. And this year things went off nearly without a hitch. Randy and Mike and I met on Friday morning (September 8th) at Shaw's to pick up the necessary supplies. We piled everything into the coolers, packed them with ice… and then went across the street to Friendly's for lunch. It wasn't the most well-thought-out part of the trip, let's just say.

While we were in Friendly's, a very appropriate song came on the radio: "Brandie/ you're a fine girl/ What a good wife you would be/ But my life, my love and my lady/ is the sea…" Yes, the song that gave our own Brandie Simms her name.

We also heard "Easy" by Lionel Ritchie, which ruled.

And then the journey (don't stop believin') began! It takes about two and a half hours to get to Carver, Massachusetts, our destination. And this year, thank goodness, we barely hit any traffic. The only major problem we encountered was on the Tobin Bridge. Randy and I thought we were being all sneaky, and we had $6.00 out and ready so we could pay for Mike, who was following us. And then, right as we made it to the cashier's window, some dick cut Mike off. So I frantically threw down the five dollar bill and scrambled to find two more ones to pay the poor man. Then we inched away from the toll booth. And inched. And inched. And Mike still wasn't following us, he was still stuck behind the asshole. And really, there's only so much inching you can do on the fucking Tobin Bridge. So Randy and I are getting really nervous, because even though we knew Mike had the directions in his car, this was Big Dig country. This is where things could very easily get thoroughly fucked up. So we merged onto 93 south, put on the hazards, and continued inching along.

At this point I'd like to point out that I was not in my car, which has a beacon of bumper stickers on the back of it. Oh no, my car was still in the fucking shop, where it had been for the past two and a half weeks getting fixed after my accident. So I was driving a white Kia Spectra, which practically blended in with the fucking wall. So of course, after inching for a couple more minutes, we saw Mike drive past us.

This is where we were immensely thankful for cell phones. We talked to Mike so he knew where we were and all was well. We only hit a little more traffic getting from 93 onto Route 3, and on Route 3 there was a bit of construction, but we were moving the whole time so Mike was not forced to make up any new swear words.

We can't say the same about his fiasco at the toll booth though. When we arrived at the campground, he told us that the asshole who cut him off apparently needed directions, and then needed a receipt, and then the register was out of register tape, so the toll attendent had to go get more register tape, and THEN Mike was able to go. We also found out that Mike has EasyPass, so it turns out our trying to pay for him was in vain anyway. :D


This year I took us a slightly different way to get to the campground, since last year (as you may or may not remember) we ended up driving for almost 45 minutes through the state forest on tiny little roads that didn't look like they'd been traversed in years, with nearly no signage to tell us whether we were going in the correct direction or not. So this year I opted for public roads around the forest so we could enter from the other end of the park, right near the ranger station. Randy thought it took way longer but I thought it worked out very well.

We checked in and after a bit of searching, found our campsites. We were in a different section of the park than last year (the other section wasn't open this year) and our sites were PIMPIN'. We had two sites next to each other which stretched over a vast spanse of land, surrounded by one other campsite on one side, and a hill and forest on all other sides. It was fabulous. Randy set up our tent on the top of a rise in the middle of our campsite, where we were sure to get a nice breeze, and then of course, a fire was built. Mike had the second campsite all to himself, where the Pavilion was set up in all its glory.

Another great thing about this site was that we had cell phone service the whole time we were there, and thank goodness for that, because we needed it. I called Brandie not long after our tent was pitched, and she told me that Corie, her sister, was going to be coming with her, which is fabulous, but they would be leaving later than expected.

So the three of us hung out for a while and relaxed in front of the fire, and cooked up some burgers and dogs for dinner. They were very tasty. It was so nice to relax in the beautiful forest and the weather was absolutely PERFECT. I walked around and collected some good marshmallow-roasting sticks and did a bit of light reading about hoboes.

As the sun began to set, Brandie called again, to say that they were on their way, but had hit an insane amount of traffic on the highway due to a really bad accident on Route 3. An SUV had flipped over and somehow ended up about 100 feet off the road, and police car after police car after ambulance had been driving by them while they sat parked in traffic. So, since it was getting late, I went to the ranger station to keep them informed, and set off to find a good spot for me to meet them at since I was nervous about Brandie finding her way in the dark. Luckily, a Cumberland Farms presented itself. So I did some more light reading (Bitch magazine, this time) in the car and bought Randy some Hostess pies (lemon and cherry because he couldn't decide which flavor he wanted).

Long story short, Brandie found me and followed me back to the campground. It was now about 10pm and pitch black out. Mike and Randy abandoned their Magic game temporarily to help Brandie set up her tent while I brought Montana, Ford, Chance, and Will over to our site to roast marshmallows. They were a little crazy after the tedious ride in the car but many marshmallows were consumed.


On Saturday morning, Ford and Montana notified us that breakfast was ready promptly at 10am. Brandie cooked a fabulous meal of bacon, eggs, and pancakes. Then we were off to King Richard's Faire. The weather was beautiful, the sun was shining and it was about 80 degrees out. Beth met us at the gate and our party was complete.


We took it easy at the Faire this year and meandered around while Brandie and Corie and the boys did their own thing. We peeked in at the shops so Beth could look for a dress for an upcoming wedding (but as usual, we found everything a wee bit overpriced). We also saw a joust. Sir Joseph won. Hooray, Sir Joseph!


At 1:00, we met up with Brandie & Co for a delicious lunch of TURKEY LEG. MMMM. Beth also purchased some fine shampania.


After lunch, the weapons were calling to Mike, so off we went. This was when the boys realized they shouldn't have spent their cash on flutes because they could've gotten a cool little dagger instead. Oh well! :D Mike was eyeing a number of swords, a halberd, and an axe, but was having a great deal of trouble making up his mind, so he decided to think about it while we walked around some more.


The kids had a grand old time looking at the huge spanse of weaponry, and Corie took the opportunity to knight Sir Ford.


Mike and I caught Randy eyeing what looked like a metal Aerobie. Mike pointed out that maybe it wouldn't sink in the water as fast as the other Aerobies since it has a smaller hole.


And what goes with weapons better than fire? Paolo Garbanzo juggles fire in his show so we went to see that next. He was hilarious. He also had very nice boots. "Not the boots!" And at the end of his show, if you donated some money, he would give you a trading card! Randy is not one to miss out on trading cards, so we dropped some money in his basket, and lo and behold, the trading card is a pseudo Magic card! Paolo Garbanzo has the fire eating ability! Woohoo!

We also checked out the falconry, where there was an OWL!!! Oh and one of the falcons totally flew away, it was awesome. The poor guy was standing out in the field calling to it and we could see it fly from tree to tree, but it did not come back. I loved it. The owl was gorgeous though. If it had not been $30, I would've had my picture taken with the owl, but I found that a mite bit excessive.


Randy is addicted to fried dough and as we walked around the faire all day we looked for a purveyor of this fine carnival concoction. We finally found it right near the entrance. Had we only walked in a different direction when we arrived, we would've seen it right away. C'est la vie! Randy was happy to have his "peasant bread" as they call it at King Richard's. He was also happy to have a number of other sweets during the day, including panuche fudge, apple crisp, and chocolate cake. Some might call this excessive. Some might not be Randy.


I indulged in the sweets a little bit as well. I had a little of the chocolate cake, but a LOT of this whoopie pie, which was GINORMOUS. You are looking at only ONE QUARTER of the original size of the dessert. I had to give a giant chunk of it to Beth and even a little chunk to Mike since there was no way I could eat it all (and Mike was salivating all over the picnic table). Oh but it was delicious!


With entirely too much sugar coursing through his veins, Mike announced that he was ready to make a weapons purchase, so back to LaForge we went. The man offered Mike a really good deal if he bought both the halberd AND the battle axe, but Mike just couldn't justify spending that much money, and bought just the halberd. I checked Wikipedia and Mike's weapon is not a traditional halberd but I have no idea what else to call it. Anyway, it has a small axe on one end and a hook on the other (because you can't forget to disembowel your enemies!). It's huge. It's about five feet tall. The gentleman at LaForge made sure to wrap both ends in protective brown paper and duct tape. Because, you know, that's going to protect you if the thing came flying at your head.


As the day wound down, we met up with Brandie, Corie, and the chidlers at the Joust to the Death. This year, we had a much better view (sans fat ass in front of us). The four boys had seated themselves in the very front, at the edge of the jousting arena. Soon, the King began announcing the joust and talking about the blood that would be spilled and the gore and mangling that would occur. At that point, Will ran up to us, "Brandie, I don't want to watch this!" It was really cute, he was afraid. But after we explained to him that it's just a performance, that the people are all actors, that the blood is actually ketchup, he felt better and went back to the front (for a little while anyway).


And lo and behold, but who won again??? Sir Joseph! I'm starting to think this thing is rigged… ;)


Here are the boys: Montana, Chance, Ford, and Will.


After the joust, we made our way back to the campground, where Mike got to test out the hacking skills of the halberd on a very convenient tree stump. Then we cooked some more burgers and dogs, and made Brandie not help since she never gets to sit back and relax during dinnertime. :D She was not used to this. Mike and Corie bonded over their hatred of diabetes, and the kids had way too many marshmallows again (and so did I!).


It was much cooler that night, so after everyone else went to bed, Mike, Randy and I warmed ourselves by the fire until what felt like very late at night but in actuality was only about 10:30pm. There's nothing like fresh air to tire you out!

If we hadn't had to come home to feed the kitties, we definitely would've stayed an extra day, but unfortunately we did have to leave on Sunday. Next year though, we're planning on staying longer. That campground is insanely beautiful and the campsites were perfect!

And on the way home, we got to stop at Bennigan's! Woohoo!



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