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September 4, 2006

Rocky Horror!

I used to go see the live theatre performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show almost every weekend during the summer when I was in high school. Well, to be fair, I think I went about five times during the summer of my junior year of high school and then once during the summer of my senior year, but then we stopped going because the director decided to try to make it all glam that year and it was a horrible failure.

That's beside the point though. The point is that it was a very happy time in my life and half of the stuff leading up to the show was probably more fun than actually seeing the performance itself. We'd get all dressed up in our best slut clothing, convince our male friends to wear dresses, go out to dinner and walk around Portsmouth until the play began. I used to know most of the lines to shout out during the show and tried really hard to come up with new and original things to say. I don't think I ever really succeeded, but whatever.

Anyway, imagine my excitement when Brandie called and invited me to go see the play with her (which has since returned to the non-glam version) a couple of weeks ago. I painstakingly picked out an outfit (okay, this is the sluttiest thing I own) and met Brandie and her sister Rachael (the one who looks like a drag queen :D) in Portsmouth.


Unfortunately, the tickets to the show were already sold out that night, so we went to the Friendly Toast for some late-night snacks instead. Everyone stared at Rachael. It was hilarious. And my breakfast burrito was oh-so-tasty! :)


Rachael is a body builder. She's training for a big competition coming up in October. My arms are very small. :D


We tried again to go see Rocky last Friday, on the last weekend it was playing. Brandie and I weren't as motivated this time to get dressed up, so I just wore makeup and my pimp coat and called it a day. Rachael still went all-out though, she looks fabulously slutty! :)


We met these two lovely ladies in line for the show. The gal on the left has a giant cucumber in her underwear. During the costume contest, the girl dressed like Janet pulled the cucumber out of her underwear with her teeth. It was brilliant, the crowd went wild, and they totally should've won! Rachael competed too and did a fantastic job as well. :)


Here are some more people in line who dressed as the whole cast of Rocky. Unfortunately, they didn't have a Janet, so they borrowed the Janet from the previous picture. :)


This guy was awesome, he has balls of steel to walk around like that outside, that's all I'm saying. And he was very polite when he told me I couldn't bring my camera into the theater. :)

The show itself was awesome, as usual, but Brandie and I both felt old because we were falling asleep by the end and couldn't remember the lines to yell. Oh well. :D


Don't forget:

  • King Richard's Faire September 9th!
  • IKEA trip September 23rd!
  • My birthday September 26th!

I'm shameless, I know. :D


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