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July 28, 2006

Camping at White Lake

July 14–17th was the FIRST EVER Annual Camping Trip to White Lake! It was FABULOUS!

On Friday, we converged at Jenna and Jason's house and began our journey... to the grocery store, where we bought the much-needed supplies. I threw out all sense of pride and brought my dorky clipboard into Hannaford's to make sure we purchased everything on our list (which had already undergone three transformations because I am an organizational freak when it comes to lists). Supplies were purchased and we piled into our respective vehicles to begin the trek north.

Then Mike took a wrong turn. Let me just point out that there are only TWO turns on this entire drive (1. Get onto Spaulding Turnpike NORTH. 2. Take a left into White Lake State Park.) and Mike managed to screw up one of them (he started getting on the Spaulding going South instead of North). Luckily, thanks to modern technology (i.e. cell phones), he was soon going in the correct direction.

After about an hour of listening to Randy snore as I drove, we arrived at our destination and set up our tents. Randy and I were very excited to break in the new tent that Jenna and Jason had bought us for Xmas last year. It was MUCH more spacious than the tiny mushroom tent that we had used when we went to King Richard's last fall. We even had room for a king-sized air mattress! And space to put our stuff inside the tent! Amazing!

We shared our campsite with Chateau A LaBrecque, a.k.a. The Pavilion, Mike's 8-person tent. Ours is a 5-person tent. Why is it that Mike, who is single, has a tent larger than the rest of ours??? :D


We were sweating our proverbial balls off (well, proverbial for me anyway, not for Randy and I can't speak for Mike :D) after getting the campsite set up (it was about 100 degrees out with, oh, 400% humidity) so we went right down to the lake to cool off. It was heavenly.

Here is Emily taking her very first swim EVER! She was a little fussy on her first time in the water, but after that she had a blast! She learned how to splash Jenna's boobs (instead of the water, it was quite humorous), and to splash Jason in the face. She's very talented. :D Jenna managed to piss her off thoroughly once, by dunking her completely underwater... It was actually pretty funny. :D I know, we're mean.


Most of the time spent in the water consisted of watching Emily (who needs TV when you have babies around?) and playing frisbee. The first day we were there, Randy brought his Aerobie. Now, if you have never seen an Aerobie, it's a flat, plastic, kind of heavy-ish ring. Yes a ring, not a disk. It has a GIANT HOLE in the middle of it. It DOES NOT FLOAT. Which Randy should have known, since it spent upwards of TWO YEARS at the bottom of the pond at his parents' house. But we tried to throw the thing around for a while. Most of the time was spent walking around searching for the damn thing on the bottom of the lake because someone overthrew it or the wind caught it though. And by someone I mean Randy for the most part. But believe me, he did his share of searching as well (we got him back!). :D


It was so hot during the weekend that we barely needed towels when we got out of the water. Here's Randy "No Pictures" Wilbur.

Randy was the only one crazy enough to do some exercising (other than swimming) while at the lake. He went jogging every morning (which I think was just an excuse to use his new MP3 player) in the heat and 100% humidity. He's crazy. We'd be sweating our asses off and Randy would say "It's time for a run!" Crazy! :D


And here's Mike, King of Chateau A LaBrecque.

Not pictured: The large group of who we assume are NASCAR/race fans who brought their boombox to the beach. A boombox which played AN ENTIRE CELINE DION CD. For real. I nearly puked. After the first few songs I finally just went back in the water for more frisbee—excuse me—AEROBIE "fun".

Luckily, by the time I returned to the shore, the NASCAR fans had moved on to Bon Jovi, which RULED. Thank god Bon Jovi is a band that even NASCAR fans can enjoy. Though they probably enjoy them more unironically than I do. :D My Bon Jovi "You Give Love A Bad Name" cell phone ringtone will never get old, I swear. :)


After a nice swim, we returned to the campsite. It was Randy's time to shine: grill time. Check out that cooking contraption that Mike brought, it's a tripod with a chain that hangs down, and you can hook a grilling surface onto it, or a dutch oven. That thing is the shiznit. Here it is, all shiny and new, before we blackened it with much, much cooking. :)


And here it is with the dutch oven. We ate better when we were camping than we have all year, I swear. Friday's menu consisted of Mike's Famous *Campfire* Potato Thingies (boiled potatoes with spices and melted cheese), filet mignon from Omaha Steaks (which Jenna and Jason had received as a gift), sausage, and s'mores. It was divine. :)


We had some more sweet contraptions for our picnic table—Jenna and Jason brought the thing attached to the end there. It holds your trash bag, has a paper towel holder, a hook for a lantern, additional hooks for spatulas and whatnot, and a condiment holder near the base. This also ruled.

Later on in the trip, Jenna and Jason purchased a screen house tent thingy and Mike set up his fold-out table inside. Our campsite was totally pimped out.

But not quite as pimped out as a guy at another site, who had an entire set of pots and pans and a giant thing to hang them from, or the site where about 40 bikers (perhaps the NASCAR fans?) were sneaking people in. They loose points for listening to horrible country music all evening though. :D


This fucking brat kept us up into the wee hours of the morning (okay, midnight) on our first night, when it was INSANELY hot and humid, and even worse inside our tent. He was yelling at the top of his lungs, and then his genius father, who was in the campsite across the street, YELLED back at him to shut up.

"NO!!!" yelled fucking brat boy back. This continued at least two more times.

Later, bratty bike boy was spotted IN THE MEN'S BATHROOM ON HIS BIKE. Someone (perhaps his father again) told him to get the bike out of the bathroom.

"NO!!!" yelled fucking brat boy.

I have never wanted to kick a child so much in my entire life.

It was at times like those that Mike really wished he had brought the battle hammer that we made such good use of on our previous camping trip. We felt that way about the Celine Dion boombox as well. :D


Saturday was equally as hot and even more hazy than Friday, so we were at the beach for most of the day. On Saturday however, Randy brought a slightly smaller Aerobie (he had a set of three, the third being a triangle). Mike's thought on that was "It won't sink as fast, it has a smaller hole!" :D We spent just as much time searching the bottom of the lake for it and cursing Randy, who thought the whole thing was hilarious. :D There was also much quoting of Napoleon Dynamite, ("Slap the wrist and walk away, slap the wrist, walk away") and The Simpsons ("the only enemy to the hole is the pile").

Saturday's dinner menu consisted of bacon cheeseburgers courtesy Omaha Steaks (yes both the bacon AND the burgers) which were phenomenal, more of Mike's famous campfire potato thingies, hot dogs from Omaha Steaks which were PHENOMENAL, and various other snacks. Mike's cast-iron pans were awesome, we actually could rest them on the logs in the fire to cook the bacon, it kicked ass!

Also note Randy's one glove, much like Michael Jackson. This led to Mike referring to him as the "Thrilla of the Grilla" most of the weekend. :D


Here are Jason and Jenna enjoying their dinner and the glorious campfire. :)


Randy made a bonfire that night. We had WAY too much firewood. My parents had donated a decent-sized stack of wood that filled my entire trunk (Mike helped us bring it to White Lake so I could fit some actual camping equipment in my car :D). In addition to that, Randy's parents gave him some wood. Then Randy's brother, Joe, showed up with three more large boxes of scraps from his woodworking. Needless to say, there is still wood in the trunk of my car. :D


Look at how precious Emily looks in her sunglasses! Sunday was just as friggin hot as Friday and Saturday were and we spent the whole day at the beach. Unfortunately, Randy had a pretty bad sunburn at this point and I also was starting to burn on my shoulders and face. Good times.


However, Jenna and I had made a trip to Wal-Mart on Saturday (where we purchased battery powered fans—YAY!!!) and I picked up a frisbee WITHOUT A GIANT HOLE IN THE MIDDLE. It's actually a dog toy but the fucking thing FLOATS so who really cares! :D Randy was hesitant to try the new floating frisbee but eventually he gave in and much fun was had by all. It didn't fly as well as the Aerobie but I much preferred it to scouring the lake for the stupid pink ring.

Later, Mike joked that the Aerobie is the only ring I'm ever going to get from Randy. Ha ha. :P


An adorable family of ducks lives by the lake, and there are signs posted EVERYWHERE notifying people not to touch, feed, or chase the ducks. There were five little baby ducklings who followed their mother everywhere in search of food. I got quite a few pictures of them actually, as they traversed across our beach blanket but I like this shot best. :)


If you have never been, White Lake is absolutely gorgeous, with a view of the mountains. It was so nice to relax all day and stare at the beautiful view. We didn't get a drop of rain the entire time we were there, but it was very, very hot. Thank goodness for those battery-powered fans!


Joe, Kiara, and Joey visited us at the lake. It was pretty funny, we were all in the water tossing the frisbee around and Mike turned to Randy and said "Isn't that your brother over there?" We all looked over but since most of us had left our glasses on the beach we were like "no, that's not him." Two seconds later Jenna was like "Randy, yes that IS your brother!!!" Oy vey, we're a little slow sometimes. :D Randy had a great time playing with the kids in the water and Joey REALLY wanted to bring a duck home. :D

Not pictured: the large group of people drinking Miller Lite IN THE LAKE, while swimming. The NASCAR fans, perhaps? :D


That night, we had more of Mike's potato thingies (because really, nobody can get enough of the potato thingies), spaghetti with meat sauce, garlic bread, and salad. It was delicious!

Emily was really enjoying the fire that night, as a good Buinicky should. :D We all were proud of her.


After Emily went to bed, we settled into the screen house for a rousing game of Risk! It was Jenna's first time playing and I think she enjoyed it. There was an intense battle over Europe which mainly involved Randy and Mike, and as usual everyone ended up ganging up on the ever-ruthless Randy and he ended up being the first one out of the game. I had taken over Asia and Randy's armies were in Australia so I took him out in one turn. Then my vicious army of black Big O robots marched onward and took Europe, and then Africa, when we ended the game and decided that I had won. I never win that game, it was fun! :D

We were very sad to leave White Lake the following morning but it had to come to an end sometime. Next year we're hoping to go for a full week!


There was an upside to coming home when we did however, because our brand new laptop arrived not an hour after we returned to Ye Olde Somersworth. It was something Randy and I had been toying with buying for a very long time, and we finally had found one we both liked, so we went halves on it. It has enough power for Randy to game on it and I'll be bringing it on business trips, like Walloon in Wisconsin, which I just came home from. But more on that next blog. :)


Oh and I got another haircut for my trip since I was starting to get REALLY sick of my long bangs always looking greasey.

Speaking of long, this blog is getting there. I'll try to update about Walloon next weekend! :)



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