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July 5, 2006

My 10-Year High School Reunion and Six Flags

June 17th was my 10-year Saint Thomas Aquinas High School reunion at Red Hook Brewery. I had been debating whether or not to go for quite some time, and then Brandie made me promise to go with her since Dave was in my graduating class. Plus, I was hoping it would be exciting and humorous like the much underrated movie Grosse Pointe Blank starring John Cusack and Minnie Driver.

Alas, it was not at all like Grosse Pointe Blank, but it was fun. :) I admit, I got a teensy bit worried when I walked in, saw about 15 jocks standing in a tight little bunch near the bar, all of whom looked at me, made eye contact, and then immediately looked away [in fear]. If I was a giant asshole, I would now say some horribly nasty things about them, but I'll leave that part up to your imagination. :D

Luckily, I found Angie Stead (who is now married and 8 months pregnant) and Beth Navin (who is also now married and 3 months pregnant). They both are doing awesome, Angie lives in San Jose, CA now, and Beth and her husband are in Phoenix, AZ.

And then there's Norm Goupil... Who tried to convince us all that he is NOT in fact the biggest dork from the class of 1996, and made inappropriate comments to Beth, but he is hilarious and we love him anyway. :)

I had such a nice time getting caught up with the three of them, hopefully we'll keep in touch! :)

I was very disappointed that our nametags didn't have our senior photos so of course I've posted them here, along with their candids. Yeah, I'm an ass. :D Norm's is especially classic, I think. Norm and his wife have an 18 month old baby, they live outside of Concord now and are looking forward to getting some landscaping done by Brandie and Dave. :D


Speaking of Brandie and Dave... Here they are! :) They arrived late, which made me a little nervous (I did not want to go it alone at this event!) but when they finally arrived all was well. And we had dinner with them afterwards which was awesome, it's not often we get to go out together! :)

Dave didn't post a candid photo in the STA yearbook so I scanned the one from the lacrosse team. I have to embarass everyone equally, after all! :)


Mr. Collins, as anyone who had him in school knows, is the coolest teacher EVER, rivalled only by Doc McGrew, who also kicked all forms of ass. I had no idea teachers were even going to be at this event, and Mr. Collins arrived late, so I didn't think he was coming. But I instantly recognized him when he walked in and I was so happy! And it turns out he's visited this very website! :)

And here's my horrible yearbook photo, which was taken by a photographer who later molested another girl in my class. Good times!


It's really not fair of me to post everyone else's embarassing high school photos without posting my own, so here they are. My quote is so cheesey. I love Ani DiFranco, but yeah. :D I had actually tried to put that quote and "I've got my mind on my money and my money on my mind" but they conveniently "forgot" to put the second quote in. I also should probably have listed that I was in Drama Club, Music Ministry, and that I played soccer one semester (that was funny).

The second photo is from the drama club picture in the yearbook, it's my favorite yearbook photo of me because they let me make a silly face. There's a giant picture of the entire class of 1996 on a two-page spread at the front of the yearbook, and I tried and tried to make a silly face, and they kept retaking it until I made a normal one (I had to, the people around me were getting mad, they wanted to get it over with :P).

We had a great time laughing at how ridiculous the jocks were, all huddled in their little bunch (they seriously never moved). At one point Norm tried to talk to them and they further proved that they have not moved beyond the level of maturity they had while at STA.

Red Hook kinda sucked though. They were charging $4.75 for a beer in the function room we were in (with two other STA reunions, I might add), but if you went downstairs, the same $4.75 got you a beer TWICE as large! Norm bribed Angie's husband to take off his nametag and sneak in a beer for him. Then he tried to do the same thing with Randy. That did not work. :D


Barbara did NOT attend the reunion, but she doesn't get left out of the embarassing photos! The prom photo is of course a classic, because her mom made her get her hair and makeup done and she doesn't look like herself at all. :D So awesome. Definitely one of the best yearbook photos EVER! :)

There were so many people who didn't go to the reunion that I really would have liked to see (I'm talking to YOU, Shelby, Scott, Chris, Sara, Doug, Mandy, Jess, Alynna, Pete/Julio, Hannah, Ryan, Annalise, and anyone else I was friends with who I can't think of right now), so if any of you perchance upon this website, or my MySpace page or whatnot, please say hello! :) Overall, I'm really glad I went to the reunion though, it's great to see how well everyone (other than the jocks) is doing! :)


We haven't seen pictures of the kitties in a while so here's proof not only of how cute Nikita is, but what nerds we are—she's sleeping in a cat bed on top of one of Randy's computer monitors. :D


And here's both kitties sleeping together in the basket the other day. Aw.

I would also like to take this moment to congratulate the LaBrecque family on their new kitten, Teddy, who I am very anxious to meet at Mike's Dysfunctional Barbecue this year (details coming soon). Teddy is no Shadow for sure, but he is friggin adorable! :)


And now for Part Two of this blogful of randomness... my trip to Six Flags with Brandie on Monday!

Here we are with Speedy Gonzales and a 'ho, fo' sho'. :D Sorry, had to. I really don't know who the Bugs Bunny girl is and I did not want her in my photo but she posed with us anyway. Speedy Gonzales was my absolute favorite Loony Toons character when I was little! :)


Brandie and I had a fabulous time because we are both roller coaster addicts, and she's already been to Six Flags three times this year and knows her way around and which rides are worth going onto. So we pretty much spent the entire day on roller coasters and other thrill rides. It ruled!

This is the Batman roller coaster, which of course—it being associated with Batman and all—kicked ass. It was only rivaled by the Superman roller coaster, which was fantastic as well. But Batman had FIVE loopdeloops (sp?). Truly awesome. We went on both Batman and Superman roller coasters twice!

We didn't buy the photo, but during the Superman roller coaster, they take your picture, and Brandie and I timed it on the second time we rode it to do the Superman pose right when the flash went off, it was awesome. :D


This bad boy is 205 feet high and drops you straight down. I screamed my ass off. Which is appropriate, since the ride is called Scream. :D

We got the Flash Pass, which I totally recommend, so we ran around and checked into all of the rides when we first got there, and then were able to plan our day better. During a 2 1/2 hour wait for one ride, we went to the wave pool at the water park, which was a great way to cool off!

Unfortunately, that lasted for about ten minutes before we were sweating our asses off again, but still. :D The thunderstorm in the afternoon cooled everything off nicely, and also completely cleared out most of the other people at the park, and we had barely any wait for rides after that!


The highlight of the day was of course getting to meet the Justice League (especially Batman!) and have our picture taken. Green Lantern even scanned us with his ring, and Batman made sure our arms and legs worked properly by having us wave our hands and kick our feet and stuff... Okay that doesn't make any sense but it was funny at the time. Note: I PhotoShopped the hell out of this picture because we were both sweating like pigs and were beet red. :D

We were exhausted by the end of the day but it was totally worth the drive and battling the heat! :)

I'm really hoping to be able to update more often in July but it's going to be a crazy month for me—next weekend I'm going camping, the weekend after that I'll be in Wisconsin, and the weekend after that I'll be at my parents' timeshare in Rockland, Maine, and then it's August. But rumor has it Randy and I MAY be purchasing a laptop in the near future (hopefully tomorrow) so I just might be able to keep the blog updated! Fingers crossed! :)



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