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October 17, 2005

Feeling Angry

Part One: Christenings

I've gotten two cards lately inviting me to baptisms. Now, I know most of you know that I'm a recovering Catholic and I converted to Unitarian-Universalism when I was 15, and later became an athiest, but apparently my extended family is not aware of this (maybe they are now though, oops! :D). That could be because my parents are either in denial or have just chosen to not tell them, or because they think that for some reason I still want to celebrate this sort of thing with them.

Apparently I'm just supposed to forget that this is one of the things I absolutely despise about Catholocism for a day, and watch as the parents make one of the most important decisions of a person's existence for them while they are still too young to protest and enter them into the Catholic church in a binding agreement. Lock, stock and barrel, that kid is down in the record books as a Catholic and there's not a damn thing they can do about it. Yeah, I'm still a Catholic according to the fucking pope, even though I don't believe in a god and I think Jesus was a little crazy and definitely did not rise from the dead. I signed the members book at the Unitarian church, but does that matter? No. Not at all.


But I'm supposed to go, and cheer on the happy new parents as the priest dumps water on the kid's head, and the kid screams and screams because really, who enjoys that kind of thing when they're only a month old? The thing that really kills me though, is that most of these people don't even understand what they're doing! Sure, some of them go to church and actually make an effort to be Catholic. But quite a few of them are just doing it so they can have a fucking party for their kid! They have no clue what exactly it means, they think it's just a protective measure, you know, JUST IN CASE there's a heaven. Just because there might be a slight possibility that if they don't go through this ritual, their kid could forever burn in the fires of damnation.


It's not that I don't want to go meet the baby and look at how cute it is and give it presents. But why do people have to pretend that they're something they're not? I think it's more disgraceful for people to pretend that they actually understand this sacrament when they're actually doing it for the party, the gifts, than for someone to opt out of it and allow their child to make a choice later on in life about what religion they believe in and want to be a part of.


I don't write this to offend anyone of course, the reason I feel so strongly about this is because I understand baptism and what it means (I'm by no means an expert though), I went to Catholic school and there are three priests in my family. I don't want to baptize my children because I understand this and what it means, and how wrong it would be for me to do something like that. I don't intend to raise my children as Catholics or pretend to be doing so. Sure, I'll have a party so everyone can meet the baby, and if they choose they can bring gifts, but I'm not going to use a christening as an excuse.

Part Two: George W. Bush and Fucking FEMA


If this doesn't make you cry, you're either an extremely repressed male who employs the "packing system" (as described by Lewis Black), or you have NO SOUL. The ending will MAKE YOU CRY. George W. Bush makes me SO FUCKING ANGRY. I can't even think about this for every long without seething and wanting to break things. It's sick. This video is from www.truthout.com, a website that Harmony and Matt introduced me to when I visited them this weekend. There are a bazillion more like it if you're in a crying kinda mood (I really shouldn't joke about shit like this, huh?), just click on Multimedia.

You know what also makes me angry? That fucking anchor!


I'll try to leave you on a more positive note though, Matt and Harmony also introduced me to the wonderful world of squash. Not that I wasn't aware of its existence before, but I definitely was not aware of how many different breeds (I know, I just like the word) of squash there are! They gave me sweet dumplings, butternut, and acorn squash... and another kind too but I can't remember the name. It looks like the sweet dumpling squash though except torpedo-shaped.


And one last happy note, The Colbert Report ("It's French, bitch!") premiers tonight! Woohoo! Yes, I'm supposed to be asleep LONG before 11:30pm, but stay awake I must for what will no doubt be the second-best show on TV (after The Daily Show). Hooray! :)



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