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April 16, 2006

My second trip to IKEA!

So not only am I an IKEA addict, but I have also hooked others onto IKEA as well. I truly am a horrible, horrible person. ;)

Shoe rack for $9.99!


Set of four circular mirrors for $4.99!


Last Sunday, Brandie and I picked up Barbara and the three of us went to the land of pink bunnies and happy butterflies... that being IKEA of course. There were many exclamations of "OH MY GOD," "THAT IS SO CHEAP!!!" and "I feel it is my duty to buy that." Brandie has since decided to redecorate every room in her house with IKEA purchases, and you know that's where Barbara will shop once she gets a condo! :)


Sets of six pant hangers, six skirt hangers, and six regular hangers for $3.49/set!

Each of us also got small ironing boards for a whopping $3.99 each!


We had a lovely day there and leisurely perused EVERY FUCKING INCH of that store. :) We even paused for a moment to have lunch at their cafe, which was DELICIOUS. I got a fresh mozzerella and roasted red pepper panini which was delicous, a small salad, and a chocolate and hazelnut bar which came to a grand total of.... $4.00!!! Brandie let me try her order of Swedish meatballs, which were fantastic as well. I highly recommend the food!

I got Randy a trash can so he doesn't have to use empty chip bags anymore, as well as some fantastic wire cover (the coiled gray thing on the shelf there), which is currently protecting my speaker cords. Love it!!! Trash can: 99 cents! Wire cover: $3.99 but worth it!


ALL of this tupperware cost a total of $3.50!

I also got some salad tongs (99 cents), a set of six plastic plates for $1.50, and a set of six plastic bowls for $1.50 (for when kids come over).


After lunch, we continued on with our shopping, which continued to be relaxing until 5:30pm, when they announced that the store would be closing in a half hour. This sent us into a bit of a frenzy since we hadn't even touched the garden or lighting sections! (And you know how I feel about lighting!)

This lamp cost $9.99!


Small plant pot for my Xmas cactus: 99 cents!


Then there was a bit of a crisis when it came time to purchase the one item I actually really needed: the DVD holder. The display had said it was located in Aisle 6, Bin 24, but was it there? No. So I asked a nice IKEA employee to help. Meanwhile, the store has just closed, and people are frantically running to the checkouts, and I'm envisioning a line 12 miles long. I waited, and waited, and waited, and went to the information desk and asked another salesperson, and waited and waited, and FINALLY they brought me my DVD holder! :) And checking out didn't take nearly as long as I expected.

Gorgeous palm tree: $9.99!!! The bucket for it was only $14.99 as well!


Plans are already in the works for another pilgrimage to IKEA in about a month. So far there are like, 10 people who want to come. I've created a monster! Well, technically, JANICANNE has created a monster for introducing me to this wonderful store, but we'll forgive her, won't we? :D

The DVD holder: $39.99! I'm getting another one on the next trip! :)



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