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April 8, 2006

How to make stuff out of sign holders!

Hi, kids! Today we're going to learn how to make various things out of sign holders!

If you're like me, you work at a publishing company, and they throw useful things away fairly regularly, and you just scored six plexiglass sign holders! Woohoo! :D I managed to make two useful things out of these sign holders, which I'm pretty psyched about, and all for FREE! :)


This was my first accomplishment, and one of Randy's birthday presents. Prior to this, all of his HeroClix were just piled into these two shelves, with a TON of wasted space. I'd done some searching to see if I could find some small shelves for him, and almost bought some display cases for shot glass collections (they do exist :D), but they were horribly expensive so I held back. And I'm glad I did!


Here's what I did to make these!

Materials used: Six plexiglass sign holder bases (three per shelf), two 3"x17" pieces of foamcore signs, two Killer Bunnies booster deck boxes, tape, superglue

1. Clean all plexiglass surfaces thoroughly.
2. Open the Killer Bunnies boxes (removing anything inside) and superglue them to both ends of the bottom of one of the sign holders.
3. Insert one of the foam core pieces into the base you just glued the boxes to.
4. Place another base upside down on top of the foam core to connect the two bases.
5. Tape the two sign bases together to hold them in place.
6. Place that whole piece into your shelf and put whatever you're displaying into it, being sure to leave a one-inch space at the front of the first tier.
7. Use a third sign holder base as your "kitty protector" as we call it, fitting it onto the first shelf. (Optional)
8. Repeat steps 2–7 to make another set of shelves, and voila: now your collection is more space-efficient and safe from playful kitties! :)


The other thing I made was a frame for a collage! When Randy and I first moved into this apartment, I made collages for every room. Unfortunately, I never put up the bathroom one because I wanted to get it laminated so it wouldn't warp. But I could never justify paying a bunch of money just to laminate something, so it got magneted to the fridge (using a magnetic paper towel holder) and stayed there for the past two and a half years, getting splattered by various cooking spills and totally defeating the purpose of having it laminated in the first place, but I digress. Anyway, the sign holders were perfect to finally put up this collage! Here's how I did it.

Materials used: Two plexiglass sign holder tops, duct tape, two metal pieces used for holding venetian blinds, two screws, screw driver, FOUND magazine pin

1. Clean all plexiglass surfaces thoroughly.
2. Use the duct tape to tape together the two signs side by side, making sure the least scratched side of each sign ends up in the front and you only tape enough so the tape will be hidden behind your collage (or whatever you're displaying). :)
3. Insert your collage or whatever you're framing so the open parts of the sign holders are facing up (so if the collage slides down while you're trying to hang it, it won't fall on the floor). :)
4. Measure where you want your collage (or whatever it is) to hang and mark the wall so you know where to screw in the venetian blind pieces.
5. Screw in the metal venetian blind pieces, making sure they are level and very secure.
6. Place your taped together signs onto the metal pieces and hold them in place.
7. Use the FOUND magazine pin at the top of the signs where they join together, and push the pin into the wall to hold them in place so they don't fall forward accidentally. Voila!


I hope you enjoyed today's little craft lesson. Coming soon: my second trip to IKEA! :)


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