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March 28, 2006

I Have a New Haircut and War is Stupid

Totally spur of the moment today, I got a new haircut. Well, not ENTIRELY spur of the moment, I had been thinking about cutting my hair for quite some time (my bangs had ceased to be bangs and people started assuming I was growing them out, which I was not), and I was at work, bored, couldn't concentrate, and needed to get out. So I called Solari, where I got my last haircut (six months ago, ahem :D), and they had an appointment open an hour later. So I went, and talked to "dark-haired Shannon" as we must call her, since apparently there is a "light-haired Shannon" who works there as well and is inferior to "dark-haired Shannon", and the two of us decided together what must be done to my hair. And thus, a long bob with "swooshy" bangs as she called them. She cut about five inches off of my hair, it's awesome. It was just getting to be so bla, and I was sick of having to put my hair up just to eat lunch (despite hair probably being a good source of protein :D ). And it's nice to be able to see again, those "bangs" were killing me. :)

What was really funny was when I got back to work, I kid you not, I got a standing ovation from the gals in production because they thought my hair looked so good. It made me blush! :D Everyone who saw me complimented me, which gave me warm fuzzies! :) It's really nice! There were many "OH MY GOD!!!"s as well. :D Of course, it won't look nearly as nice tomorrow since I won't be blow-drying it, but whatever. It feels really weird not having this blanket of hair around my neck anymore—it's so breezy! :)


I bought these daffodils for my grandmother to support the American Cancer Society through their Daffodil Days program at work. I was really worried that she wouldn't get to see them since she was in Florida when they arrived last Wednesday, but luckily they took a couple of days to open up and I was able to deliver them to her today when she got back. They were JUST BARELY starting to droop.


Along with the daffodils, I gave Grammy my new boyfriend—I mean— this fucking adorable Boyds bear, who was created especially for the Daffodil Days program, as a "bear and a bunch" gift. He is SO SOFT and cuddly. I ALMOST kept him for myself but just couldn't do it.

The fact that the kitties wanted to EAT him kinda helped me give him away to a good (cat-free) home as well. I was not pleased when, after having left him atop the highest shelf in the apartment, I returned home to find him laying in the middle of the floor in front of the front door the other day. Bitches! Luckily, other than having been dragged across the floor, he was unharmed and not dirty.

Grammy loved the daffodils and the bear and had a fabulous time in Florida. :)


Just a short tangent here. So we try to teach our kids that violence is bad, right? And set a good example for them. And assume that most sensible, responsible adults are going to do the same. Hell, I don't think any parent ever really encourages their child to be involved in violence, because no parent wants to have to bury their kid.

We try to teach our kids that violence is not the answer to anything. Violence doesn't solve any problems, it only creates more.

And the president is supposed to set the ultimate example, right? (And now you see where I'm going with this :D)

But yet, the PRESIDENT feels that in order to solve the problems of the world, we must go to war, and kill and maim thousands and thousands of people. To "solve" a problem and "bring freedom" to all the land.

But of course, here in the good old U.S. of A., that same president will put you in jail for murdering or otherwise assaulting someone who wronged you in any way.

And if you DO murder someone or otherwise harm them in a horrific enough way, THAT SAME PRESIDENT will put you to the DEATH PENALTY. Because that's how our fucking president solves the problem of criminals in our country. He KILLS the worst of them.

But no no, violence is not the answer. No, of course not. Violence doesn't solve anything. Don't beat your kids, that doesn't solve anything.

Just make them join the army.

Goddammit I hate George W. Bush.



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