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March 21, 2006

Tales of Pancakes, Meat and Other Things

Last Sunday (the 12th), Randy and I met my parents at the Sugar Shack, in Lee, NH, for our annual pancake breakfast. If you've never been to the Sugar Shack, you really must go, it's certainly an experience. The menu is fairly simple: blueberry pancakes, apple pancakes, buttermilk pancakes, French toast, bacon, sausage, or the buffet (with a few combo options available), all of which is topped with their very own homemade maple syrup that they make right on the premises.


Now, this is not a fancy breakfast we're talking about. They hand you silverware packages similar to what you would get at KFC (the plastic-wrapped kind), and a Styrofoam plate and cup. And your very own can of whipped cream! Needless to say, our plates were piled high with whipped cream. You also get a little dish of strawberries if you request it, to put on top of your pancakes. It's a tasty treat!


There is wonderful live music as well. This duo here sound exactly like Johnny Cash and June Carter, no joke. But the guy only sings Elvis tunes. Go figure. Unfortunately, they lack a drummer, and have to use the electronic kind. Last year, the gentleman used an actual drum machine, but this year he has upgraded: to a karaoke machine! This is probably why he only sings Elvis. Maybe somebody should get him some new karaoke tunes!


After breakfast, we went out back to watch them making the maple syrup. It smells so delicious! And you should've seen the GIANT stacks of wood they have back there! Randy and I were tempted to swipe some for our camping trips this summer (we didn't, though).


Later that day, Randy and I decided that we would have tacos for dinner, and went to Market Bucket to get the necessary supplies: taco shells, sour cream, guacamole, cheese, salsa, black olives, and ground beef. When we got home, Randy got ready to start cooking, and opened up the package of ground beef to find...


...the outside meat was red, but the inside was all brown and nasty! And they claimed to have ground it "fresh" that morning! Yuck! Needless to say, we were not happy, and Randy got back in the car and brought it back to Market Bucket.

The people at Market Bucket told Randy to pick out a new package of meat, so he got two 1lb packages this time instead of one big 2lb package like before, and came home and again prepared to start cooking. So he opened up the first new package of meat and guess what! Brown inside again! Thinking maybe the second one might be usable, he opened that one too, with the same result! :P


At this point he was understandably pretty pissed and I was concerned that it was going to ruin his night, so I got on the phone and called Market Bucket. I asked to speak to "whoever is in charge of your meat" and a youngish sounding guy got on the phone. I told him the situation and this is what he said: "Actually, all meat is red on the outside and brown on the inside. We grind our meat fresh every morning. But you can bring it back if you want." !!! I was shocked at this point, that he thought that brown meat is okay to eat in these days of mad cow disease. So I called my mom to make sure I wasn't completely losing it here. Mom was like, "Well, how brown is it?" Me: "REALLY brown." Mom: "Yeah, that's disgusting, bring it back."

So now I went back to Market Bucket, to find that they had locked the doors for the night, but there were still some customers inside. Luckily, an employee was smoking outside and let me in. I showed the meat to the cashier we had visited earlier, and she was like "Yeah, that's disgusting. Take that over to the customer service desk and they can give you your money back."

Needless to say, I took that cash and brought it over to Shaw's, where I bought a nice new package of ALL-RED MEAT. I can't believe Market Basket actually has the nerve to sell shit like that and claim that it's "fresh"! If I had wanted to by "manager's special" meat, I would've bought manager's special meat. But when you live with, say, Randy, you can't buy meat that has anything even vaguely wrong with it. Hell, you can't buy ANYTHING that has anything remotely wrong with it when you live with Randy. :D And, granted, normally I buy meat at Shaw's, but I've NEVER come across this sort of thing before. I will never buy meat at Market Bucket ever again.


Other than the meat scenerio, things have been going really well for me lately (mysteriously well, I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop). I got a raise (a small one, but a raise nonetheless!), I'm getting a sweet tax return, and one of the authors at Heinemann has hired me to do some transcribing for him. He does a lot of writing for his books by hand, and so he mails or faxes me his scribblings, I type them up and email it back to him, and get paid for this. It's awesome! The kitties really enjoy his writing, as you can see here.


Some not so great things have happened as well though (but they are small things, thank goodness). After replacing my windshield a couple of weeks back, I now have to have some work done to the outside of my car, because it got keyed in the parking lot the other day. I love living in the ghetto. And the morning that this picture was taken, the cats somehow managed to knock our brand-new George Foreman grill that we got for Xmas off of the kitchen counter at 5:36am. That was a really great way to wake up. Not at all. Cross your fingers that it still works!

It was very cute watching them try to catch a fly that was buzzing around the window that morning though. After about a half-hour of the two of them stalking this fly, Oocla managed to catch it and ate it up promptly, before I could stop her. Gross!


I've seen two and a half movies over the past week as well. On Thursday, Brandie invited me to see Failure to Launch because her mom had won eight free tickets! And I like Matthew McConoughey (hottt!) and Sara Jessica Parker so I figured, what the hell. And it was actually really cute! Predictable, yes, but it had a lot of funny moments. I really enjoyed it!

The second movie was V for Vendetta, which I went to see on Saturday with Randy, Mike, and Doug. This was another movie that I had seen the previews for and was like "Eh, it looks okay." But I figured Natalie Portman is in it and it's made by the same people who did The Matrix so it could be good. And it was FUCKING PHENOMENAL. I was bawling my eyes out at the end. Highly recommend seeing it!

I say two and a half movies because the last one was only 20 minutes long, but it was in 3-D! On Sunday, I drove to Boston and had lunch with Barbara at the Grasshopper (buffet! Woohoo!), and then she and I met Brandie and her kids at the Museum of Science. The movie we went to see was about animals and various threats to the environment. It was all cgi and I can't say it was a masterpiece of a film, but it was cute and the kids liked it. :)

Afterward, we went to see the adorable tamarins (sp?), tiny little monkies! They are so cute! There were four of them, a little family. Each monkey is about six inches tall, with a tail that's another two feet long! They're really fun to watch. Later, we all went to Trader Joe's where I used my Xmas gift cards. Woohoo!

That's all the news for me right now... what's new with you???



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