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March 14, 2006

"IKEA=LOVE" —Janicanne, circa March 2006

As of 5:00pm this past Friday, I had no plans for the weekend at all. I intended to spend it relaxing, watching guilty-pleasure TV, and perhaps doing a bit of light reading.

As of 6pm, after speaking to Janicanne it was decided that I would instead accompany her on a mecca to IKEA, land of cheap furniture goodness, the following day. :) She had decided it was no longer fun to store her clothing in baskets, and wanted to upgrade to a dresser.

So, bright and early Saturday morning (read: 10am) we departed on our journey to the brand spanking new IKEA location in Stoughton, Massachusetts.


Along the way, we listened to a mix CD that Janicanne made, which included the song "Poison" by Bel Biv DeVoe. This was very, very awesome. Because, you know, you just can't trust a big butt and a smile. There was also the requisite Doobie Brothers and Atmosphere on said mix.

Sustenance was required along our journey, and it was soon decided that we would be consuming said sustenance at Friendly's. Because Friendly's is the shiznit. And it's oh-so-friendly. :D And they have WAFFLE FRIES!


Mmmm... waffle fries doused in melted cheese, sour cream, bacon, and chives.... -drool-


Oh how I love the waffle fries...

We also had salad there, but that's not nearly as exciting.

Moving on...


Soon, we approached our destination and saw IKEA shimmering in the distance. Two football-field-size floors of pure retail heaven! Isn't it beautiful? :D

Also note the blue SUV in front of us in the photo. That is an asshole who nearly killed us about a minute prior to my taking this picture.

And if you look closely, you can see BUSES parked outside of the store. Yes, people travel far and wide to reach IKEA! :)


Thus, the shopping began. This was my very first IKEA experience, and I was overwhelmed! I felt the urge to purchase everything in the store, but managed to reign myself in (with the help of Janicanne) and only purchase about $100 worth of stuff. But you will be amazed at how far $100 took me in the amazing land of IKEA!

Observe! My purchases:

First: A lazy susan, pictured here with the card deck holder that Mike got me for Xmas since that will be its main use. No more passing around the deck holder, we can simply place it on the lazy susan and spin it around for easy access by all (unless they are holding babies or cats, in which case it will still have to be picked up and moved, but that's beside the point :D ).

Cost: $6.99!


Next: A trash can! Or "waste basket" if you prefer. Janicanne got the same one in black. I'm planning on using it for my sewing projects, but it may end up moving into the computer room if Randy continues using half-eaten chip bags as his trash (yuck!). :D

Cost: $1.49!


And now we have a beautiful blue vase and a fake potted plant, which I love. Doesn't it almost look real? :D Also note the cayenne pepper sitting next to it, as I had to douse the thing in bitter spray and cayenne pepper to keep the cats from chewing it (and I'm still not entirely sure if it's effective :D).

Cost: vase- 99 cents! plant- $4.99!


You may or may not know that I am addicted to lamps. I love good lighting, I think it's probably the most important part of making any room feel cozy. So of course I bought lamps at IKEA. :)

I LOVE this lamp. It doesn't even need to be on for me to love it. And it filled a gaping hole above the TV that was just blank wall before. Love it!

Cost: $13.99!

Also pictured, the blue bucket holding the tree is another of my purchases. That was actually something I needed, that tree has needed to be re-potted for months now! :D

Cost: $7.99!


This has no function other than to look friggin cool. It's now hanging in the computer room (by velcro, I might add... not my choice, that's what came in the package, but it works! :D ). It's very subtle, I love it! :)

Cost: $6.99!


I saw this on the website when I was looking up the directions for IKEA and decided then and there that I was going to buy this lamp. I LOVE it. It now hangs in my bedroom. It makes me happy to know such a lamp exists. :D

Cost: $24.99!


And now for the greatest triumph of all: I BOUGHT A COAT RACK!!! Woohoo!!! Most of you know that Randy and I have been in need of a coat rack since we got the kitties almost two years ago, and had to put their litterbox in our coat closet. And nobody wants their coats to smell like cat shit, obviously, so since then we've just piled them in various places. But now they can hang their coats safely on these bountiful, strong hooks, and not be afraid of the cats sleeping on them, eating their scarves, attacking the zipper cords, or getting them dirty. Huzzah!

Cost: $24.99!

I also purchased an oven mitt (always good to have a spare!) for 99 cents and a little gift item.


Have I mentioned I'm getting a sweet tax return? :D


Overall, IKEA gets two thousand thumbs up (note: not all thumbs pictured). Janicanne got a gorgeous dresser for a mere $150, and since her original spending limit was $200, obviously she was very pleased. Mission accomplished!

And to quote Janicanne: "I IKEA you. Because, let's face it. IKEA is love."



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