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October 1–2, 2005

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October 13, 2005

Lewis Black, Mike's Birthday, Etc.

A while back, Jenna and Jason came up with the fabulous idea of getting Mike tickets to see Lewis Black perform at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom. So on Friday, we all went out to dinner, where Doug told us about extorting his boss (no I am not kidding), and then went to see Lewis Black.

The first guy to go on stage was Andy from the morning Buzz, a radio show that I do not listen to because I don't listen to anything but WUNH or CDs, but whatever. Anyway, he absolutely BLEW. Mike said that the only reason he did it was so the other guys on the morning show could rag on him on Monday. And they had a TON of material to work with, believe me.

The actual opener was a guy named John Bowman, who has been touring with Lewis Black for something like 15 years. He was HILARIOUS.


Lewis Black was fucking BRILLIANT. I haven't laughed that hard in YEARS. He went on a ten-minute rant about candy corn that was totally off the cuff (someone threw a package of candy corn on stage). He told a story about doing a speech for a dinner for Congress, which was hilarious. I'd try to paraphrase, but it really won't do him any justice. And then they said he'd be signing autographs after the show!


It's not often that people are so accessible, so of course I waited in line to get one. I didn't have much in my squirrel bag for him to sign, but I opted to give him my package of Imitrex, my migraine medication. :D I handed it to him and he was like "What's this?"

Me- "My headache medication"

Lewis Black and John Bowman start laughing, and they joked about how they needed to take two of those, and John said he had to pee so bad his leg was shaking. Randy was nice enough to get a picture of me with them, I love it 'cause Lewis looks classically angry (even though he really was very nice). As I started to leave, John turned to me and said "Thank you, that was really funny!" Totally made my night. Lewis Black is a fucking genius, go see him if you ever have the opportunity! :)


Monday was Mike's actual birthday, so we all went out to dinner at The Muddy River Smokehouse (of course). And despite all of the meat, Tammy came out with us as well. It's funny though because Tammy is a vegetarian who hates vegetables. She got a veggie quesadilla without the veggies. :D


Here are Doug and Jenna. These pictures are all in black and white because it was dark in the restaurant, and as you may or may not know, I HATE to use flash unless absolutely necessary (I prefer natural lighting, I mean, how often are people lit by a blinding flash of light from the side?), so the pictures came out really dark and I had to adjust brightness and contrast in PhotoShop, and grayscale made them look so much more artsy! ... Yes I am a geek. :)


And here are Jason and Randy. Dinner was delicious and much meat was consumed by all (except Tammy, who had lots of cheese). :)


After dinner, Randy and I went with Mike and Doug back to their apartment to give Mike his gifts (well, Doug gave Mike the gift of hiding in his room gaming :D ). Randy and I gave him the Lego Star Wars AT-AT, which we've had in the Bat Cave since Xmas last year (long story), and band-aids that look like bacon. :D


Here they are. These were from Brandie and I, since the two of us split the cost when we were shopping with Barbara in Boston (they were grossly overpriced but we agreed it would be worth it). I told Mike not to cut himself just so he'd have an excuse to wear them. :D


I think Beth wins for best gift though, here are the blow-up Aqua Teen Hunger Force characters that she gave him. :)


And we haven't had any cute pictures of the kitties in a while, so here you go. Note how they stick to the blankets of similar colors to their fur. I love my color-coordinated kitties! :D


For any of you who are in the area (and are not random visitors to the site who I don't know), please mark your calendars for our Halloween party on October 29th! :)

It's sure to be exciting, last year one of my cats got caught in a bag and I went berserk! Ha ha! Ha. ...ha. :D

No seriously, please come and wear a costume. I still haven't decided what I'll be, I'm debating between an owl and Deb from Napoleon Dynamite. Suggestions are appreciated! :)

If you need directions, please let me know!


Last, I leave you with a fucking brilliant comic that I saw today, from one of my favorite strips, Non-Sequitur.


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