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February 27, 2006

Attempts at Rest and Relaxation Over the Past Two Weeks

Ohio took a lot out of me. Call me a wuss, but it was hard to work two straight weeks with no days off, and a bunch of manual labor thrown in the middle. So after all of that I was a bit stressed, and spent the next two weeks doing various things to alleviate some of said stress.

Thing #1: Visited Janicanne in Portland on the 11th. Wooha! We spent money we didn't have (mmm...Outback Steakhouse), hit some clothing stores (mmm...vintage and TJ Maxx), I interviewed her for this very website, and then drove her to the P.O.S. show. Not to be confused with the Marilyn Manson show. But that's another story. :D


Thing #2: Rearranged my living room furniture. Let's just say Randy wasn't as excited about this as I was, but it needed to happen and was probably the most stress-relieving thing that I did. I'd be sitting at work thinking "Gee, it sure is nice to know I have a nice, cozy living room to go home to." Yeah, I'm a dork.

It's not the biggest makeover ever, but I moved everything up so as to make better use of the large open space that was previously in the middle of the floor...


...and to make room for my NEW SEWING MACHINE!!! :) I couldn't set it up until the damn Xmas tree was taken down (which we did during the first week of February, no joke, we loved that fucking tree and I swear it was still taking water), so it was such a relief to have it set up finally. So I was really excited about this, and sat down and got ready to start sewing, and realized...

...I had no thread. Rats!


There was also a bit of re-arranging that went on in the dining area— to make room for the beautiful new bookshelf that Randy's brother made us for Xmas, and his dad stained for us.

Randy has been kind enough to give me access to ONE (1) shelf. The bottom one, of course. :D The remaining shelves are being used to display various Heroclix, most of which are only 1-2 inches in height. If anyone knows how we could get our hands on some sort of better display system for HeroClix, please let me know, the waste of good shelf space is killing me! :D


We bought this bed for the kitties almost exactly a year ago (at last year's cat show), along with one made from sheep's wool. We put both of the cat beds out in the apartment, and the two of them would fight over the sheep's wool one, but NOT ONCE did either cat touch the maroon felt bed. It ended up collecting dust in a corner. Eventually I decided to give it to my parents, since they have a similar cat bed that their cats love. But after the furniture re-arrangement, I decided to give it one last shot.

So I cleaned it up, got all the dust off, and added.... a TOWEL. Voila! Now it's Oocla's favorite cat bed. :D My kitties are so weird.


Thing #3: Vacation to Bethel, Maine. This is a beautiful photo of the view and if you look closely, you'll see two buildings in clear view straight ahead. The second one from the right is our unit.

Now, what's wrong with this picture???

I'll tell you: I took this photo INDOORS, from the unit we had to stay in, because the bastard timeshare people RENTED OUR UNIT TO SOMEONE ELSE AND WOULD NOT KICK THEM OUT! Down with the Bethel Inn! AND this is the SECOND year in a row that they pull bullshit like this! Last year we couldn't go at all!


But I digress. Despite the horribly mismatched wallpaper at the unit we stayed at, and the fact that it slept 8 people instead of 10, our quarters were just fine.

We spent most of the time there, just relaxing. But we did go out one night...


...to Super '80s Bowling! Woooooooooooooooooo! No I'm not kidding. We should've taken the hint when the gal at the drugstore we stopped at on the way mumbled "I just don't like to bowl with pins with strings" when we asked for directions.

So we get there and we pay our money and walk and walk and walk, through the cheesey '80s arcade, past the rock climbing wall, around the corner, past the tiny unbalanced pool table... to the land of black lights and cheesey bowling-themed carpeting.

And fucking pins with strings attached. And no bowling shoes. And lanes that were like, four feet long.


But we had paid our money and bowl we did. With pins with strings.

Until the damn pins with strings jammed the machine. So Randy and I switched lanes. And then that machine jammed. Then all of the balls got stuck inside the ball-dispensing mechanism.

So Randy went off to find someone to fix the damn bowling machine. And found nobody. So he waited a while, and then went to look again.

TWENTY MINUTES LATER, a poor lad from the rock climbing department shows up to fix the machine. So we were able to bowl a couple more turns, and then ran out of balls, because they were all stuck in the machine.

So the poor lad found a two-by-four in the back room, and was trying to retrieve the bowling balls with this. Needless to say, it wasn't working.

Then the lane my parents were using jammed as well, and we decided to call it quits. We got our tokens back from the guy and got our money back though, thank fucking christ.


The rest of the time in Bethel was spent sitting on the couch, reading, gazing at the gas fireplace (which only lasted fifteen minutes at a time before you had to get up and crank the dial again :D), and watching the marathon of Project Runway, the best friggin show ever.

(If you don't watch the show, you might want to check out an episode or two, or watch the clips on bravotv.com, because I have a feeling there's a Project Runway-oriented blog coming up in the near future.) :)


On our last night in Bethel, Quannum arrived, with some other people who were not nearly as important and shall remain unmentioned. Look at how he's grown!


Thing #4: Had people over and played Killer Bunnies. Yesterday, Jenna, Jason, Emily and Mike came over for Killer Bunnies and some dinner. Emily has grown quite a bit! She is as adorable as ever and makes the cutest noises in the world. Here she is, taking a little nap due to the boredom induced by excessive nerdiness. :D


We played three or four games of Killer Bunnies... I don't remember who won all of them (because winning is not what matters, people! :D), but I do know that at one point, I bought the white pawn, and declared it black. And then Jason said "It's the wigger pawn! It's the white pawn that thinks it's black!" And we all laughed really, really hard. :D


Here's the real black pawn. Represent!


And here is adorable Emily again wondering why, oh why, are her parents' friends so nerdy? :D


Other not-so-exciting things that happened in the past few weeks:

  • Work sucked a LOT, but has since improved.
  • My windshield decided to crack for NO REASON WHATSOEVER on Saturday. It is being replaced tomorrow. It costs WAY TOO MUCH.
  • My car made two 180 degree turns on the slippery roads on the way home on Saturday (after the windshield cracked).
  • I bought some string. I haven't had time to do any sewing yet though. :(
  • I opened an account with Northeast Credit Union. DOWN WITH BANK OF AMERICA!!!
  • The cats chewed up four feet worth of speaker cord to get back at me for leaving them for four days.

Last, I leave you with the valentine I made for Randy this year. Normally I work really hard on a valentine-themed, heart-shaped collage, that comes out pretty and just says "I love you" and whatnot, and I'll write stuff on the back, and it's nice but whatever.



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