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February 12, 2006

Cat Show

It took a LONG time before my parents finally convinced me to attend a cat show with them, and I didn't break down until two years ago. It was one of those days where I just didn't have anything better to do, so I went. But let's just say that if you like cats and you enjoyed "Best In Show" (a fantastic film), you'd like going to a cat show. The breeders look just like their cats, and you really don't realize just how many breeds of cats there are until you go to one!


This was my third cat show, and I managed to convince both Mike and Randy to attend this year.


It's so much fun just to walk the isles of cats and see their pens all decorated with lace and ribbons, and the different kinds of beds the kittes sleep on. Some have traditional cat beds, some have hammocks, some sleep in their litterboxes! :D


Judging at a cat show takes place at a number of different "rings". A judge will call the numbers of various cats. Then the breeders carry their cats over to the ring and put them in the correspondingly numbered cage behind the judge. Then the judge takes them out one at a time and judges them.


The judges look at the cat's fur, temperment, eyes, and playfulness— which is, by far, the most entertaining part of each judging.

This cat climbed all the way up the scratching post and tried to attack the ribbon hanging under the sign!


It's also lots of fun seeing which cats try to maul the judges.

There are different competitions for each breed which they divide into kittens at cats, housecats, and at the end of the show there is a best of show competition as well.


Mike fell in love with this cat, a beast of a Maine Coon named Boba Fett. His head is about the same size as the little boy's!


Lots of breeders bring not only their show cats, but also their other cats to keep the show cat company. So cute!


This is a Cornish Rex wearing a bumblebee sweater! These cats have very short fur and get cold easily, so the lady who owns this kitty knits sweaters specifically for Rex cats and sells them at the show.


This is an adorable Birman, which is my favorite breed of cat. Not only are they insanely cute with their coloring, white paws, and blue eyes, but they have the best dispositions. They are extremely laid-back, they don't tend to be very needy or bothersome, but when you want to play with them, they are very playful. Also, even though they have long fur, it doesn't get matted and you don't have to brush them! Unfortunately, they're also extremely expensive (sigh).


Meet Fred, the other cat Mike wanted to take home. He really should've been competing in the "small Tiger" category (if one existed). He probably weighed 30lbs. It was funny because his owner kept trying to play with him and he just wasn't having it.


This is my mom's second-favorite breed (after the Birman), the Ragdoll kitty. This one is tortoise shell coloring. Isn't she beautiful?


A couple of Maine Coons in their extremely decorated pen. Some people go a little overboard! :D


Giant balls of fluff! Two persians taking a little nap. So cute!


This persian looks like a little queen. She also looks like she'd rip your face off if given the chance! :D


We had a really nice day watching the judging and routing for our favorite cats! Cat shows also sell THE BEST cat toys, hands down. They're just superior in quality and last way longer than normal cat toys. For example, the average Wal-Mart-purchased cat toy will last exactly 5 minutes with Nikita and Oocla. Cat show toys will last over a month! We always stock up at the cat show!

If you like cats, going to a cat show is really enjoyable!




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