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Marissa's Blog!

January 21, 2006

I've been tagged

Eliza "tagged" me. Now I have to fill out a bunch of questions and then tag four more bloggers to fill them out as well. So here goes!

Four jobs I've had in my life:

  • North Country Leather (retail in Busier-Than-Fucking-Hell Kittery). And it wasn't even an exciting whips and chains sorta place, they just sold ugly wallets and briefcases and purses. Bla! That job ended when the entire building got bought out so they could build an Old Navy there. Good times.
  • Mikasa Factory Store (retail in Buser-Than-Fucking-Hell Kittery). The dinnerware chain. I worked in shipping though for the last part of my time there, where I had unlimited access to bubble wrap and those styrofoam peanuts, and a paper shredder- YAY! :D
  • Personal Ad Taker for TelePublishing International, at the Boston Phoenix. We were in charge of the personal ad sections of over 300 newspapers nationwide. We took the regular ads, the ads for people with bizarre fetishes, the insanely graphic sexual ads, etc etc etc. I regularly got hit on and was forced to read back ads that were titled "Cunning Linguist" and other lovely word plays. I also helped a guy who liked wearing women's underwear place a subtle ad in a regular personal ad section (where you weren't supposed to have sexual fetish references) entitled "Vicky's Secret." Clever, eh? :D I could do a whole post just about that job.
  • Collections Agent. The worst job EVER. The most abusive relationship I've ever been in. The only good thing about that fucking hell hole was that that's where Randy and I met.

Four movies I could watch over and over:

  • Napoleon Dynamite
  • La Femme Nikita
  • I Heart Huckabees
  • Amelie

Four places I have lived:

  • Eliot, ME (where I grew up)
  • Boston, MA (when I lived on campus at Emerson)
  • Jamaica Plain, MA (when I lived off campus at Emerson)
  • Somersworth, NH (where I currently reside)

Four TV shows I love to watch:

  • PROJECT RUNWAY! :) I am so utterly addicted to this show right now that I will watch it whenever it's on. If it's a rerun that I've already seen 14 times, I don't care. If Project Runway is on, I am watching Project Runway. I even go to the website and rate the fashions and read Tim Gunn's blog and watch the extra footage. I'm insanely addicted. Jay from Season One will always be my favorite overall, but this year's contestants are all pretty cool. I guess if I had to rate them, it would be:
      1. Nick
      2. Chloe
      3. Daniel V.
      4. Andrae
      5. Santino
      6. Zulema
      7. Kara

    If anyone would like to discuss Project Runway at any time, please call me, nobody at work watches it. :D
  • The Daily Show (because, before Randy, Jon Stewart was my boyfriend)
  • The Colbert Report (because Stephen Colbert is a fucking comic genius!)
  • Myth Busters (so addictive! And the guy with the beret and the moustache rules!)

Four places I have been on vacation:

  • Hawaii (family vacation while in college)
  • Europe (Amsterdam, Venice, Florence, Rome, Paris) (backpacking trip junior year of college)
  • Carver, MA (The site of King Richard's Faire and our camping fiasco this past September)
  • New York City (Most recently, for the Sleater-Kinney/Pearl Jam concert at Madison Square Garden in 2004)

Four websites I visit daily:

  • Bucket (I'm a whore, I know)
  • Margaret Cho's Blog
  • MySpace (I'm on there as gollygee17 and bucketmag if you want to be my friend) :D
  • Jesse's blog. This is just one of many blogs I check every day (because I'm a blog addict), but Jesse fucking cracks me up so he gets the plug here (plus he updates like 12 times a day except when he's on vacation in Venezuela like now) :D

Four of my favorite foods:

  • sushi
  • burritos
  • Ethiopian food!
  • Byrne and Carlson chocolate

Four places I would rather be right now:

  • Australia
  • Japan
  • Paris
  • Spain

Four of your favorite bands: (I added this one, just 'cause)

  • Sleater-Kinney
  • Le Tigre
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs

People I am tagging:

  • Barbara
  • Brandie
  • Matt
  • Jesse

Yeah, so the rules apparently are that you now have to answer these questions on your own blogs. Good times.

In other news, Randy and I had our three year anniversary (we're not married, but you know what I mean) on January 10th. To celebrate, we used the gift certificate my Uncle Andy gave us to go to Victory, an expensive restaurant in Portsmouth, the following Sunday (the 15th).

It was fricking freezing the night we went, but we had a fabulous time. Here is our view from the table. The whole restaurant is fairly casual, and there are tons of little fireplaces all over the restaurant. Very cozy!

We split a bottle of Cinquante-Cinq Viognier, which we both really enjoyed, and warmed us up nicely!

I didn't take as many pictures as, say, Barbara would have liked (hee hee!), but I took a couple.


Here is the butter dish, which came with our delicious assortment of breads. I thought it was really cute!

To start the meal, I had a yummy pumpkin salad. It was just greens and slices of pumpkin topped with pumpkin seeds, but it was very tasty! I dunno, I'm not sure what I expected, but the pumpkin itself was very squash-like and yummy. :)

Randy tried the sweet pumpkin soup, which had bits of crab in it. He managed to eat three (3) bites. I'm very proud of him for trying it even though he didn't enjoy it. :D I had a bite or two and found it very tasty though. My soup was a shrimp soup, which was very strong and a bit spicy. I think I liked Randy's soup better, but I ate it all anyway. :D

Next, I had two oysters on the half shell topped with caviar and chopped carrots. I could've done without the carrots. I'm kind of annoyed by carrots being used as a filler everywhere lately anyway. Let's just say I prefer my oysters with cocktail sauce. :D But now at least I can say I've tried caviar.

Randy's entree was veal tenderloin with mashed potatos and green beans, which he thoroughly enjoyed. I had grilled cod with potato gnocchi and baby carrots—it was delicious!


I was so stuffed by the time I got to the entree that I couldn't even finish all of my gnocchi, even though it was insanely good. But I somehow managed to split this chocolate souffle topped with blackberry sauce. The things I do in the name of fine dining, I tell you! ;) I had to convert this shot to black and white because it was dark in the restaurant and the fire was dying down.

Overall, a wonderful dining experience. And not bad for only five bucks (after using the gift certificate)! Perhaps we'll go back again when we win the lottery. But if you're loaded, I highly recommend it! :)



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