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I believe you to be a very genuine and true person.Pepsie Lola J, 2/29/08

The presidential stature of the name "Ford Simms" assures victory, it seems to me. ... The Simm's candidacy is refreshing. ... What astounds me about our species is that if more people's hearts were in the right place, the variety and degree of human intelligence is just amazing. As a species, we haven't learned how to harness our own power in a creative direction. I bet that's what Ford Simms would say... Ford Simms—a fresh face all right. I'd pick him over any of the other candidates. I say just let his mom and aunt advise him and America will do better than it has over the past seven years.Paul M. Martin, 2/27/08

I think you have a good grasp of the issues facing our country and some very strong ideas on how to solve our problems.Sue, Mom of two, 2/26/08

Washington DC, February 26, 2008, AP: Ford Simms endorsed by Original Faith blog!
Today the president and CEO of OF along with the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th VPs, offered full support of the up and coming Simms candidacy... CLICK HERE FOR REST OF STORY."
Paul Maurice Martin, 2/26/08

Hay Ford. I know you will make a great president. When you win, can you talk to the code enforcer and have him let the free man have chickens? I will definitely vote for you since you are the most qualified candidate.Farmer Bob, 2/25/08

Ford Simms the name itself has a certain "je ne sais quoi," an air of destiny. I pwedict a gwoundswell of gwasswoots web support and fund waising that will dwarf the Obama phenomenon and propel this "Change Candidate" to the Democwatic National Convention.Bugs Bunny, 2/25/08

I suggest staying away from character attacks on Young Solar Flair as that young man can handle anything you throw at him..... We must embrace the youth of the hobby for they are the planters of tomorrow.....Maine Kokopellian, 2/21/08

I would also like to state that I support Solar Flair due to his kindness toward others, thoughtfulness about the environment, and concern for the well-being of animals and all creatures on Earth. And his ability to be polite. I think these are important things in someone who wants to be president.gollygee, 2/21/08

Solar Flair speaks very well! He is one bright young man. When you meet him at a gathering you will be surprised at how well versed he is for his ageMrs. Wildcats, 2/21/08

littlmoon, you are right, Solar Flair IS so cute and he just melted my heart as the letterbox that finds you! I raved about him, asking who he was and I didn't even know he was your sonKuku, 2/19/08

I support Ford fully, my strong minded son with his unique wit and wisdom will wow you alllittlmoon, 1/31/08

In having his mother do his posting for him, Solar Flair is showing that he letterboxes with respect for authority, and has so far refused to break the rules of Atlas Quest, despite the encouragement of older boxers who presumably know betternight writer, 1/31/08

We also heard that Solar Flair wants: "More fun for everyone........... EVERYDAY!!!" Now who can vote against that????? :o)The Merry Pranksters, 1/30/08

Solar Flair is very knowledgeable in the ways of science and would never let another boxer be poisonedgollygee, 1/27/08

He will be a very hard opponent for you to beat, seriously, he is handsome and smart, a quality we have not had in a President in a long time!littlmoon, 1/26/08

Solar Flair will take you all out in one fell swoop once he's on camera. That kid has more charisma and charm than anyone. Just throw in the towel now. For real.gollygee, 1/26/08

Solar Flair has the Wildcats' vote too! Nice fresh mind . Un-tarnished!The Wildcats, 1/25/08

With what seems like there is always some scandal with older candidates, Happydaze is endorsing the younger candidate, Solar Flair. We feel that he will have proper guidance and stricter policy with the- soon-to-be-First Mother. We feel that he will run on a stronger platform, but may need a step stool to get to it.Mr. Happydaze, 1/25/08

My vote is with the kid, rumor has it that TNH guy has cooties... On top of that, I'll take a gigantic burst of energy over a one man team anyday. ;)sunnyside seeker, 1/24/08

"Wow! I could learn from this kid!!"Maureen F., spring 2007

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