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Q&A with Ford Simms  
An Ongoing Interview with Ford Simms

On this page, you'll find Ford's answers to the most commonly asked questions, both about general concerns and specifically about letterboxing.

In addition, as Ford answers new questions from the Comments link on the homepage, his answers will be periodically archived here for all to enjoy.


New Questions From Readers

"First I still don't know what grade you are in or why any girl should even vote for you. And Indigo should at least get some important postion so she can have training. Why would me and my friends vote for you without that? Do you know anything about foreign policy? Have you been to Massachusettes? Do you even know if I spelled it right?"
—Olivia Dixon, Grade Six, Pinewood Middle School
Vice President, Children's Action Coalition
Chairgirl, Draft Indigo Committee
"Go! Go! Indigo!" (2/25/08)

Okay Olivia, I am in grade 4. And you should want to vote for me because I am going to make the world a great and healthy place to live. My sister Indigo will have the position of First Sister. She will be asked often in her opinion about many of the issues we are facing, and I will always take her opinion very seriously. Right now she is helping me with my new Webkinz account. Yes, and Massachusetts, no e at the end! And I go to Boston a lot! But Friday night would have been much too late for me, I need my sleep, I am a growing boy!

"I think dogs should be able to be counted on as depedants in tax returns. Dogs are expensive and cute. Just like kids. Shouldn't pet owners get the kicks that parents get off their taxable income?"
—Aunt Logan (2/26/08)

Yes, pet owners should get a small tax break. Pets are a big responsibility.

"I think you have a good grasp of the issues facing our country and some very strong ideas on how to solve our problems. But if you become president, how will you find the time to finish school? And what about all those late night dinners with foreign dignitaries? How will you get enough sleep?"
—Sue, Mom of two (2/26/08)

Dinner with the dignitaries will always have to be promptly at 6pm. I do need to finish and graduate school so I need to get to bed at 8pm!

"Do you think every one should have to recycle. Should they get fines for not?"
—Yaya, Pepsie Lola J (2/25/08)

I do think everyone should have to recycyle and they should get fines for not doing it.

"Why are you encouraging a boycott on the silk industry?"
—Marissa Dupont (2/25/08)

Because they kill silkworms to make silk and it takes like a giant bowl full of silkworms to make one thread.

"Is it true that if elected president, you will give the signal worldwide, calling on the great and numerous monkey armies from Africa, Asia and South America to converge together onto American soil and attack the headquarters of the multinational, transcorps set up in most major North American cities? If so, what will be their likely response to the average American citizen? Will they be as vengeful as they are rumoured to be? Sure, we all use toilet paper made from old growth forests, but aren't our rear ends more precious than a monkey's? Aren't our atoms more divine? Isn't my mind more highly evolved? I am sorry, I got carried away! I return to the original question, will you be calling them in? And if not, why not?"
—Matthew Laprade (2/25/08)

No, Matt, I do not want to call in the army monkies, they might throw poop at me. I think poop is dirty and disgusting.

"Mr. Simms: Has your campaign manager advised you to make letter boxing such a large plank in your platform?"
—Concerned Citizen (2/25/08)

Letterboxing is a huge part of my campaign, and if I do win this election it will still be a part of it. I like to letterbox, it is very fun and healthy. I am running for President, because I want to, not because of my Mom and "Aunt". They help explain some of the political things to me. But I make the final decision!

"I am still waiting to know why Indigo isn't in the running. Everyone knows girls are much more mature than boys - like light years more mature."
—Olivia Dixon, Grade Six, Pinewood Middle School
Vice President, Children's Action Coalition
Chairgirl, Draft Indigo Committee
"Go! Go! Indigo!" (2/25/08)

I think it would be very hard to run against my sister, Indigo because she is cute, and people like to vote for cute people. But Indigo said she will run in a few years, not now. So I guess I am safe for mow!

"Sir... Children under the age of 18 are expected to endure spankings, verbal reproaches, homework, and eventually middle school and pimples, all for the sake of this great nation's future. Still, they do not have the right to vote. How would a Simms administration address this inequality? And would there be a tax on allowances?"
—Paul M. Martin (2/16/08)

I think kids should vote, this would help them be more prepared for when they are older.

"Our listeners would like to know if you'd support the Minimum Wage Allowance Act. Over seven million children in the wealthiest nation on earth get no allowance and we're tired of it."
—Kayla from KiddieTalk (2/16/08)

YES, a small tax on allowance would be good, this tax would go twords helping the endangered animals. All kids should know about the endangered animals and they should want to help them too. I do also think ALL kids should get an allowance so they can learn how to spend and save money. But they should only get it for when they do their chores.

"'No dessert unless you finish your supper' who needs that? What would you do about this draconian measure?"
—Alicia in Alexandria (2/16/08)

Kids should not get dessert unless the eat their dinner. You need healthy food to help you grow.

"What would you do about juice carton reform? For twenty years, generations of children have spilt juice all over the place at lunchtime and snack time. Don't you think that this industry needs some oversight? Isn't 20 years enough time for unregulated free markets to work? All it's produced so far is trickle-up juice sprays, mostly through our straws but also through our noses when we laugh about it."
—Desperate Dennis (2/16/08)

Juice boxes need to be re-designed. It is a shame that so much juice goes to waste from spilling. We need a spill-proof box that is easy to use.

"Mister Simms: Boxers or briefs?"
—Jamie from Detroit (2/16/08)

I wear Boxer-brief's!

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General Questions

What are your top campaign priorities?
To help stop global warming, saving nature's species, and save education too. Because we need education. Without it, we would be as dumb as mice.

How would you stop global warming?
Have them stop making all items that cause it. Have them stop using gas and instead using ethanol or hybrids (cars).

How would you save endangered animals?
I would save endangered animals by stopping hunting for that type of animal. Engandered species of cats. that's my speciality. And leopard geckos need to be saved if they are endangered, if they are.

How do you feel about negative campaigning?
Not good. I think any age should be able to do it. Because, they might become great. Because at this age they are more concerned about some things than other people are (global, environmental issues, etc).

How would you improve public education?
Have the funds for them so they can buy more educational needs like books. We need more variety because how else are we going to learn more in a day? Science, music, and other special things. They should be extended. Yes homework because how else are you going to remember certain tasks. Kids should learn more things to do about stopping stuff like global warming, putting up more concerns about it.

Would you be willing to participate in a debate with the other presidential candidates?
I would be very willing to talk to the other candidates. I think my intelligence comes across.

How do you feel about Mr. Happy Daze offering to be your bodyguard?
Yes I need assistance from Mr. Happy Daze, it would be nice to have in this instance, also, I don't want to get trampled over because I'm not as tall, though that does come in handy in lacrosse

What are some of the things you've done for the community?
We do that yearly in scouting, picking up trash, Memorial Field, Wells Reserve (the whole thing, it took forever), post-storm cleanup, help get fallen tree branches out, cut back overgrown vines, Center for wildlife we cleaned out all of the cages of the rescuds anals, recycling bottles for scouts Step it Up ralling and held up signs to protest global warming, save the whales,ec.

Wassamatta_U has offered to run as your vice presidential candidate. Is this something you'd enjoy?
I don't mind, it's pretty good to be funny. People wait for it, like "when is there going to be something funny?"

Do you think a bald man (such as Maine Kokopellian) should be president?
I think what matters is the way they go on, their hair has nothing to do with it. I think nobody is too old to be president, or too young.

How do you feel about candidates offering bribes so people will vote for them?
Bribing is actually dishonest. People should vote for someone based on their concerns. Don't vote for them based on cookie dough, you can make some anytime.

How do you respond to those who say your mom puts words in your mouth?
She does it every once in a great, great while, but she doesn't say things that I don't agree with.

What differences are there between you and your mom, though?
She spreads herself too thin so she can snap like a twig-I handle things one at a time.

How would you deal with the stress of the presidency?
If I got stressed out I would get a balloon and some grains of rice, and make a stress ball.

Do you have any special skills you could bring to the Oval Office?
I can sometimes write with my toes.

How do you feel about rumors?
I hate rumors, unless they're good and true rumors. Like there's going to be something good at an event, but you don't spoil the surprise.

Did winning the Pinewood Derby go to your head?
I'm not getting a big head about it. I'm trying to stay calm and not jinx anything [before the District derby].

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Letterboxing Questions

What are your goals in regards to letterboxing?
Longer lunch breaks for letterboxing, recess including letterboxing, art class including the art of letterboxing.

Thoughts on cooties?
I think cooties shouldn't be made so much of a thing going on a lot, I think they should be once in a while. Cooties give you more stamps and they're unexpected.

Do you think it's okay that some people prioritize the superbowl over letterboxing?
If you want to, you want to. And if you don't, you don't. There should be no mandates about when you can or cannot letterbox. What if someone was really good at carving or hiding and didn't have one of the requirements?

What advice do you have for new letterboxers?
Try an easy one before you go on to a hard one. People steal them and ransom them, or they geocache them, or they don't rehide them. These are things that newbies should be aware of.

Do you think the fact that Team New Hampshire has hosted an event makes him more qualified for the presidency?
No, it just means anybody can organize people. But I had a good time at that event. It was fun to find boxes in the snow. And the kids game was a fun game.

How do you feel about alternative types of letterboxes, such as virtuals or LTCs?
I like them because what if you're sick? Then you do a virtual. Or at an event, a lot of people might not notice you unless you have your LTCs out.

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